Why did the child appear white spots on the nails

Sometimes parents notice white spots on a child’s nails - of various shapes, in varying amounts, scattered or in whole islands. Someone does not pay due attention to this, because after some time they disappear along with the regrown nail plate.

But for some, this phenomenon is of a long-term nature: whitish stripes and blurred specks may not go off for months with baby’s nails. In medicine, this disease is called leukonychia. It will be useful for parents to find out what a small organism signals in this way.

Causes of

In modern medicine, the causes of white spots on the nails of the hands of a child have not yet been completely determined. After examining the baby, the doctor can only guess which factor (external or internal) could provoke their formation. It can be:

  • injuries, blows;
  • metabolic disease;
  • exposure to harmful chemicals;
  • fungal lesions;
  • avitaminosis or hypovitaminosis;
  • heredity;
  • worms;
  • hormonal dysfunctions;
  • deficiency of proteins that the body is excreted by the kidneys, so that their lack may be due to violations of the functions of this organ, in particular - chronic renal failure;
  • weak lungs (frequent bronchitis and pneumonia) can also provoke white spots on the child’s nails;
  • excess blood sugar;
  • intense (disturbed) carbohydrate metabolism;
  • nervous perevozbimo, stress, excessive emotional stress;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sometimes, in order to determine why a child has white spots on the nails, it is enough to analyze his diet and lifestyle. If there are not enough vitamins and mineral elements in its menu, the formation of stains will be understandable without a doctor. In some cases, however, medical care, additional examinations, tests and diagnostics are indispensable. Depending on the identified cause will be treated.

Treatment methods


As soon as the child has white spots on the nails, it is better to inform the doctor, even if you suspect that the matter is merely elemental vitamin deficiency. Here you can not rely on the Russian "maybe": you need to get confirmation from a specialist. Only he can determine the root cause that caused their education, and assign the appropriate treatment. What can it be?

  1. If the child’s white spots on the nails are rare, and he doesn’t complain about his health, he can be cured with elementary measures: attach the baby to an active, healthy lifestyle, adhere to the correct regimen and provide him with a balanced diet. In 99 cases out of 100 such changes in the baby’s life lead to his complete recovery.
  2. If any serious illness and malfunction of one of the vital organs was discovered (these could be kidneys, stomach or lungs), depending on the diagnosis, a course of treatment of the underlying disease will be prescribed. After the child is treated, respectively, and the problems with the fingers will go away by themselves.
  3. If the white dots on the baby’s nails are a sign of beriberi, you need to try to find out what kind of substance it lacks. Most often they are calcium, phosphorus or zinc, although here everything is quite individual. In this case, vitamin-mineral correction is carried out. Multivitamins can be prescribed or some single drugs. Doctors recommend that such a diagnosis include fish (rich in phosphorus) in the child’s diet, dairy products (they compensate for a lack of calcium in the body), fresh vegetables, berries, fruits (they are rich in vitamins), nuts and wheat germ (recommended for zinc deficiency) .
  4. If the reason is in the nervous system, it is necessary to provide the child with a calm, favorable environment, to release him from excessive loads, to try to solve his internal problems with the help of a psychologist.
  5. Often you can see white spots on the nails of a one-year-old child: most often they appear in children who are prone to allergies in the first year of life. If the baby does not tolerate milk protein, this leads to a lack of calcium in the small body. Therefore, parents should make sure that this substance is enough for him, even if he is on artificial feeding.
  6. Often the cause of white spots is prosaic at all - worms. They can be picked up from the carrier of the disease or due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene (dirty hands, unwashed products, etc.). In such cases, Piperazin, Pirantel (analogues - Nemotsid, Gelmintoks, Kombantrin), Mebendazole (analogues - Vermox, Vero-Mebendazole, Vormin, Mebex, Vermacar, Termoks), Albendazol (analogues - Nemozol, Sanoxal, Gelmodol, Aldazol) are prescribed. (analog - Decaris) and others.
  7. When fungal lesions sometimes cost only varnishes, which today are quite a lot: Lotseril, Batrafen, Cycloproxolamine, Mikosan, etc. However, it is worth considering that they are quite expensive. You can purchase cheaper antifungal ointments (Nystatin or Terbizil), but only on prescription, as the infection may be different and may require different treatment in some cases. If the disease is running, the child may be prescribed pills or suspensions (Ampholip, for example).

Parents should know why white spots appear on the nails of children in order to protect them from this scourge and to prevent the nail plate from breaking. The general condition of the child may also depend on this, since the factors causing this defect can spread their damaging effects on other tissues - skin, blood, organs. Prevention is always more beneficial than the course of therapy itself, which can last an indefinite amount of time.

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