Winter games for children

When the snow falls, in no case can not sit at home. Do not try to find excuses not to go outside. It is better not to waste time, but dress warmer and go for a walk.

Active games in the fresh winter air are very useful for the child. And so that he does not get bored, consider a few ideas for winter games with children on the street.

Winter folk games for children

Perhaps the most common entertainment - to make a snowman. The kid will be just delighted with this activity. If you are afraid that he will wet his hands and catch a cold, blind the snowman yourself, and let the little one make his nose, eyes, mouth.

No less popular - snowball game. Show the baby how to sculpt the ball and how to throw it, and he will gladly join you. If the baby is still too small and cannot do it on his own, give him the finished ball, let him throw it. Of course, he will not be able to quit far, but the process should be pleasant. And if you find a target where you throw snowballs, it will become even more interesting.

Walking in the park you will surely see a lot of tracks (birds, dogs), suggest to the child play tracker. Let him consider the traces, determine who they belong to, look where they lead.

If on the way you get a clean piece of ice, give the baby a chance to ride. But hold him tight so that he does not fall and be injured.

No child will refuse ride down a hill on a sled. Even if the baby is not yet a year old, you can move out with it. A baby in 2 years may well ride. But carefully inspect the descent so that there are no stones or branches. Buying a sled, look, so they must be with the back.

If the child likes to draw, the asphalt covered with snow is not a reason to abandon his favorite activity. Take a regular stick and paint on snow. Show your child how to do it, and he will quickly master this activity.

You probably noticed that children love to fall in the snow, leaving funny figures. Therefore, if the baby is well dressed, preferably in a waterproof suit, you can try to leave different figures on the snow. But do not get carried away with such games so that he does not catch a cold.

Even if there is a blizzard on the street and it is impossible to go for a walk, do not be discouraged. Fun game can be organized without leaving home. It is enough to go to the balcony where you can put snow in a bucket. You can make snowballs from it or make a little snowman. And when he starts to melt, explain to the crumbs why this happens. By the way, on this occasion you can compose a fairy tale.

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