Benefits and Harm to Exercises

Absolutely every woman dreams of a thin waist and a flat stomach. However, such dreams are not always destined to come true. Often on the way a girl faces many obstacles: material difficulties, lack of free time to visit the hall, no one to leave the child with, workload at work and much more.

The best gifts for discharge from the hospital

Presentation gifts are a rather sensitive issue and a difficult topic. At this moment, as a rule, everyone is perplexed. Parents do not know how to thank the doctor and obstetrician, the husband does not understand what to give to his wife, but the guests are puzzled by how to please the newborn. Everything should be figured out in order.

What is the placenta for and what happens to it after giving birth?

During childbirth, after each child leaves the placenta. They represent a separate children's place, which is considered a biological material. This body is of great importance for a pregnant woman and her baby. However, in the future it is not necessary. Regarding the placenta, any woman who has given birth has many questions, namely, about her destruction.

Effective ways to remove stretch marks

Many women and even men are familiar with stretch marks. A lot of people are faced with this problem. It can be safely called a cosmetic defect that does not harm the health. Despite this, everyone wants to get rid of unpleasant stretch marks on the body, and use various methods and approaches for this.

Choosing an envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital

A pregnant woman at 8-9 months collects anxious packages. The first package includes things with which she will go to the maternity hospital. It should be always at hand, if necessary, the girl goes to the hospital with him. The second package is intended for discharge. It includes the clothes of mother and newborn, cosmetics and diapers.

What is partnership childbirth?

Childbirth is a serious stage in the life of any woman, for whom she prepares with the utmost care. And how difficult it is to tune in to the birth of the firstborn. At these moments she needs special support more than ever. It is for these purposes and created partnership childbirth. They pass with the closest person. They can be a mother, husband, sister or girlfriend.

Home childbirth: pros and cons

Quite a lot of conventional wisdom exists regarding the issue of home birth. This is a sensitive topic that is difficult to discuss. There are both supporters of this phenomenon, and his opponents. Most people who are far from medicine are convinced that home birth is a wildness, an indescribable risk to the health of the mother and child.

Creative ideas discharge from the hospital

Disposal of a newborn is an alarming and at the same time important moment in the life of any family. Many couples are waiting for this moment with great impatience. That is why they try to give it the most solemn, festive and even fabulous atmosphere. The discharge itself from the hospital is organized, as a rule, by the father. For mom, most things are a surprise, because she spends all the time only in the hospital.

Symptoms and precursors of labor

Throughout the pregnancy, the mother waits for only one thing, namely, the early birth of her baby. For 9 months, she has experienced fear, confusion, joy, and delight. All emotions are associated with a happy moment of waiting for the baby. For nine months, a woman has a new life under her heart and is about to get ready to become a mother.

Features of the birth in water

There are many disputes regarding home birth. And absolutely outlandish method for many is the birth of a child in the water. It was in Russia that such a fashionable trend originated, it appeared in the 60s of the last century. Then Charkovsky assured everyone that it would be much easier and more useful for a woman to carry out her clan activities in the water, becoming on the same level with dolphins and mermaids.

All the nuances of childbirth in the United States

Pregnancy is associated with all beautiful and even radiant at times. This is the time when mother enjoys her condition and accumulates strength for labor activity. Immediately the birth itself always and at all times caused horror and fear in pregnant girls. Many begin to look for a good doctor and clinic in advance.

Treatment and prevention of diastasis of the abdomen after childbirth

After giving birth, many women have health problems. This is due to the increased stress that the girl is experiencing during pregnancy and childbirth. Especially often women have problems with stretched skin of the abdomen. 30% of women experience diastase. Especially often help is needed for girls who gain a lot of extra pounds during pregnancy, are obese or are carrying not one, but several children at once.

What things need to take to the hospital?

Pregnancy is not a permanent state of the body. Sooner or later it ends. Childbirth is the natural end of a successful pregnancy. Doctors advise to prepare for them in advance. To do this, one of the important and necessary steps is to collect bags in the hospital. Gynecologists advise already at the 31st week of pregnancy to have a bag at home, which contains all the necessary things and documents.

How to breathe during childbirth and labor?

Pregnancy lasts only 9 months, then comes the final stage in the form of childbirth. During pregnancy, not only the fetus is formed, but also the expectant mother is preparing. Many see the training in home improvement, the acquisition of necessary things. But in fact, for the most part moral training is required. A future mother before birth should know how to behave during labor and the subsequent process.

The main signs of the onset of labor

For 9 months, a woman has a little miracle in her body, a new life. After 40 weeks, the baby is born. Despite the fact that pregnancy is considered an exciting and disturbing state, do not forget about the childbirth itself, which is fraught with great mystery and mystery.

Effective abdominal exercises after delivery

Any woman always wants to be in shape. Neither her age nor the number of births affects this. On the contrary, after giving birth, I want to recover as quickly as possible and return to the previous form. Especially the girls are concerned about the issue of sagging belly. Unfortunately, it becomes flabby and loose. Women who give birth should know when to press the press without damaging your health.

False contractions: how many days before childbirth begin, how long do you have, how to distinguish from generic

Excitement and light suspiciousness, impatient expectation and every minute readiness to go to the hospital before childbirth are quite natural feelings that overwhelm every pregnant woman. That is why any pulling pain, discomfort, impulse in the abdomen, excess movement of the baby in the womb are perceived as a signal that everything has begun and it is time to go to the hospital.