Games for children available to everyone

What are some games for kids? Caring mothers and fathers do not cease to ask this question. On the one hand, there is a huge assortment of toys in children's stores, on the other hand, not everyone will allow themselves to constantly indulge their child with expensive purchases. Still, the prices for quality products are not so low. And given the fact that the baby manages to very quickly disassemble them into its component parts 🙂, it turns out quite expensive.

Let's look at the problem from a different angle. Is it necessary for the normal development of the baby to buy a store floor? There are games for children who are not burdensome for the family budget and can deliver a lot of fun to the restless. Consider some of them.

What are some games for kids

Many of those who read these lines will surely remember the times when the store shelves were empty. But did it bother to have fun?

Air balloons

The price for them is just ridiculous, and there are more than enough options for games. Inflate a few colorful balloons, but not much, so as not to burst, and get down to business. You can throw them, play football, volleyball ... In any case, it will be fun.


There are games for children not only fun, but also useful. Here is one of them. Take 2 feathers from the pillow, one for yourself, the other for the crumbs, and blow each into your own. Wins the one who can longer keep him in the air. By the way, this is a great exercise that promotes the development of speech.


And you ask what kind of games for children. Soap bubbles will probably never lose their popularity. The cost of a penny, and a lot of fun. Especially if you catch them with your hands 🙂


Even an adult is interested in collecting a complex picture of a couple of hundred fragments, let alone a child. But now the crumb is too small and he needs something simpler. For example, a puzzle of 4-5 parts. Buy it is optional. Take the old magazine, find an interesting picture, stick it on a thick cardboard and cut it into pieces. That's the whole puzzle.


Of course, you can simply buy a beautiful tent in the store, but remember your childhood. Do not you do without them? A couple of chairs with backs, a blanket and a pillow inside - that’s the whole “house” in which the tiny one will play with the dolls with pleasure.


Surely you can find empty boxes from home appliances in your home. Maybe they have enough dust, if the warranty has come to an end? Instead of thinking what kind of games for children are, use them to create a tunnel. Arrange them, for strength, wrap with tape, cut the windows and paint. Not only will get an interesting game, so also the process of manufacturing will bring a lot of pleasure.


Take a minute from the usual bucket with a spatula. Show your baby how sand pours between your fingers. For him it will not be so easy. Plus the game will contribute to the development of fine motor skills.

And these are just a few options for games. But you can think of dozens of them. The main thing - a little imagination, and not be bored. I hope now you will not have a question: what are the games for children.

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