Types of child benefit payments

Pregnancy and childbirth are the natural conditions of any woman. The birth of a child means an increase in financial spending in the family. Women under 3 years of age are granted official maternity leave, during which she receives benefits. Any family needs financial assistance at the stage of pregnancy, childbirth and birth.

Top best maternity hospitals in Moscow in 2019

A few decades ago, every pregnant woman was brought to the nearest maternity hospital. Absolutely there was no such thing as a contract with the clinic. Currently, the situation has changed dramatically. A woman has a choice for a long time and she can independently decide in which hospital she should be taken.

The main fitosovet to solve three problems: restless sleep, diathesis and colic in children

The baby has red cheeks, peeling, irritation of the skin, diaper rash and itching. Nervous, makes tantrums, refuses to eat. In the evening she does not want to sleep, and often wakes up at night. How to help a child relieve stress, read this article. Change nutrition Food affects the condition of the skin and the gastrointestinal tract - foods cause allergies, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

How to save a long-awaited pregnancy

Finally, the long-awaited miracle happened - the desired and long-planned pregnancy had come. Carrying a child is a truly magical moment and it seems that nothing can darken it, but the woman’s heart is anxious. Naturally, from the first seconds of awareness by the woman of the fact of pregnancy, she instinctively seeks to protect a growing little lump from the whole world.

A child hiccups in the stomach during pregnancy: why is this happening, how to determine and what to do?

Toward the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, most expectant mothers begin to experience new sensations in the abdominal cavity. A woman who is carrying a baby for the first time can not immediately understand that these sensations are the result of intrauterine hiccups. Why does the child hiccups in the womb and whether this is a cause for concern - you can learn this and other useful information from our article.

Premature baby and its features

Nine months of pregnancy ... In anticipation of the baby, the expectant mother counts the days, but here is a surprise - the child decided to be born earlier! Fortunately, for modern medicine, the birth of premature babies is not such a problem as before. What are they, premature babies, and what are their features? Premature baby According to WHO criteria, a baby born after 22 weeks of pregnancy and with a body weight above 500g is viable, while nursing of premature babies is possible.

Concussion in a child: how to determine at home what to do and what is dangerous?

Is it possible to find in this world a creature more curious and fearless than a child? Жажда познаний и отсутствие естественного для взрослого человека чувства самосохранения толкает его на исследовательские похождения, которые нередко заканчиваются травмами.Concussion is one of the most frequent and at the same time dangerous consequences of falls, strikes, sports injuries and other emergencies that occur almost daily with children of all ages.

"Execute can not be pardoned", or what to do if the child is nervous and naughty

What if the child is nervous and naughty? Today more and more young parents are asking this question. Hoping for the help of doctors, acquaintances, and various Internet resources, they seek to find a solution to the problem, without paying due attention to the motives for its appearance. But these two factors are inseparably linked, and, accordingly, should not be considered in isolation from each other.

Analysis of hCG in pregnancy: how to pass, the interpretation of the results, a table of normal indicators for weeks

HCG is a hormone whose presence in the body of a woman of childbearing age indicates that she is pregnant. In the process of fetal development, its concentration changes. It is possible to draw conclusions from these fluctuations whether the development of the fetus is normal or whether certain pathologies are present. General information about human chorionic gonadotropin The hormone hCG is produced by the chorion (the outer shell of the embryo) after the embryo has successfully passed the stage of attachment to the uterine wall.

Preterm labor: what can provoke, how to start and how to prevent?

Almost every expectant mother has a lot of questions. Usually they relate to the upcoming changes in the body, diet, preparation for childbirth. Many women worry about the preservation of the pregnancy. Background Key question: what kind of birth is considered premature? There are two main opinions here. In the first, doctors talk about a gestational age of 28-37 weeks (inclusive).

Flatulence in children of different ages: what causes increased gas formation and how to fight it?

Gases in the intestines is a natural phenomenon in the body of a healthy person. Their main mass is formed during the digestion of food (chemical reaction) and its splitting into enzymes. The remaining components — swallowed oxygen during eating or drinking, diffusion or gas exchange — oxygen from the blood enters the lumen of the small intestine, which is necessary for the vital activity of the intestinal microflora, and carbon dioxide from the lumen is released to the blood by the lungs.

How to save a child with anaphylactic shock: an action algorithm

When a child develops an instant reaction to an allergen, anaphylactic shock may occur. This is a very dangerous, serious condition. Its main distinguishing feature is surprise. The baby had just felt good, looked perfectly healthy, and suddenly this wave of rapidly growing symptoms covered him, which makes it frightening even to an adult.

Features of fetal ultrasound fetometry: tables of the main indicators by week

Fetometry is performed regularly at various stages of pregnancy - this is fetal sizing using ultrasound. The data obtained during the survey, for many years, were subjected to statistical analysis, and on the basis of them a table was compiled with weekly rate indicators. It is the main parameter for a more accurate determination of the period and allows you to find out if there are any deviations in the intrauterine development of the baby.