Putting a newborn on the belly is a tribute to fashion or ...

Everyone knows that after giving birth a newborn is laid on the mother’s belly, only few people can normally explain: why? Is it just a tradition or an obligatory part of the birth? It turns out that scientists have long figured it out.

Although it is clear that the first minutes of life of the baby are incredibly important. On how they pass, depends on the whole future life of the child. But scientists simple assumptions are not enough and they set a goal to justify everything from a scientific point of view.

This was managed by a Czech psychiatrist S. Grof, who for several years conducted research in this area. He proved that the prenatal experiences of the baby, his feelings at the time of birth and over the next few days are a strong psychological test. They are recorded in the subconscious and affect the rest of his life. You can write about this for a long time, but we will not go into details, let's better see what happens in practice.

On the one hand, it can not but rejoice that putting a newborn on the belly of the mother becomes more and more popular. On the other hand, in most cases this is a commonplace tribute to fashion. But laying out is an unusually important point. When the child is placed on the mother's belly, he feels the warmth of her body, the familiar smell, the beat of the heart .... It is at this moment that a strong bond (bonding) is established between mother and baby. Equally important is the exciting moment for mom. The first contact with the baby contributes to the awakening of a powerful maternal instinct.

Putting a newborn on the belly is important not only psychologically. A child is born sterile and all its mucous membranes should be sown immediately with friendly flora. And this will help the first breastfeeding. Maternal colostrum will help create an immune barrier that protects the baby from dysbacteriosis, colds, allergies, staphylococcus and other diseases. And all this is due to the content in the colostrum of the entire spectrum of hormones, antibodies, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

By the way, it’s not for nothing that the most strongly sucking reflex is most pronounced in the first 30 minutes after birth.

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