Child choleric - features of development and education

This type of temperament in children can be recognized literally from the cradle. Child choleric rather strongly stands out for its behavior. For example, he can almost scream for hours, just to get what he wants, and indeed he falls into hysterics because of every little thing. It could be a toy he can't reach or a dirty diaper ...

It must be admitted that a choleric child generally does not tolerate any discomfort when compared with children with a different type of temperament. And she calms down at all only in the hands of her mother.

Babies with a choleric temperament are energetic. They are very active, their movements are very swift, and their emotions are pronounced and strong. The child choleric, by all means trying to achieve the goal. He does it so hard that it is difficult to switch his attention to something else.

What problems can be with baby choleric:

- the baby can be so much involved in the game or its next idea that it stops hearing your requests or comments; - sometimes it can be hot-tempered and even aggressive, while it is hard to compromise. If this happens, read: how to wean the children to fight;

- your assignments or tasks start to be carried out, even without hearing them out to the end. Does everything quickly, but carelessly;

- his independence and haste may cause rash acts, not always true;

- problems with peers in school are not excluded.

Tips for parents of a choleric child

1. Try to devote more time to your child: play games, read, go for walks, practice modeling and drawing. Teach him to switch attention from one class to another.

2. Children of choleric persons are quite sensitive to criticism, therefore, if possible, do not raise your voice, because you can make strict comments with a calm voice. Remember, screaming and physical punishment can completely ruin your relationship. Especially when a three-year crisis begins.

3. To teach a choleric child to bring the work begun to the end is not so simple, but possible. The main thing is that the baby has some kind of stimulus. So create it before the game starts.

4. In the article on how to put a child to sleep, we talked about rituals. So, for choleric they are especially important. Invent and strictly adhere to any specific actions before bedtime, otherwise it may be a problem.

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