How to cook baby porridge

Feeding children up to one year is a very important and responsible process for parents. It is also good if your baby is breastfed, then you at least skip the stage of constantly preparing a fresh mix and messing around with bottles. But the fun begins with the introduction of complementary foods. Here you have to learn a lot of culinary nuances. Today we will talk about one of them, and consider how to make porridge for babies.

This is not about store cereals, which are very simple to cook. Yes, and what to write about them, when all the recommendations of the manufacturer are on the package? Another thing is to make porridge for babies at home from regular cereals. Here are some important points you need to know.

So, the first - to cook porridge for infants need to be on the water or vegetable broth. The proportions should be as follows: for 100 ml of liquid you need 5 g of flour, which is approximately equal to one teaspoon without a hill. Boil the porridge should be at minimum heat for at least 25 minutes.

Now for the flour. Naturally, it is not flour for baking, and crushed cereals for cooking porridge. By the way, if you do not know which porridge is better to start feeding, we recommend that you read the article by reference. Everything is simple here - we take the necessary grits, grinders and grind the required amount. No coffee grinder? Not a problem - pestle and mortar to help you.

Well, to make porridge more tasty, you can add a little butter or vegetable oil, at the rate of 5 g per 200 ml of porridge, and 1-2 tablespoons of breast milk or mixture. But salt and sugar, it is advisable not to use as long as possible.

In fact, this is the answer to the question: "How to cook baby porridge?"But I would like to once again focus on the benefits of cereal for children and adults. Whole grain cereals contain a lot of fiber and are excellent in helping to remove harmful substances from the body. Therefore, it will be great if they regularly appear on your table. for babies, and all other family members.

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