How to find a nanny for a child?

In the previous article, we found out: how to choose a good nanny. Now let's define how and where to find a nanny for a child. Consider the pros and cons of various search options.

Best to search through friends or relatives.. Surely one of your friends will be able to advise the nanny who worked for them. Or maybe you or your friends have a relative in retirement who will look after the baby with pleasure and earn some money.

This option is good because you can find out how the people you trust speak about the nanny. With such a proven person it will be much easier for you to leave a crumb.

We should not exclude the option of a nanny-neighbor. Not only have you known each other for a very long time and you know what kind of person this is, she also lives nearby. In addition, the neighbor will surely take less money from you than a stranger.

A minus in the case when the nanny is a relative or a good friend is only one psychological discomfort in communication. If earlier you were only relatives, now you are acting as an employer and you have to give instructions and demand their implementation. And if suddenly she can not come? It will be hard enough for you to demand anything.

Also you can use the services of the agency. But before you go there, collect more information: when it opened, how people respond to it, and so on. Such data you can easily find in various forums on the Internet. Maybe you have to spend a lot of time looking for a good agency, but then you can find a babysitter for the child who fully meets your requirements.

The advantages can be attributed the conclusion of the contract, according to which the agency not only finds a nanny, but, if necessary, can replace her. It will be enough for you to describe your requirements in as much detail as possible, and this will save you from numerous and useless meetings with applicants.

Cons of this option- This is a large commission, which the agency takes and the fact that it does not bear any responsibility for the harm that can be caused by the employee.

Another popular way to find a nanny is ad in the paper. In addition, you can print and paste the ads on the doors of the entrances of nearby houses.

So you have a chance to find a nanny who will live in your area. And if she urgently needs, you do not have to wait a few hours that she would need on the road. If you search in this way, give preference to friends or former kindergarten teachers who live nearby.

But note that by phone it is very difficult to make an impression about a person. In this case, you will need to make a lot of calls. In this case, it is advisable to carefully check all the recommendations and, if possible, to communicate with the former employer. Be especially careful, because the safety of the child depends on your choice.

Recently, it has become increasingly popular. search babysitter on the Internet. There you can find a lot of ads or give yours.

The method is convenient because you do not need to travel around the city, make a lot of calls, etc. At that, it will be enough just to sit at home in front of the computer to view the resume. But the number of interviews is unlikely to be less than when searching through an ad.

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