The child does not sit in a sling

Despite all the advantages of the slings, many mothers simply cannot use them. And all because the child categorically refuses to sit in it. So this useful device has to gather dust in the closet, and not to help mom and baby to be closer during walks, shopping trips ...

On the other hand, to say that a child does not sit in a sling and the easiest way to refuse to use it, but for some reason, not many people want to teach a crumb to sit in it. But the sling gives a lot of advantages: the child is always in the same position as in the hands of the mother, feels her heat and smell, at any moment can get a breast. So why then does he stubbornly refuse to sit in it?

Consider the main reasons why a child is not sitting in a sling and how to eliminate them.

1. Mom's anxiety

It turns out that one of the most common reasons why a child does not sit in a sling is the feeling of anxiety and anxiety that a mother is experiencing. Moreover, the more insecurity she manifests, the more worried the baby is. It’s not for nothing, in most cases, when the mother cleverly and confidently carries the little one in her arms, she has no problems with the sling.

In this situation, there can be only one advice - read: how to properly carry a child in your arms and practice as much as possible.

2. Physical inconvenience

Perhaps the reason for your failures lies in the fact that the child is just uncomfortable, so he refuses to sit in a sling. He may have an awkwardly pressed ear, or maybe you have a little fidget growing up who loves to turn around and many other nuances. If such a problem exists, an article will help to eliminate it: how to carry a child in a sling, try everything that is described in it, and perhaps you will find the correct and comfortable position.

3. Bad experience

So that the child does not refuse to sit in a sling, it is very important that the first experience be successful. Helping this can latching to the chest. That is, as soon as you put the little one in the sling, immediately give him a chest so that the first association with the sling is pleasant. If this does not help and the crumb categorically refuses to sit in it, it is better to postpone the training for another couple of weeks.

4. Do you need him?

If Mommy succumbed to fashion trends or listened to the advice of her friends, and in fact she simply does not need a sling, then she is unlikely to master it. Maybe her baby weighs a little (see the table of height and weight of children) and she likes to carry it on her hands rather than in a sling. In such a situation it is easier not to waste time on it at all. Do as you like.

5. The child does not like ...

Although rare, there are times when a caring mommy does everything right, and the child still categorically rejects the sling. Well, he does not like and that's it! Only one way out - to teach him, but very slowly and carefully. For example, at first, take the small one in your arms, and simply throw the sling on top, then gradually you will attract it. This method can take even 3 weeks (hardly more), but worth it!

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