Prevention of thrush in women

Those who have already encountered candidiasis know firsthand how unpleasant the disease is. Sensing all the “charms” of this disease, I want to get rid of it as soon as possible and forget what it is all about.

Regarding treatment, you can find some practical advice in this article. And in the second question will help prevention of thrush. We will talk about it, especially since the result is entirely dependent on you.

Basic rules for the prevention of thrush in women

1. The first rule is personal hygiene. Such elementary things as a regular change of bed and underwear, as well as a separate towel, even should not cause questions.

2. Special attention in the prevention of thrush deserves underwear. It must be made of natural materials, because synthetics do not allow air to pass through, and the natural ventilation of the body is disturbed accordingly. As a result, an environment with high humidity is formed, which is very well suited for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.

3. For any, even the most insignificant, diseases of the genitourinary system, do not tighten with the treatment to the doctor and treatment.

4. Limit the consumption of sweets, even if you can not live without cakes and pastries. And at the time of illness they should be completely excluded from the diet.

5. Douching in no case can be done for the prevention of thrush, only when necessary, and even then, preferably by prescription. As they wash out the natural protective layer of the vagina, further aggravating the problem.

6. Do not use too often intimate deodorants, scented pads and other new items. Proven products of well-known manufacturers will be much better.

7. Strengthen and maintain immunity. This does not mean that you need to run to the pharmacy and buy the first vitamin complex. If you need vitamins, they should be prescribed by a doctor. And the rest will help proper nutrition.

8. If you feel discomfort in the genital area, better reinsure it (after all, it does not have to be thrush) and use contraception for a while. Otherwise, you will have to be treated not only for you, but also for the man.

P. S. And do not forget to read about the causes of thrush, knowing them much easier to engage in prevention.

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