Methods of memory development in children

Parents are trying to develop their children in different directions since childhood. Often the child is not able to memorize a simple poem, parents begin to get angry at him. Although in fact the problem here is precisely the wrong approach and education. The development of memory is considered a long and painstaking process for which the parents themselves must be responsible.

How to baptize a child in church?

In Orthodox culture, it is considered that a cross is able to protect from many ills and ills. Young parents are particularly keen on this issue. Of course, no one wants his child sick. Often the church is advised to baptize small children in order to avoid such problems. However, the question of the baptism of the baby arises quite sharply and it is not always possible to find a definite answer to it.

How to determine the temperament of the child?

Temperament is one of the main features of the personality. On it you can judge the nature and behavior of the child. It is customary to distinguish 4 basic types of temperament. However, it is extremely rare to find them in pure form. In one person two temperaments can unite at once, with one type prevailing over the other.

How to prepare a preschooler for the first grade of school?

The school is the first serious educational institution in the life of a child. It differs significantly from kindergarten, where children spend most of their time playing and interacting with their peers. At school, the situation is quite different. Most of the time is devoted to the educational process, during which children acquire new knowledge, skills and experience.

What games to entertain a child on his birthday?

It will not be enough for parents to set the table and invite guests for a children's birthday party. Most comers are children who require a holiday. It can be achieved in several ways: the original decoration, themed party, a delicious table and of course, games. It is impossible to imagine a children's birthday without an entertainment part.

How does the transitional age in girls?

The most difficult time for girls is transitional age. It is at this stage that parents should show increased sensitivity, attention and tact. As a rule, transitional age helps to lay the foundation for future relationships with parents. They can be a real stumbling block, and can be the best friend, comrade, person who always listens and supports.

How to build a game complex for children to the country?

The presence of a cottage or a country house greatly facilitates the task of parents. They can come up with a large number of activities that will help their children relax and play. The cottage has one major plus point, namely, being in the fresh air. The child develops immunity, improves their health and lives without modern technology.

Features of puberty in girls

A special state in the life of each person falls on adolescence. On the one hand, you are no longer a small child, but at the same time no one classifies you as an adult. Often it is this borderline state that puts pressure on the psyche of many adolescents. Changes occur not only on the psycho-emotional level, but also on the physical condition.

Can parents punish children?

There are many opinions and theories about how you can and should not punish the guilty child. Some believe that there is nothing terrible in physical punishment, others believe that this is a manifestation of barbarism. Punishments of children can be different, and parents should independently determine which side to stand on this issue.

What kind of crafts from plasticine can make children?

Caring parents engage with their children. After all, it is thanks to their efforts that the child develops intelligence, fine motor skills of hands and the ability to speak and think. Plasticine is a material that is easy to work with, children love it very much. Thanks to plasticine, fine motor skills of hands develop, imagination is formed, speech is better mastered.

What exercises from yoga to choose for children?

Not so long ago, yoga has become one of the most popular fitness areas. She is taught in every city. At the same time, most of those involved are sure that this is not just fitness, but real art. Thanks to yoga, you can comprehend the secrets of the world and understand their true purpose. There are many disputes regarding the permitted age for yoga.

How can parents teach a child to dress independently?

Two or three years is an approximate age when a baby tends to do a lot of things on his own. The child is aware of himself as a separate person and wants to show it to others. He sees that everyone dresses up independently, so there is a quite fair question why they do not trust such an action. The task of the parents at this moment is not to make a mistake, but to act correctly.

The best cartoons for children 3 years

Starting at about 3 years old, children are beginning to be actively interested in animated films. At the same time, parents should pick up their cartoons such cartoons that will not adversely affect the little baby. A competent approach will help you choose the appropriate option that will develop and broaden your horizons.

Stages of development of girls for months to a year

The kid, who just came into the world, does not understand at all how he came to be here and what is his main purpose. He does not see well, many organs, including the gastrointestinal tract, are not functioning properly. The child still can not keep his head. The first months of his life, the baby only eats and sleeps a lot.

Features of transitional age in boys

Throughout the entire period of raising a child, parents face many problems and questions. One of the most difficult periods is transitional age. This is the stage when the behavior of the once obedient boy changes dramatically, bad marks and remarks appear in the school. It was at this time that parents should be on their guard, understand what is happening with their son and help him cope with a difficult period for him.

Features of the development of premature babies: physiology, progress from zero to one year, possible complications

It happens that before the PDR (the expected date of delivery) a few more weeks, but the sensations of the expectant mother leave no doubt: the birth begins! Whenever possible, doctors seek to stop labor and give the fetus a chance for further development under the mother's heart. If this is not possible, and the gestation period is less than 38 weeks, a premature baby is born.

What are the features of the physical development of children in 3-4 years

What should be the physical development of children 3-4 years in accordance with age norms? It is useful for parents to know about it in order to notice deviations in time and correct them as far as possible. Social adaptation of the child and his success in learning largely depends on these indicators. Anatomical and physiological age peculiarities characteristic of this age dictate certain types of exercises and exercises on which the skills, abilities and knowledge of children in physical culture depend.

Features of the development of attention and memory in children 3-5 years old, play activities

To fully prepare a child for school, it is necessary almost from his birth to pay special attention to the formation of higher mental processes. One of them is attention. This is a selective, conscious focus of perception on a particular object for some time. And if the kids have none as such (at least it is very insignificant), then the development of attention in children of 3-4 years, and even more so in 5 years goes by leaps and bounds.