The development of physical activity in children 1-2 years

Motor activity in children is simply impressive. They are ready to run, ride a rollercoaster, jump almost around the clock. Of course, this greatly exhausts parents, but it contributes to the development of high motor skills and expands the range of possibilities for studying the surrounding world.

Thanks to active games, the processes of formation of thinking and speech become more active. All this creates conditions for harmonious development.

As we see physical activity in children very important. It allows the kid to become not only a good athlete, but also a famous artist or a talented writer. Therefore, you should in every way contribute to the development of motor activity in the child.

It is believed that motor activity and intelligence are very closely related. In early childhood, this relationship is especially important. By the way, the need for movement in a person takes the second place after the need for breathing.

Already a year, the child's activity increases significantly. He takes the first steps, learns to climb stairs, tries to jump. Each new movement is difficult, so your help is needed.

For you, the inept attempts of a baby may look funny, but in him they cause a feeling of fear that you have to overcome. At such moments, try to be close in time to support him. From time to time, offer new interesting games. Your confidence will be transferred to the little one, and he will succeed.

If the child is not interested in your assignments, it will be difficult to get him to do it. And why? For the effective development of motor activity in a child, you need to interest the baby so that he wants to do something. Then it will be an exciting game in which the crumb will play with pleasure. Use for this favorite toys that will fall into the "difficult" situation, and the kid will have to save them.

At the age of one and a half years, the little restless will enjoy repeating the movements of animals. Jump like frogs or trample like bears.

In two years, the child will already be quite agile, and you can organize competitions for speed. For example, who will crawl faster through the room like a spider.

To the development of motor activity in children brought only benefit, do not forget that physical activity should be increased gradually. Start with simple exercises that the child can easily perform on their own. And gradually add new ones. But no more than twice a week.

Indicators of motor activity in children.

1 year - the baby can walk 10 - 15 meters without stopping. If you help, you can climb the short vertical ladder and descend from it.

1 year 4 months - goes along the marked path 25 cm wide.

1 year 6 months - he sits on a chair or bench 15 cm high. He can walk along an inclined board.

1 year 8 months - easily overcomes low obstacles. Able to throw the ball into the target.

2 years - the legs have become quite strong. It's time to buy a tricycle.

Watch the video: Baby and Toddler Milestones, Dr. Lisa Shulman (April 2020).


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