How to put the baby to sleep without tears?

A child grows, actively develops and cognizes the world around him. There are so many interesting things happening around him! Therefore, many children do not want to sleep, even if they are very tired. In this case, try to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere before bedtime. Show that sleep is a pleasant vacation. Then the baby will strive to bed himself.

Putting the child to sleep, make him a light massage. Stroke him hands, hands and palms, it will relieve muscle tension. Stroke the back crumbs, it should relax him. Stroking the head will calm the child. Also try to accompany your actions with an interesting story or a fairy tale.

Evening games Try to pick up calm so that they do not excite the child. Try to put cubes, read or draw. If possible, take a walk for half an hour in the fresh air. To set the child to bedtime, dim the lights or turn on the night light.

Sleep ritual should be repeated daily so that the baby gets used to it and calmly gets ready for bed. As a ritual may come: massage, bathing, lullaby. You can come up with your own ritual, which your child and you will enjoy. The main thing is that your actions at bedtime should be repeated day after day and liked by your little one.

Buy a beautiful night light for a child that will be easily included. Some children are afraid of the dark. In such cases, sometimes you can leave the light on all night.

All children love bedtime stories. Therefore, a good, beautiful tale will surely help the child fall asleep faster.

Joint sleep with baby. Each mother must decide for herself whether to take a baby into her bed or not. Should I constantly get up at night to the child or put it next to him. Try to find an option that will suit both of you. By the way, during a joint sleep, the rhythms of the mother and the child are synchronized. Many mothers wake up a few seconds before the baby wakes up. It is also very convenient to breastfeed the baby when he sleeps with you in the same bed.

Think of yourself. While the child is quite small, you only think about his needs. But do not forget about yourself. If you are not satisfied that the pussy sleeps with you at night, you need to change something. The best mother for the baby is calm and balanced. But it becomes very difficult if you do not get enough sleep at night. Remember, for a child it is not important where he sleeps, but how much his nightly needs are met. So try to find the best option for both of you.



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