Types of jaundice or what will tell the child's skin color

In the article, physiological jaundice of newborns we have already written that in some babies immediately after birth (3-5 days) the skin and sclera turn yellow. In most cases, this is a natural process that does not require treatment (for details, see the link above), but not always. It turns out that there are more than 50 conditions in which the skin stains in a yellow shade. And some of them are found in newborns. We will talk about them.

The type of jaundice depends on why the bilirubin metabolism is disturbed. Consider them in more detail.

Hemolytic jaundice arises due to blood diseases, for example, it can be caused by a change in the structure of hemoglobin or red blood cells. A similar situation may occur in the case of incompatibility of the blood of the mother and child in the group and Rh factor, the so-called immunological conflict.

Conjugation jaundice appears with enzyme deficiency. More simply, this type of jaundice occurs when enzymes do not actively bind and process bilirubin in liver cells.

Mechanical jaundice may develop in violation of the outflow of bile due to malformations or the occurrence of tumors.

Hepatic jaundice develops in the presence of liver disease: hepatitis B and C (read about the treatment of hepatitis here), sepsis, cytomegalovirus infection.

Of course, you will not be able to determine this or that type of jaundice yourself. But a qualified specialist, after examining the baby and a number of tests, will be able to accurately determine the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Thus, with hepatic jaundice, one cannot do without complex treatment aimed at the main cause of the disease. And with hemolytic form, a special course of treatment using homeopathic remedies and hepatoprotectors is required. With regard to the mechanical type, most likely will not do without surgical intervention.

Conjugation jaundice is most easily treated with ultraviolet radiation. The procedure is absolutely painless and effective. Ultraviolet rays destroy bilirubin well and purify blood from it. In addition, children with jaundice, you need as much light as possible. Therefore, try to walk more often, especially in sunny weather.


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