Treatment of laryngitis in children

In the previous article, we looked at the grounds by which the laryngitis in a child can be almost unmistakably determined. Today we will continue to develop the topic and talk about the treatment of laryngitis.

Naturally the primary treatment should appoint a doctor. The fact is that quite effectively relieve swelling from the throat antiallergic drugs. But as you understand, taking them yourself, without the recommendation of a specialist, is not worth it. Therefore, do not delay the hospital visit if the child is sick.

But drug treatment of laryngitis in children is one thing, and the accompanying help, when the child has a sore throat, is quite another. We are talking about inhalations, which also help relieve swelling. The main merit of inhalation is that they soften the flow of air, as a result of which the swollen walls of the larynx are less injured.

To make it clearer, how important and useful inhalation is to draw a small analogy. Imagine that you rubbed a callus on your leg. So, if you do not stick a plaster on it, the mass of unpleasant feelings is provided to you. The footwear will rub it even more, as a result the callus heals longer, and it is also constantly polluted. But how much simpler it is if you glue it with a plaster: less discomfort when walking, the wound heals faster and always remains clean.

Now back to our larynx. In the role of that same ill-fated shoe, which so much complicates recovery, is the air. Passing through the inflamed larynx, with each inhale, it "rubs" its larger and larger and laryngitis becomes even stronger.

So, in the role of the patch in this case is just inhalation. That is why they are so important in the treatment of laryngitis. For example, procedures with soda will allow you to turn "hard not worn shoes" into "soft slippers". And inhalations with eucalyptus or fir oil cover the inflamed surface of the larynx with a thin film that protects it and allows the edema to subside much faster.

And now a very important point. Remember that inhalations in the treatment of laryngitis in a child should not be carried out too hot steam, because it can only aggravate the situation, adding a burn to the edema. Take care that the air is just warm, even at room temperature, and humid.

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