Twelfth week of pregnancy

Another week of pregnancy was over, and our unusual calendar already shows the number "12". Finally ended a big stage, which was called the FIRST TRIMESTER. A third of the way has already been passed, and the future mom is getting used to her new state. What will happen this week with mom and baby?

Child development in the 12th week of pregnancy

The child is no longer enough space in your hip area, as he continues to grow and gain weight. All the foundations of the future organism have already been laid.

1. Skeleton

The skeleton is still very fragile, as it consists of soft cartilage, but the formation of bone tissue begins. On the arms and legs you can see the tiny nail plate.

2. Head

The brain is very much like a miniature adult brain, but the cerebellum is still being formed, so that all movements of the baby in the womb remain chaotic and involuntary. If you set the tummy to a bright light, the baby will close his eyes: now they react to light. Your child laughs funny sponge, opens and closes his little mouth. And even tiny earlobes are already formed.

3. Internal organs

Finally, external genitals are formed, and the long-awaited ultrasound can determine the sex of your baby. The intestine no longer protrudes into the umbilical cord and periodically contracts, allowing the child to make swallowing movements. The liver begins to produce bile. Leukocytes finally appear in the blood.

4. General indicators

Baby gained weight, and now he is about 14.5 grams. This week’s height will be 7 cm.

5. The development of the placenta

The most important event of this week will be connected precisely with the development of the placenta: it will begin the independent production of hormones that will support pregnancy.

The health of the future mother in the 12th week of pregnancy

This week, you will feel more relaxed and peaceful: mood swings will stop torturing you and your spouse, because hormonal levels finally, thanks to the development of the placenta, will return to normal.

Finally, toxicosis will be just an unpleasant memory. However, this will not affect mommies who have a multiple pregnancy: for them, the period of toxemia can continue into the twelfth week.

Of the unpleasant sensations, you can note only a slightly rapid heartbeat, since the blood circulation in your body increases significantly, and the heart needs to actively cope with the increased blood flow. For the same reason, there may be pressure surges and increased heart rate.

Do not be afraid of the appearance of age spots: after birth, they will disappear.

The tummy is already visible to everyone.

How to behave in the twelfth week of pregnancy?

If you have not yet warned the authorities at work that you will soon leave him for the duration of your maternity leave, the twelfth week of pregnancy is the best time to do it, so as not to plunge the leadership into shock with your unexpected departure.

Continue to absorb foods rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus - those elements that will help the formation of the skeleton of your baby. Do not forget to ask: is it possible to pregnant sweet.

Watch your weight: extra pounds can bring in childbirth. Over the past 12 weeks in total, you must gain from 2 to 3.5 kg.

Learn to listen to your body: any abnormality should be immediately reported to your doctor. These include:

  • any abdominal pain;
  • vaginal discharge.

No one this week has canceled a full sleep and walks in the fresh air.

Visit to the doctor in the twelfth week of pregnancy

This week, the doctor may prescribe an ultrasound scan, give you a referral to a PAPP-A blood test, which will help determine the risks of impairment in the development of the fetus. Read more about the mandatory tests during pregnancy, read here. Ultrasound will help:

  • confirm or refute the absence of pathologies in the development of the child;
  • specify the duration of pregnancy;
  • establish the size of the fetus;
  • listen to the baby's heartbeat;
  • determine the sex of the child;
  • diagnose the condition of the uterus.

Modern equipment allows you to take the first picture of the child still in the womb, and this is done during the ultrasound. Do not miss the chance to start your baby's photo album already at the 12th week of pregnancy.

In the twelfth week of pregnancy, the future mom's mood, along with well-being, will improve and she will enjoy her status.

Watch the video: Your 12th Week of Pregnancy (November 2019).

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