How to recognize the movement of the fetus and what to do in its absence?

During pregnancy, the female body is very much changed. After all, it is the most expensive - a new life. After seeing two stripes, tears of happiness, the girl begins to expect a second, equally important stage in her condition. This is the movement of the fetus. The first shocks and cycles in the stomach will speak about the presence of a new life in the woman's body.

Successful passage of IVF

In vitro fertilization promises many infertile women to become mothers. This procedure is carried out absolutely free on the territory of the Russian Federation for a certain category of citizens. For the successful passage of IVF women are ready for a lot. However, in spite of the miracles that artificial insemination promises, it is far from being successful for all married couples.

What is agglutination and how to cure a disease?

The process of conceiving a child is not always easy and cloudless. This may be the fault of both partners, and one of them. Of course, the female body should be much more ready for pregnancy and childbirth. The male organism is responsible for conception itself. It may not occur due to the phenomenon of sperm agglutination.

What is the morphology of sperm and what are the ways to treat the disease?

Infertility is a problem that affects not only women, but also men. For them, it rises more sharply from a psychological point of view. When the sperm head is broken, this leads to morphological changes in the sperm, that is, an abnormality occurs in the structure of the organism. When planning a pregnancy, it is worth examining not only the female, but also the male body.

The effectiveness of the drug Omega 3 for women

The female body is quite a difficult thing. It requires some care and attention. If a girl wants to keep a young and blooming look for as long as possible, then she should think about taking an additional complex of vitamins. Currently, vitamins such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are especially popular.

Features of air travel during pregnancy

The modern pace of life dictates its own rules. If earlier pregnant mothers were forced to leave on maternity leave in the early stages, now more and more women work even in late periods. Often, such work is associated with travel, and therefore with frequent flights. In addition, pregnant women increasingly do not refuse to travel and travel, even in late pregnancy.

Features of the course of pregnancy after IVF

Currently, medicine has leaped forward. Henceforth, conception can occur not only naturally, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is increasingly used. It does not give a woman a 100% guarantee to conceive and bear a child, but she has a small chance and hope. A woman pregnant as a result of IVF should know the difficulties she will face.

Endometrial norms for conception

Planning a pregnancy, the couple begins in advance. After all, it is necessary to know all the tests, to learn that the body, both female and male, is ready for conception and fertilization. Especially carefully examined women, because they need not only to get pregnant, but also to endure, and subsequently to give birth to a child.

Features of counting and rates of fetal movements by week

Surprisingly, the fetus inside the mother begins to move actively from the 8th week of pregnancy. It is possible to understand and feel your child only at 18-20 weeks. Those women who give birth again feel the tremors much earlier. This is due to the fact that they know what sensations they should experience and have a high threshold of sensitivity.

Is it permissible to use sushi during pregnancy?

A girl who is in a position constantly thinks about what she can eat and what not. She is now responsible not only for herself and her body, but also for the development of a new life within herself. And this question should be approached especially responsibly, because a change in diet can negatively affect the child and the general well-being of the mother.

Choosing a bra for nursing mothers

Breastfeeding is an important step in the process of normal growth and development of the child. The kid has a hard time adapting to the new world. Breastmilk will help nourish it with essential trace elements and substances. Many books have been written about the benefits of breastfeeding and a large amount of research has been published.

What is a false pregnancy?

The psycho-emotional state of a woman in which she feels pregnant is called false pregnancy. The woman in this case has similar symptoms, on the basis of which such a conclusion is made. Understand that a woman is actually a false pregnancy, you can start from tests, ultrasound and medical examination.

The problem of snoring during pregnancy

Snoring is considered a problem that most men face. Much less often it concerns women. Most people believe that the main reason for snoring lies in the accumulated fatigue. In fact, it is often a violation of the respiratory tract. According to statistics, 60% of pregnant girls experience snoring during pregnancy.

Why is it necessary to use magnesium B6 during pregnancy?

A pregnant girl should carefully monitor their own health. After all, not only her condition, but also the overall development of her unborn baby depends on it. The more closely a woman takes care of herself, the greater the chances of having a healthy baby with good immunity. During pregnancy, the woman's body wears out, as the need for increased vitamins increases.

Is it permissible to dye hair during pregnancy?

For many women, being pregnant means giving up on yourself. Girls stop doing manicure, makeup and hair dye. But after all, even in a position, you always want to look good. In the refusal of comprehensive measures to care for themselves, in most cases, affect the various superstitions.

Original ideas for photoshoot pregnant

Pregnancy is a special condition not only of the soul, but also of the body. At this time, a young mother realizes how soon her life will change. She will have the special status of mother, which is so valuable throughout the world. A new life is being formed inside the woman at this time, which she will give. The girl at this time is shrouded in special tenderness and love.

Hormonal drug Ovariamin

Before conceiving a child, many women go to see a gynecologist. After passing a series of tests and research, the doctor concludes that it is necessary to take certain medicines. In the absence of problems, diseases specialist prescribes vitamins. However, if a woman has abnormalities, then she is tried to prescribe hormonal drugs that will help improve the overall health of the woman.

Isn't vegetarianism dangerous during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most important stage in the life of any woman. It is characterized, first of all, by the normalization of nutrition. This means that a girl in a position should correctly and precisely adjust her diet. Doctors came to a consensus about proper nutrition: you need a sufficient number of vitamins and useful trace elements.

What are the symptoms of ovulation?

The fertile period is the time in the female body when there is a maximum chance of getting pregnant. It includes ovulation, five days before and one day after. Any woman who wants to get pregnant, should accurately determine the date of ovulation. After all, this is a possible day in which you can conceive a child.