The best breed of dog for children

Few parents can boast that he has no pets at home, and the child never asked them. Most likely this is a very rare exception, worthy of admiration 🙂. And in all other cases, mom and dad can not resist the children's requests and begin to study the Internet in search of information, which dog is better to buy a child. And someone immediately goes to the market and selects the pet you like.

But hurry in this matter is not worth it. If you decide to go to the children's persuasion and buy a dog, you should not take the first puppy caught your eye. First, it would not be superfluous to find out if there is a better breed of dog for children and then make a decision. Agree, dog breeds for guarding the house and playing with the baby simply cannot be the same. Indeed, in the first place should be the safety of a small one, which means that the animal should not be aggressive, so that it wouldn’t be surprising then that the dog was bitten by a child.

In order to understand which breed of dogs for children will be the best, let us consult a dog handler. Who else but they can answer this question. But, contrary to our expectations, they cannot give a definite answer. The fact is that a lot depends not only on the breed, but also on the upbringing of the animal. The same benevolent-looking spaniel can turn out to be very aggressive, and the formidable rottweiler to be tested will be the kindest and most patient nurse for a baby.

10 best dog breeds for children

True, the above examples are rather extremes, so it will not focus on them too much attention. Among all dog breeds, dog trainers still distinguish the ten most suitable for families with children. Therefore, if you do not know which dog to choose a child, look at this list:

1. Collie

2. St. Bernard

3. Newfoundland

4. Spaniel

5. German Shepherd

6. Poodle

7. Schnauzer

8. Giant Schnauzer

9. Boxer

10. Airedale Terrier

If you don’t like any of the breeds, you can also pay attention to the following: bobtail, labrador, dog, dachshund, chow-chow, pug, setter. Though less often, they are also advised to families with children.

In addition to all the above breeds, you can recommend a couple of dozen equally interesting options. But we will not confuse you, in most cases, the above rocks are more than enough. Just remember that with proper training, almost any dog ​​can get along well with a small child and you will not need to worry about him. And the concept "best breed of dogs for children"rather a matter of taste and individual preferences.

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