What temperature is considered normal in a child?

The figure 36.6 is well known to each of us. From early childhood, we clearly understood that this value is considered to be the normal temperature. But this only applies to adults, children are a little different.

Many moms don't wonder: what is the temperature of a child considered to be normal? After all, it really is not the same as in adults, and without knowing it, you can worry and worry unnecessarily.

Let's go directly to the numbers. So, in a newborn child, in the absence of any health problems, the body temperature is on average 0.3 ° C higher than the generally established norm.

An interesting situation is observed immediately after delivery - the temperature decreases by 1-2 ° C, and then rises within a day to a value of 36-37 ° C.

Go ahead. During the first three months of a newborn’s life, it is extremely unstable and depends largely on external factors (air temperature in the room, sleep, food, and even swaddling). But this does not mean that the fluctuations will be too large. If the run-up during the day does not exceed 0.6 ° C, this child's body temperature is considered normal.

As for older children, the situation is as follows: the maximum range of temperature fluctuations during the day does not exceed 1 ° C.

It should be noted that in this area, research has been repeatedly conducted, during which it was found that in children under 5 years old the average body temperature is 0.3-0.4 ° C higher than in an adult. Therefore, do not panic and think that the crumb is sick and say that the child has a high temperature if the only symptom of a potential illness is a temperature of 37 ° C. For more accurate results, try it in the morning before the baby gets out of bed. And, most likely, it will be normal.

As you can see, the normal temperature in a child and an adult is not at all the same. And a slight excess should not bother you much, in contrast to the decrease, which may indicate some problems. Read more about this in the article: causes of low body temperature.

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