A child has a corn on the heel: what to do?

The appearance of corns in an adult is often not even thought about treatment and, especially, prevention. Just think, the problem ... But when caring moms see the corn on the heel of a child filled with liquid and imagine how unpleasant and even painful it is, they immediately run to get advice from grandmothers or girlfriends. We need to do something ...

What to do if a child has a corn on his heel?

In fact, to do something really do not need anything. Take a regular plaster, cut a hole in it and paste around the corn. Here, strictly speaking, all the help. But if it burst, then take a nail scissors and gently cut off the excess skin, which now hangs in the form of patches. After that, you need to impose a sterile bandage or clean gauze.

Callus Prevention

Since the main reason for the appearance of corns in a child is “unsuccessful” shoes: it can be too loose, tight, not breathable, as a result of which the foot “does not breathe”, then prevention should start with the question: how to choose children's shoes correctly?

It should be, first of all, comfortable and wide enough, but not so much that it dangles on her leg. And so that the skin "breathed", give preference to shoes made from natural materials.

And the last is socks. They should be from materials that absorb sweat well. First and foremost is, of course, cotton and wool.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to prevent the appearance of corns. And if this did happen, it is not difficult to help the kid.

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