Children's nightmares - why they dream

In most cases, children's nightmares occur in children aged 4-12 years, and more often in boys than girls. The child wakes up all in tears, practically does not respond to questions, although in the morning she may remember a nightmare. Doctors explain this simply enough - the child was over-excited in the evening, experienced strong emotions, or simply was not getting enough sleep.

Turning to the somnologists, you can get a more detailed answer. It turns out the "bad" dreams are divided into children's nightmares and night terrors. Nightmares are bright and colorful dreams that a child sees in the morning, mostly in the deep sleep phase. And the horrors, on the contrary, arise when the crumb just fell asleep, in any case, this will be the first half of sleep. They are episodes of panic, during which the baby is very difficult to wake up.

Small children who have already dreamed such dreams, especially those who sleep in a room alone, often experience negative emotions regarding their bed. Such experiences can be quite strong and it is not surprising that they result in children's nightmares. Thus, all the fears and anxieties of the baby.

After all, in fact, dreams are a kind of psychological defense of the body. They help you adapt to emotional stress and help your child absorb the daily flow of information.

But we are to some extent jealous of a child carefree life. At the same time, completely forgetting that the child is only taking the first steps in learning about a new life and constantly faces a lot of problems and fears. The most common of them are based on the instinct of self-preservation - it is the fear of pain, darkness, height, confined space, loud, unexpected sounds.

It often happens that the scenes of children's nightmares are based on the events of the past day, especially if it was bright and saturated. The simplest example is that a baby has not shared a shovel with someone in the sandbox and at night she can scream: “give it, mine”.

But do not treat children's nightmares as something too bad and panic about it. Somnologists say that this is a completely normal phenomenon and if such dreams have never been given to a child at least once, it is rather an exception to the rules. Although a couple of tips on how to get rid of nightmares, you can read.

In some cases, children's nightmares can be caused by a child’s poor health. "Culprit" can be: hunger, bowel pain, overwork, and even lack of activity.

Not the last role played by the TV. If a child in the evening accidentally saw some kind of horror story, it is not surprising that he will have nightmares at night.

As you can see, there is no particular cause for concern - it’s just another period of growing up, through which all the kids go. And if the next nightmare was very scary, organize the next day in such a way that it will be remembered only by positive emotions.

For example, organize a small home holiday. By the way, the design studio can help. Their decoration with balloons will not leave indifferent any kid.


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