When and how to give baby eggs

Until recently, all the acquaintance of a child with eggs was limited only to a fairy tale about a hen. But the baby is growing rapidly, and now it's time to taste them. Immediately comes up with a dozen delicious and healthy dishes that include eggs, but it is too early to think about them. Scarce will certainly try them, but only later, when a little older. And for the first acquaintance more than enough of a small amount of yolk.

But do not run ahead. First, let's decide when to give an egg to a child. According to experts, the first acquaintance of the baby with this useful product can take place at 7 months of life.

If you don’t know how to give an egg to a child, don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated about it. Starting to enter the egg should be with a small piece of yolk. Under the small, meaning a piece the size of a match head. Add it during the next feeding in gruel or vegetable puree.

How are eggs for children up to a year?

Eggs are considered a dietary product and even, one might say, a delicacy. And for good reason. So, chicken contain vitamins A, E, D, group B and minerals. But even more useful are quail. Not only are there more vitamins and microelements in them, they also have an antibacterial effect and belong to products for improving immunity.

But that's not all. Quail eggs for children under one year old are much preferable to chicken eggs, because they do not cause allergies. That is why nutritionists recommend starting acquaintance with them.

How to give an egg to a child


If you are just starting to introduce an egg to a child, remember that before the year, protein should not be given at all. As for the yolk, it can be added to children's dishes a couple of times a week. To check the reaction, start, as written above, with a piece the size of a match head. Gradually, this amount will need to bring to the whole yolk.

There are nuances in the preparation. Children under one year are not recommended to give soft-boiled eggs. Boil them hard-boiled (7-10 minutes in boiling water).

And do not forget to carefully consider the purchase date. The baby should be given only the freshest eggs. Ideally, they should be home, but for residents of large cities - it is difficult.

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