Thirty second week of pregnancy

At the thirty-second week, everything will remind the woman about the fast delivery: the baby’s behavior in the womb, the “training” fights, and the last planned round of the doctors.

Child development at week 32

The little man is almost formed: the senses are working fine, wrinkles have disappeared from the face, the head has covered with hair. The improvement of the nervous system continues.

1. Presentation

The presentation of the child is of great importance for the success of labor. We remind you that most of the children by the 32nd week of pregnancy are already turned head down to facilitate their birth. If your baby is not in a hurry to turn around, do not panic, but it's time to take all measures to make this happen.

2. Motor activity

He began to move less, but only because he had nowhere to turn around because of the crowdedness. But if he is worried, then his blows are becoming more and more noticeable. But what a joy to feel how you are pushed from the inside by that little elbow, then by the tiny heel. If, compared with the previous period, the infant's physical activity has not decreased, it is worth mentioning this to the supervising doctor: this may indicate oxygen deficiency in a small body.

3. General indicators

The little bogatyr weighs about 1700 kg, the full height can be up to 43 cm.

What should expect a future mom from the 32 week of her pregnancy?

Being pregnant at thirty-second week


In addition to swelling and back pain, which have become almost familiar, 32 week can disturb a woman with new sensations, for which she should be ready.


Pulling sensations in the abdomen are becoming more palpable. Brexton-Hicks's training, false contractions from now on will become constant companions of the pregnant woman. They are painless, irregular and rare - this is where they differ in real fights. They should not be disturbed: all pregnant women experience them.


The stomach prevents you from choosing a convenient location during sleep, sometimes disturbing thoughts and prenatal fears arise - all this causes insomnia.


Not very good factor for the upcoming birth will be a rapid weight gain in recent weeks. The following indicator for 32 weeks is considered the norm: your weight before pregnancy + 10-12 kg. Everything else will be superfluous.

As a rule, by this week the pregnant woman has already learned to steadfastly cope with all the unpleasant sensations of her position, so that these difficulties will also come to her.

Action Plan for 32 weeks gestation

What can be recommended to women who are 32 weeks pregnant?

  • Unraveling baby

If the head of the baby is not yet down, it's time to help him turn around in the womb for a successful birth. How to do it? First, perform a special gymnastics exercise for pelvic presentation every day. Secondly, for several minutes a day, sit in the lotus position (but not for long). Third, just talk to your baby: ask him to turn around properly. Many mothers of many children claim that even this helps. In any case, the gentle voice of the mother will calm the baby and help him find the correct location in the womb.


If the stomach pulls harder, you can sit in a warm bath, and these feelings will pass.

  • SPIM

If insomnia attacked, put a roller under your feet for the night, drink sedatives with the permission of the doctor, breathe fresh air before bedtime and try to rest during the day.

Do not forget about proper nutrition, weight control, walking, light exercise and good mood.

Visit to the doctor in the thirty-second week of pregnancy

At week 32, the doctor may prescribe an ultrasound last for pregnancy. You will be given direction for the third, last round of all specialists, so that they will make sure that you are ready to give birth. With a negative Rh factor, another course of desensitization therapy may be prescribed.

The main installation of 32 weeks remains the preservation of a good mood and excellent mood: they will become faithful assistants in successful births that are not far off.

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