How to choose the dishes for the child?

Of course, a child can eat from any dish, the main thing is to keep it clean and the food tasty and healthy. But often parents want the baby to have his personal set of dishes.

In addition, special children's dishes: a cup with two handles, silicone spoons (not to injure the gums), plates with suckers at the bottom, ideal for exploring the crumbs with "adult" food.

How to choose the right dishes for the child?

First of all, it should be safe. You can not use glass or ceramic, because the kid can throw it on the floor and break it. In addition, children love to knock on a plate with a spoon, and can break off a piece of it, which then gets into the food.

Therefore, the best solution would be plastic dishes - it is light, beautiful and unbreakable. Just choose well-known manufacturers to be sure that it is made from quality materials designed for food and not containing dyes.

Pay attention to the heat resistance of the material - the maximum temperature of use should be indicated on the product. To be sure of the quality of the dishes, buy it in specialized stores where you can see the certificate of quality. Also ask the seller for instructions on the use and care.

The first cup for a child It should be with two handles, because he only learns to use the dishes and can not hold a full cup with one hand. It is advisable to buy a cup with different nozzles.

When buying plates notice the presence of color pictures. Crumbs will be much more interesting to eat all the porridge, to see what kind of bear or flower painted on the bottom. The size of the plate should correspond to the portion eaten. So the baby learns to eat everything to the end.

It is usually very difficult for a child to learn how to use cutlery. Therefore, it is desirable to purchase so-called anatomical spoons and forks, which take into account the structure of the baby's brush.

There will also be a very useful set of silicone containers with tight-fitting lids. They are perfect for keeping in the fridge of cooked juices, mashed potatoes, cereals.

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