Diagnosis and treatment of hyperandrogenism in women

Hyperandrogenism is an endocrine disease in women, which affects about 15–20% of the population. It is characterized by an increased level of male hormones in the body. Hyperandrogenism affects both adolescent girls and mature women. Endocrine disease can entail both deviations in appearance and infertility.

Treatment of adhesions in the fallopian tubes

Female infertility is a widespread disease, the causes of which can be many. One of the most common problems are adhesions in the fallopian tubes. This pathology, which is a gynecological disease, often occurs as a result of an infection or an inflammatory process. According to statistics, every 5 women who have infertility, suffers from adhesions in the fallopian tubes.

What affects the quality of the eggs?

Currently, a lot of people pay a lot of attention to health. This is reflected in changes in diet and lifestyle. At the same time, both men and women monitor their own health. Especially anxious girls relate to the potential of women's health. In medicine, this phenomenon has a special term - the ovarian reserve of the ovaries.

Where to go with the child for the New Year: routes in Russia and abroad

An increasing number of parents are thinking about where to go with the child for the New Year, so that the rest would suit both children and adults. The advantages of this solution are obvious. First, it will not be necessary to bother with the New Year's menu and a mountain of dirty dishes during the holidays. Troubles and worries will take second place.

Treatment and prevention of endometritis: chronic, postpartum, acute

Contents: Endometritis is a practically asymptomatic, often chronic disease characterized by an inflammatory process, which usually begins in the surface layer of the inner mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium). Due to the fact that in most cases it proceeds sluggishly, a woman can conceive a baby without even knowing that she has health problems with such a plan.

Can I go on holiday to the sea with a baby

The question of whether it is possible to go to the sea with a baby is becoming more and more relevant lately. Conservatives categorically do not advise to do this, while new trends suggest resting on the sea, including a new member of the family - the baby. Should I postpone the desired trip or still take a chance and enjoy the refreshing sea air?

Hair falls out after childbirth: causes, treatment, prevention

70% of newly-minted mummies discover that they lose their hair after giving birth, staying whole on the pillow, on the shoulders, on the armchair, in the bath - in various places. The situation is terrible, because it undermines the emotional health of a woman who has just suffered stress after the birth of a baby, and here such a misfortune.

How to treat mycosis - some tips for moms

We recommended the causes of mycosis and how dangerous it can be, in a previous article, if we have not yet read it. And today we will consider the features of treatment of this disease, but only for parents, and children will have a separate article about the treatment of mycosis. So ... If, despite all the precautions, or perhaps the lack of them, the infection still happened, you should not stay idle and wait for everything to go away by itself, urgently look for information on how to treat mycosis and begin to act.

Prevention of mycoses - easier to prevent than to treat

In one of the previous articles, we wrote about how problematic mycosis treatment can be, and if you don't like the prospect of taking drugs for half a year, then you need to think about prevention. So, you have learned from your own experience what this disease is and cured it, what to do next so that it does not return again?

Causes of mycosis - forewarned, forearmed

The situation when the skin is peeling off on the legs, and the nails have acquired an unnatural color and not a single woman, and the more young mommy, who already has more than enough worries, will like to exfoliate. All these are symptoms of mycosis, which is caused by yeast or mold fungi, and which in no case can not be run.

A husband wants only a boy: what to do?

It seems that those days have long passed when a man certainly needed an heir to whom he could pass on everything. But the times have passed, and the remnants of the past still live in us: very often you can hear from future mothers that the husband wants a boy, and categorically, the girl, you see, does not suit him.

How to raise a child without punishment

The first association that occurs in most parents with the words: raising a child is punishment (put in a corner, deprive of watching cartoons, scold). And many people understand that this is not the surest way and they are trying to change something, but as soon as the child does something, everything returns to normal.

Causes of thrush in women

World statistics on the number of cases of thrush shows not very happy numbers. Approximately every third woman sooner or later faces this problem. The direct cause of thrush in women is a yeast-like fungus of the genus Candida albicans, which is part of the vaginal microflora.

Prevention of thrush in women

Those who have already encountered candidiasis know firsthand how unpleasant the disease is. Sensing all the “charms” of this disease, I want to get rid of it as soon as possible and forget what it is all about. Regarding treatment, you can find some practical advice in this article. And in the second question will help prevention of thrush.

How to tell parents about pregnancy

Upon learning of their pregnancy, some expectant mothers are in no hurry to inform parents of this. Often the reluctance to share the good news is caused by one of two reasons: the fear of seeing a negative reaction or a subconscious desire to remove them from the child. The first reason why a woman does not know how to tell her parents about pregnancy is clear.

How to tell a man about pregnancy

Naturally, every woman would like to see next to him a man who not only happily accepts the news about pregnancy, but will also look forward to it. But in life it is not always everything is as we would like. For example, your husband may think that it is too early to give birth to a child, you must first make a career ... There is also another situation where a woman does not know how to tell a man about pregnancy - a crisis in relationships.

Treatment of papillomavirus in women

Treatment of human papillomavirus infection itself is quite complicated. This is not the case when you can buy a couple of drugs and after a while forget about the problem. Only systemic therapy will help to completely get rid of the disease. Please note that for the treatment of papillomavirus in women, both spouses must undergo an examination and therapy.

The child is offended and believes that you cheated him

Every mother wants the relationship with her child to be honest and open. It's so great when the baby shares the most secret and trusts you one hundred percent. But life makes its own adjustments and an adult does not always have the opportunity to keep his promise. For example, a baby could get sick on the eve of a weekend, when you were going to the zoo or you were immediately sent on a business trip, and you had to cancel a family outing for the city.

Treatment of mastitis in a nursing mother

Mastitis in nursing mothers often occurs almost immediately after childbirth - about 2-3 weeks. It begins quite unexpectedly, and is accompanied by high fever and chills. Its main symptom is chest pain. And so strong that it is almost impossible to touch.

Rest on the Mediterranean Sea with a child

Choosing a place to stay with children in the summer, take a look at the resorts of the Mediterranean. Focusing on the age and interests of the child, you can organize a truly perfect vacation. For the little ones If you are going to have a rest with a baby, choose the countries where the sea is shallow near the coast and the beaches are surrounded by shady woods.