How to save a child if there is a patient in the house?

Most bacteria and viruses are transmitted by airborne droplets. Therefore, if there is already a patient in the house, the rest can easily become infected too. This is especially true of newborns. Their immune system is not yet able to provide reliable protection of the body.

In such a situation, it is important to prevent the child from contacting the patient. Yes, and the mother is desirable to be careful. Even basic preventive measures will help protect the baby.

If the baby is breastfed, apply to the breast as often as possible. Breast milk is known to be the best immune barrier.

Do you have the first signs of a cold? Do not waste time. The sooner you start to fight the infection, the less chances your child has to catch.

Take care of the presence of several special dressings (disposable or gauze). Be sure to wear them and change them every 30 minutes. The bandage is a reliable barrier to viruses. Handkerchiefs should be replaced with paper napkins, which should be thrown away after use.

Of course, it is important for the child to constantly feel her mother's love. But now is not the best time for hugging and kissing. Think of another way to show your love.

You are now limited in the choice of medicines, but this does not mean that they are not needed at all. The nose can be instilled with interferon, and to activate the body's defenses, homeopathic preparations are not at all redundant. They will not cause allergies, but they will help to recover easily.

To bring down the temperature will help nimesulide or paracetamol. These drugs are even credited to newborns when their temperature rises above 38.5 ° C. however, care must be taken. The interval between taking the drugs should be at least 6 hours.

Good help and grandmother's methods. We have already considered how to soar the feet of a child, and now it is necessary for you (unless the temperature has risen in the evening). After this procedure, wear warm socks, wrap yourself in a blanket and go to bed. In the morning you forget what a cold.

As known, the best treatment is prevention. You need to make every effort so that viruses do not penetrate your home.

During an epidemic or when there is already a patient in the house, you can arrange dishes with finely chopped onions or garlic in all rooms. It will well disinfect the air.

For the crumbs, you can make an original amulet on the neck, into which finely chopped garlic is also put.

Make sure that all family members immediately take off their outerwear when entering the house. And do not forget to wash your hands.

It is advisable to limit reception. Wait until the epidemic will pass, and then arrange the gatherings. In the meantime, you can have a great time with your family.

If, in spite of all the actions taken, a patient appeared in the house, and the crumb has also become infected, read the article “How to treat a cold in a child”.

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