How to choose children's furniture, so that it is convenient and safe

When the parents have a question: "What kind of children's furniture to choose?"First of all, they are repelled by the age of the baby. And this, of course, is correct. After all, the needs of a newborn and a 1-2 year old child who begins to actively explore the world around them are very different.

How to choose baby furniture newborn

With this question to determine the easiest. The little one, who just recently came into being, is completely indifferent to the interior of the children's room. Yes, and he will be in it quite a bit, because most of the time he spends next to his mother. And at night, she often sleeps with her on the same bed in order to make it easier to arrange night feedings.

Accordingly, parents can choose children's furniture solely for reasons of convenience in caring for the crumbs. And it is not at all necessary to buy now a new bedroom or an elegant bed. Playpen and changing table, more than enough.

How to choose a child's furniture child 1-2 years

The question of choosing children's furniture becomes particularly relevant when the child begins to crawl, takes the first steps and explores the world around.

If you are going to equip a nursery at this particular time, first of all pay attention to simple furniture with a minimum number of small decorative elements that can become real dust collectors and complicate cleaning.

Planning to make a bookshelf? Then let it be a small, children's room - not the best place for a family library. Even better, the books will be on the shelf behind the glass, otherwise they will collect tons of dust, and you will have to wipe each of them with a damp cloth almost daily.

Separately noteworthy sharp corners. When a child learns to walk, they will be particularly dangerous. Therefore, choosing children's furniture, give preference to models with rounded corners. In this case, the surfaces themselves must be very well processed, so that they cannot be accidentally injured.

On the materials for children's furniture and not worth mentioning. They must be of high quality! And that's it. But you need to look not only at them, but also at what they are covered with. Do not forget that the baby will not only hold on to the edges of the furniture, but also try it on a tooth, and it will be very bad if, after this, a piece of lacquer remains in his mouth, for example.

What kind of children's furniture to choose an older child

As a child grows up, the demand for children's furniture increases, only now not only safety and convenience, but also functionality are important. After all, now the child needs to draw somewhere, play, and then read.

Functional cabinet furniture is perfect for the matured baby, which is not difficult to choose in the stores. For small apartments, multi-tier furniture can be very practical: when there is a sleeping place on the second floor and a table and a locker on the first floor. Just always pay attention to the stairs, it must be safe.

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