Types of cough in children and what causes it

Almost certainly you had to repeatedly describe the pediatrician how the baby coughs. And if you are only planning to become a mother or have not yet encountered childhood diseases, then you will certainly. We hope our article will help you not only more accurately and in detail to describe the symptoms to the doctor, but also to understand for yourself what causes it and what complications it threatens. So, what are the types of cough in children.

Rough, barking cough, which occurs during a cold, when the child is sleeping, may indicate a so-called false croup or laryngospasm. It develops as a result of edema of the larynx and is extremely dangerous to the health of the baby, therefore, if present, you need to waste an ambulance without wasting time.

Dry cough during which you can hear wheezing and difficulty breathing, may be a sign of an asthma attack. Call a doctor immediately, every minute is dear.

Cough after flu or cold, a recovered child is not dangerous in itself, but can develop into asthmatic bronchitis. Therefore, be sure to visit the pediatrician.

Whooping coughaccompanied by jolts and interrupted noisy inhale, can talk about whooping cough. Periodic, when dry replaces wet, is a sign of bronchitis (read: how to treat bronchitis in children), and continuous and short - pleurisy.

Baby coughs and sneezes, he has itchy nose and itchy eyes? There is a reason to seem allergist. It is possible that the child’s cough is allergic.

Tense face when coughing, as well as retracting pits above the collarbone and intercostal spaces are signs of respiratory failure. If you notice something similar, immediately call an ambulance.

Baby choked while eating and can not cough, or even breath is difficult? Take action - put the crumb belly on his knees and knock gently between the shoulder blades.

These were the main types of cough in children. Knowing them, it will be much easier for you to make the right decision in a given situation and not waste time searching for information. In addition, some types of cough can be extremely dangerous and the loss of time is fraught with serious consequences.

Watch the video: Evaluation of Chronic Cough in Children - Mindy Ross MD. UCLAMDCHAT Webinars (November 2019).

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