Zinc in the diet of the future mother

According to experts, during pregnancy, the body should receive a lot of protein foods. After all, with it comes a lot of the required amount of zinc.

He is involved in the formation of bones, internal organs, muscle and nervous tissue, blood circulation. Also responsible for the development of taste receptors, vision and smell. Plus, zinc will help boost immunity and cope with toxemia. Therefore, zinc in the diet of the future mother is an indispensable element.

Why do I need zinc in the pregnant menu?

Zinc has a fairly broad effect on the body, normalizes metabolism, has antioxidant properties, helps to cope with toxicosis. He plays a significant role for the endocrine system, is responsible for the production of hormones and is involved in the transmission of genetic heredity.

The benefits of zinc is also in its medicinal properties. So, to combat brittle nails and hair loss, use sunflower seeds, pumpkins and nuts. And with parodontosis parsley or garlic will help.

2 - 3 cups of green tea per day will have a restorative effect. And in case of toxicosis or seasickness, it is recommended to chew a dry tea leaf.

If you have a predisposition to diseases of the stomach, kidneys or skin, it is desirable to increase the amount of zinc consumed. It is also attributed to anemia and varicose veins.

If after the ultrasound it turned out that you will have a boy, think carefully about the menu. The development of the male genital glands is directly dependent on the amount of zinc in the diet of the future mother.

Please note that foods containing zinc can be eaten in any quantity, without fear of an overdose. But if you are taking medications, strictly adhere to the indicated dosage. For nausea and fever, immediately consult a doctor.

How to recognize zinc deficiency


Pediatricians claim that the lack of zinc in the diet of the expectant mother adversely affects the formation and development of vision, and can lead to hyperactivity of the child. Therefore, if white spots appear on the nails, and the food becomes tasteless, you need to think seriously about your diet.

First, buy products with minimal processing. Start eating more meat and fish, as zinc is absorbed much worse from plant foods. If the zinc deficiency needs to be replenished quickly, seafood will help.

Zinc is best absorbed with vitamins A and B6, glucose and lactose. Therefore, combine meat with vegetables and make yogurt with fresh fruit.

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