Use of the drug Sevoran - for and against

Any surgical intervention is carried out with the help of anesthesia. It includes certain drugs. Especially carefully to the issue of anesthesia are parents. Everyone wants to not have any negative effects on the child's body. All anesthesia is distinguished, first of all, by the method of administration.

How to cure cough folk remedies?

Problems with coughing sooner or later begin to torment every child. At the same time, they can occur both in very infancy and at an older age. Parents are not always in a hurry to give medicines, fearing to reduce the ability of the body to fight pathogens. Often in the fight against cough help folk remedies that have been used even by our grandmothers and have proven their effectiveness over time.

What is the temperature of chicken pox in children?

Chickenpox is one of the popular diseases. Many doctors insist that it is better to get over it in childhood. This is due to the milder form in which the disease occurs. Children are much easier for adults to tolerate temperature and itching on the body. In adults, there are more serious symptoms that cause a lot of discomfort.

How to treat teeth to children under anesthesia?

Children are very difficult to tolerate trips to the dentist. This is exactly the doctor who is afraid from the earliest years up to adulthood. Modern medicine is thinking not only about how and what to treat, but also how to help the child cope with a sense of fear. Fear of a child actually bears many difficulties for three parties: for the child himself, parents and doctors.

What is valgus flatfoot and how to cure this disease in children?

Ploskosalgusnaya deformity of the foot - such a diagnosis can most often be found in the card of babies of the first years of life. A similar pathology associated with the violation of the feet in a child is noted from the moment of the first steps. It is at this time that deviations can be diagnosed, since it becomes clear how well the child has risen to his feet.

How to cure a child's fright?

Not only children are subject to fright, but also adults. This is a special neurotic condition of the body in which mental disorders occur. For adults, the fright is tolerated in a less powerful way. But for children, fright is much more serious. Sometimes it proceeds with strong cries and anxieties.

Why does the child hit his head and how to get rid of it?

Raising children is a laborious process. It consists not only in the need to lay down in his mind the basic rules and boundaries, but also to take care of the health of the baby. There are situations when children behave extremely strange. This behavior makes parents stand up in a stupor and not understand how to behave in the future.

How to cure a night cough in a child?

One of the most unpleasant problems associated with the health of the baby, concerns night coughing. In an instant it seems that the child is as if choking, trying to catch his breath and get as much fresh air as possible. At this time, the parents do not understand at all what they should do and how to behave in this situation in order to help the little one.

The choice of vitamin complex Omega 3 for children

Children's bodies need to be saturated with useful minerals and substances. These include fatty acids. They are abundant in fatty red fish. However, not all of these types of fish can be consumed by children. That is why biological supplements containing Omega 3 have entered the market.

Types and features of installation braces for children

Braces are a special design that is needed to correct the shape of the bite. It is suitable for both adults and very young children. You can judge the need to use braces only after talking with a specialist. Even 10 years ago, dentists installed terrible iron plates that spoil the whole look.

What vitamins to buy to strengthen the immune system?

It is believed that only with 3 years the immune system begins its work. All this time, it is formed. Therefore, it is important for babies to lay the right amount of vitamins and trace elements. Thanks to a good immune system, the little man develops susceptibility to various kinds of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.

Complex rehabilitation of children with disabilities

Disabled children need rehabilitation measures that they urgently need. They are aimed at eliminating problems associated with vital activity or adaptation in society. It is customary to distinguish several types of adaptation aimed at certain spheres of vital activity. The essence of social rehabilitation of children with disabilities Before you carry out social rehabilitation, it is necessary to understand what it means by itself.

Can I bring the temperature down with vinegar?

High fever is the symptom that happens to every child. While the drug has not worked, it becomes unclear what to use to alleviate the suffering of their own child. In the course at this time, as a rule, are people's advice and medicine. One of the popular ways to bring down a fever is rubbing vinegar.

How is the ultrasound head baby?

Modern medicine comes up with new and sophisticated types of research, during which you can identify a pathology or a disease. If you identify the problem at an early stage, it will be much easier and easier to treat it. The big advantage of ultrasound is its safety. This is one of the procedures that is carried out even for newborn children.

Why does the baby bite?

The baby matures and with time he has habits. They can be not only positive, but also negative, absolutely useless. One of these negative habits is biting a child. It’s one thing if a baby bites vegetables and fruits, it’s quite another to bite someone from adults and children.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease of cleft palate in children

Not all children are born healthy. Often, right after birth, certain problems are found. They are associated with the violation of the work of certain bodies. Some are subject to cure, well, with some have to live all my life. According to statistics, 0.1 percent of all children born are born with a cleft palate, a slightly larger number is characterized by a hare lip.

How effective are probiotics for children?

Most often, children are ill at the age of 5 years. They are prone to being infected with various viral infections. They can be not only the familiar SARS, but also more complex intestinal diseases. In this case, come to the aid of competent specialists who can understand the essence of the problem and assign probiotics.

How old can children watch television?

About 20-30 years ago, even though TVs were in every home, parents did not watch them all the time. Now there is such a thing as a TV, which plays the background. In addition, the children of the 90s needed to wait a certain time and day to watch cartoons on the program schedule. Now with the help of the Internet and special children's channels you can watch TV all the time.

How to deal with children's fears?

Very often, children feel a sense of anxiety and anxiety. This is what makes them excessively excited. Fear arises as a result of any phenomenon. As a rule, in such situations, the child reacts sharply to the circumstances. Fears are experienced not only by children, but also by adults.