The effects of obesity in children

Have you ever asked yourself the question: "What causes obesity? ". An ugly figure and a feeling of discomfort about this are only superficial manifestations. But if everything were limited only to this.

Scientists have compiled a list of diseases that can manifest themselves as consequences of obesity, and a list of symptoms indicating the development of the disease.

What causes obesity

Gastrointestinal tract: Various digestive disorders are possible, and the risk of kidney stones and gall bladder formation increases significantly.

The cardiovascular system: increased blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, change in heart rate. Moreover, at a more mature age, about a third of people with obesity of 1 or 2 degrees are at risk of serious vascular and heart diseases.

Type 2 diabetesin which tissues become insensitive to insulin and glucose does not enter the cells. As a result, its blood level rises. And if you look at the statistics, the picture is completely disappointing. More than half of obese people face grade 2 diabetes.

central nervous system: appetite increases, often thirsty, sleep disturbance occurs, pains in the limbs appear, headache. Some people have a change of behavior, their mood becomes changeable, there is phlegm and their performance decreases.

Gonadal function: in obese girls, menstrual irregularities are possible, and in boys, underdevelopment of the genitals.

The immune system: another consequence of obesity is the reduction of the body's defenses.

Musculoskeletal system: Is it any wonder that obesity leads to changes in posture, gait, flat-footedness, problems with joints, osteoporosis and other similar problems.

And worst of all, in 11% of cases, cancer of the uterus, breast and colon becomes a consequence of obesity.

As you can see the effects of obesity in children can cause a lot of trouble in the future. And the question of appearance is a trifle compared to the risk of developing serious diseases. Therefore, do not waste time, start the prevention of obesity in children now.

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