Types of breast pumps and features of their use

It has been proven that babies raised on breast milk have much less health problems, they have stronger immunity and a stable emotional state. Perhaps, there is no stronger connection than mother and her newborn baby. Despite such a rosy statement about the benefits of breast milk, there is a widespread opinion about the feeding process itself.

Difficulty feeding and breastfeeding

Nothing in the world is more nutritious, healthier and better than mother breast milk. It contains the greatest amount of vitamins and mineral complexes. In addition, it has been proven that, in addition to nutrition and vitamins, the child also receives a stable emotional situation due to the fact that the mother is nearby.

Until what age to feed the baby with breast milk?

Breast milk has healing properties. From 6 months the baby is gradually fed supplements into the diet, however, breast milk remains the main food. But it is very difficult for mother to diet for a long time, which is expressed in the rejection of harmful products and alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, you want to relax and try something unusual, while drinking a glass of wine.

Balanced diet for a child in 2 years

The task of parents is not only to educate a moral and spiritual person, but also to instill in him the right way of life. One of the important points in such a case is nutrition. From a balanced diet depends on how fully the baby will develop. In addition, thanks to this, the immune system develops, which is of great importance in the life of the child.

We make the menu for feeding the child in 1 year

The one-year-old baby learns to eat from the common table, but this does not mean that now he can do anything. There are also prohibitions and permissions. Not all products can be used in the diet of a small child. Some are considered more harmful, others - useful. Parents should make a start from this knowledge, making their child an exemplary menu.

Let's give moms sleep or how to wean the baby off to eat at night

When the first joys of motherhood are over, the baby has grown up a bit, the mother’s desire to sleep all night from the impossible is becoming quite real. Everything is good, but the baby still wakes up at night to eat, and sometimes "hangs on his chest" until the morning. For this reason, many young mothers are concerned with the question of how to wean a baby away from night feeding.

Lactostasis treatment at home: fasting, massage, medications

Moms continue to carefully monitor their health after the birth of the baby. They have at least a responsible period - breastfeeding crumbs. And besides observance of a balanced diet, a nursing mother should also take care of the condition of the breast in order to prevent inflammatory processes. What is lactostasis?

How to switch to a new baby formula: tips for parents

Not all women manage to feed babies with breast milk. Due to various circumstances, artificial entities appear, who have to choose the best option for baby food - safe and high-quality. This is a very important task, since in the future the transition to a new product will be fraught with a number of difficulties.

How to feed a newborn with a mixture: by time and quantity

If it happened that the baby became an artificial artist and was deprived of breast milk for some reason, parents should take this responsibility with all responsibility. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the approximate daily amount of food needed for children of different ages. Secondly, it is necessary to focus on a certain schedule of food intake by the hour.

Which porridge is better to start complementary foods: an overview of cereals and brands, age features

Cereals are products recommended by pediatricians for baby food. They are high in calories and promote weight gain, rich in carbohydrates, fats, vegetable proteins, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. All these substances are necessary for the development of the baby. The only problem is with which porridge to start complementary foods, how not to make a mistake with the choice and not to harm the newly forming small stomach.

How to choose a mixture for a newborn: tips for parents from experts

Everyone understands that there is nothing better for a newborn than breast milk of the mother. But situations are different: sometimes lactation is insufficient, then there are contraindications for it - with severe diseases of the kidneys, lungs, liver, anemia, heart failure and other pathologies in a woman. Therefore, there is a problem of transition to artificial feeding and the question of how to choose a baby mixture, so that it is the most suitable for him and does not harm health.

How to express breast milk by hand

In the recent past, all lactating mothers were recommended to express milk after feeding. Today there are very different recommendations. Who is to believe? If you look, then all are right in their own way. Previously, the child was fed on the clock. In the first weeks he ate not all. Therefore, if you do not decant after feeding, food will be missed by the younger baby.

Buckwheat porridge for the child: the most delicious and healthy recipes

According to nutritionists, buckwheat porridge for a child is the absolute champion in nutritional properties and the most useful of all cereals. It is not surprising that buckwheat becomes one of the first complementary foods for babies. Why did she deserve it? What is useful buckwheat porridge? It is recommended that the baby be introduced to a new product with a minimal risk of developing allergies and maximum benefits for a growing body (read: what kind of porridge to start feeding on).