Tanning for children: how to prepare the skin and not spoil your vacation

Vacation is not far off and you do not want to repeat the experience of previous years and constantly struggle with sunburn? Then let's figure out how to prepare the skin so that children’s tan is beautiful and doesn’t give you any trouble.

To begin with, the skin of babies is very sensitive to sunlight, therefore, requires special attention and preparation. Consider a few rules that will prevent sunburn and enjoy the rest to the fullest.

Prepare a sleigh in summer

Preparing your skin for sunburn in winter, of course, will not work, but just before you go to the sea, training will be very useful. If the child gets a light tan before the trip, the skin will be much easier to adapt to the scorching rays and salty water.

Only without fanaticism. Preparing a child's skin for sunburn does not mean that you need to be in the sun from morning to evening. Enough and a few trips to the city beach or trips to the country, where you can walk in the shade of the trees, occasionally and briefly going out into the sun, allowing the skin to adapt.

Please note that the first stay in the open sun should not exceed 10 minutes, after which you need to fight the same move in a thick shadow. And if the child is not even six months old, then you should not take him under direct sunlight at all.

Remember that this is just a preparation for sunburn for children, which is designed to acquaint the delicate skin with sun rays and warm summer air. So do not overdo it, but the preparation may not end very happily.

Observe the daily regimen

There is no view of the mode of the day of newborns, although no one has canceled it, but a time to visit the beach. So that the tan does not turn into sunburn and fight with them, make it a rule to stay on the beach before 10-00 (at the latest, before 11-00), and plan a second “approach” for the evening, after about 17-00. Believe me, these recommendations are given for a reason and should not be ignored.

Cosmetics to help

Maybe at the time of our grandmothers, there were some problems with this, but now the variety of tanning products and skin protection is simply impressive. Therefore, in order to make the baby’s tan beautiful, and the skin to remain healthy, do not forget to choose cosmetics for children in advance and take it with you.

When choosing them, be sure to pay attention to the fact that sprays and creams are suitable for children, and the age at which these tools can be used. If age limits are not specified, in most cases this means that the child’s age should be from 3 years old, and from 5 to family creams.

As for children up to 6 months, they do not need cosmetic products from sunburn, with rare exceptions. Just a crumb should not be in direct sunlight.

P. S. And do not forget to bring a first-aid kit for your child with you, it will definitely not be superfluous on vacation.

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