Symptoms of liver, pancreas and gall bladder problems

The body of a child in the first year of life is actively growing and developing. His work is influenced by many factors: the external environment, nutrition, daily routine, psychological situation in the family.

By the year the digestive system becomes quite mature, but the pancreas, gallbladder and liver continue to develop. In order to avoid problems with them in the future, you need to ensure a balanced diet.

In case of illness, the situation is complicated by the fact that the baby cannot say exactly what and how it hurts. In addition, he may simply not pay attention to the symptoms that in adults would probably cause concern. But every mother feels very good any changes in mood or condition of the crumbs.

Consider the main symptoms of liver problems, pancreas and gall bladder, with the appearance of which you need to consult a doctor.

Newborn crying in pain

Scarce refuses to take the breast, becomes agitated. An older child may complain of abdominal pain, but he cannot yet explain how it hurts and where it is. Usually, children point to the navel, but doctors distinguish between several types of pain:

- aching, often not intense and prolonged, may be accompanied by nausea. The kid complains of pain in the right hypochondrium;

- pancreatic - it can be both aching pains, and sharp colic on the left front and back;

- hepatic colic - sharp and intense pain spreading throughout the abdomen, and can give in the right shoulder blade and shoulder. Appears unexpectedly, when moving and pressing increases. The reason may be stress, sharp exercise, overeating.

Baby refuses to eat

This symptom may indicate many diseases, including pathology of the gastrointestinal organs. At the same time, a sharp improvement in appetite can be caused by increased secretory function of the stomach. In this case, be sure to consult a specialist.

Child is sick

At the same time he turns pale, and he has increased salivation. This is a fairly common complaint in children with digestive problems.


This is the main symptom. If it occurs, be sure to check the digestive system.

Severe drooling

This is normal when teeth erupt. And in an older child, the symptom may indicate problems with the pancreas.

Bad breath

It may also indicate a violation of the digestive system.


Sometimes manifested as a consequence of dysfunction of the pancreas, gallbladder, bowel pathology.


Most often occurs due to malnutrition, stress, with diseases of the digestive system.


Can talk about digestive deficiency.

The child gets tired quickly and becomes irritable

If the plus to this pipsqueak sleeps badly, this can be a manifestation of the asthenovegetative syndrome.

What tests need to pass for examination

1. Blood. By biochemical analysis, you can detect many diseases of the digestive tract. Blood is taken from a vein to study the intra-secretory function of the pancreas. Finger blood must be passed on an empty stomach, and then two more times after the introduction of glucose.

2. Urine. Changes in it also allow you to determine the dysfunction of the digestive organs.

3. Cal. If there are suspicions of problems with the liver, pancreas and gall bladder, it is necessary to investigate it.

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