How to remove the stomach after childbirth

Almost every second mother dreams of removing a saggy belly after giving birth. True, not everyone has a real need for this. Check it is quite simple - you only need to calculate the ratio of the hips to the waist. To do this, measure the waist circumference and divide it by the hip circumference, if the value obtained exceeds 0.8, it will not hurt you to remove the stomach.

Effective diet will help remove the stomach after childbirth

Why precisely "effective"? Because there is no universal diet after childbirth for everyone. Moreover, many rigid diets that give quick results, excrete water from the body and reduce muscle mass, due to which the effect is achieved. But nutritionists advise to act differently.

To clean the belly after childbirth, diversify your menu with foods low in saturated fat: fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-grain bread, brown rice, greens. And the low fat content is not their only merit.

Do not forget that the stomach appears not only because of the consumption of fatty foods. The accumulated slags play no less a role in this process, which is especially important for those who love meat. So, foods high in fiber contribute to their removal from the body and the establishment of metabolism.

Strengthen muscles and defeat saggy belly

Any exercise helps to "burn" the so-called visceral fat, which is the most dangerous. Moreover, even small loads are very effective. For example, simple squats will help increase the tone of the abdominal muscles.

But to get rid of the deep fat can only strengthen all the muscles of the body. Of course, you will not immediately feel how your stomach will become more flat when you train the muscles of your shoulders or back, but this is so. And if at one time you also did gymnastics for pregnant women, then now it will be much easier for you.

Do not know how to remove the stomach after childbirth? Start downloading the press!

Weak abdominal muscles in addition to sagging abdomen lead to the prolapse of the internal organs and dysfunction of the stomach and intestines. Therefore, if you want to quickly remove the stomach after childbirth, begin to strengthen them. And not only physical exercises, but also the correct posture. Make sure that the stomach is constantly tightened, and the chest is straightened. At first, you can even wear an elastic belt.

If necessary, try to lose weight, by proper nutrition after childbirth and physical activity. And, of course, do not forget to regularly do special physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Moreover, you don’t even need to go to the gym, it’s enough to set aside 15-20 minutes of time for daily workouts at home. We will talk about the exercises themselves in the following articles.

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