Domestic childbirth: causes, characteristics, pros and cons, consequences

Every year the number of women choosing home births that occur in native walls and in the presence of loved ones increases. It is believed that in this way a favorable psychological atmosphere is created and the whole process proceeds more naturally than in the maternity hospital. However, there are many cases when the planned event ends with undesirable consequences for the mother and child. Therefore, there are many who openly oppose the birth of a baby at home.

Each side has its own arguments and arguments, for and against, and in this situation, the decision is made only by a couple, unless we are talking about emergency childbirth. What are the features of this unusual event?

The reasons

Why in recent times in the presence of specialized clinics and professional gynecologists, very often a woman prefers to give birth at home? The reasons for this phenomenon are not so many, but each of them is weighty enough to make such a responsible decision.

  1. Emergency, unplanned home birth, when for some reason they started earlier than the set time and are too fast, and the ambulance was unable to travel to the address due to some circumstances. It is good if in such cases the pregnancy proceeded normally, without pathologies, and somewhere in the neighborhood or among friends there is a doctor who can come and help.
  2. Unsuccessful previous deliveries in the hospital very often become the reason why women decide to give birth at home. They do not want to re-experience the negative psychological experience gained last time, and believe that at home everything will be more painless and calm.
  3. Someone makes such a decision, being a supporter of everything natural and natural. Such people believe that human intervention in the laws of nature is unacceptable, so they will give birth at home.

Thus, most often the woman herself makes such a decision. Considering the causes of home birth, it becomes clear that the greatest risk in the first case. After all, the expectant mother does not have time to prepare for such a coincidence of circumstances, either physically or psychologically. Therefore, in any case, doctors warn that every woman should foresee such a development.



Careful, pre-planned preparation for home birth gives a woman and child a lot of advantages. The future mother feels much calmer.

What you need to do 1-2 weeks before the long-awaited date indicated by the doctors:

  1. visit the doctor regularly, follow all his instructions, pass mandatory tests;
  2. conclude a contract with the hospital;
  3. to go along with her husband to special courses for preparing childbirth at home;
  4. if this is a conscious decision, you need to hire a midwife who can professionally, professionally take birth at home and reduce the risk of undesirable consequences;
  5. the midwife must have sufficient experience in this matter, recommendations and an impeccable track record;
  6. Prepare in advance clean bed linen, diapers for the newborn, pads;
  7. A first aid kit should be prepared: its composition should be clarified with a visiting obstetrician, but usually it includes sea salt (for deliveries in the bath), propolis alcohol solution for processing the perineum and umbilical cord, scissors with rounded ends, silk cord for the umbilical cord, cloth-based oilcloth , gauze, medical alcohol, ice, cotton wool, Esmarch mug (enema), sterile wipes, hydrogen peroxide, suture material for sewing the perineum, liquid ammonia.

If at the stage of preparing for childbirth at home, the doctor says that the pregnancy proceeds with some deviations, there are problems, then it is better to refuse this measure. If a woman wants to give birth to a healthy baby without consequences, she should simply and unconditionally trust the doctors in such a situation. If there are no contraindications and problems, you can still try to decide on childbirth at home, after weighing the pros and cons.


The number of women wishing to give birth at home is increasing every year. Indeed, such a solution has many advantages:

  • favorable psychological atmosphere: as they say, relatives help at home and walls, and the presence of a beloved and caring husband and a paid experienced midwife will remove some of the stress from the woman in labor;
  • in the hospital, they can decide to make a cesarean section, stimulate it, use forceps - all of this can have irreversible consequences for the mother and child, and at home the birth takes place naturally, without any outside intervention;
  • To ease the pain of contractions, a woman can take any position that is comfortable for her: sit, stand, walk in rooms;
  • many claim that there is no harmful hospital microflora at home that is dangerous for the health of the infant and mother;
  • the woman controls the whole process of childbirth, participates actively in it, without relying on doctors;
  • joint training and coordinated actions during home birth help the couple to feel their parents as much as possible, immediately establishing a close relationship with their baby.

Given all these arguments, it becomes clear why so many women choose to give birth at home. However, those who make such a responsible decision should also know the other side of the coin - the shortcomings of this process.


Doctors warn that home birth can be very dangerous for the health of the mother and child and have the most negative consequences.

  • Childbirth is a very unpredictable process, and even a team of experienced specialists — surgeons, resuscitation specialists, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, etc. — sometimes fail to cope with unexpected complications in the process, let alone a single midwife;
  • under unforeseen circumstances, a woman in labor may simply not have time to get to the hospital;
  • no one has the necessary medical equipment at home to monitor the status of mother and child and help them;
  • if something goes wrong, it is legally impossible to protect your rights and accuse someone of having rendered unqualified assistance: in Russia, at the level of the Law, health workers are forbidden to take birth at home;
  • comfortable conditions for the parturient can be created in the hospital for a fee: at the same time, the risk of undesirable consequences will be minimized;
  • the future dad can only provide moral support for his spouse, but you will not have to rely on any concrete help: moreover, everything can be complicated by the fact that a man in such a stressful situation is lost and may not endure all her tensions, so that bring him around;
  • in the maternity hospital, the young mother has the opportunity to move away from the stress and rest while the child is in a special department for newborns: she will have no time to gain strength at home, she will have to look after the baby right away;
  • it is very difficult to organize a comfortable, and most importantly, safe place for childbirth at home: household microorganisms that live in each house are dangerous for the baby and mother, no less than hospital ones.

Only after weighing all the pros and cons, the couple should make such an important decision and take on such a huge responsibility. If there is no doubt, you need at least to imagine how it will all go to distribute responsibilities at each stage and know what to do at one time or another.



Having decided to give birth at home, the couple should describe in detail how it will all pass, discuss each of the steps with the midwife and be ready for literally anything. The generic process usually includes the following steps:

  1. preparation: classes at courses, purchase of all necessary, study of all variants of succession of events;
  2. the beginning of labor: the challenge of the woman in labor, the organization of the place, the preparation of everything necessary;
  3. discharge of water occurs independently, the bubble is not pierced at home, everything happens naturally;
  4. drug stimulation of childbirth at home is usually rejected: other methods are used instead, which will be described below;
  5. in order to clean the intestines, an enema must be put in front of the birth at home, it can be done by the woman in labor, someone from the family or the midwife: this should be done on all fours, simple boiled water or chamomile broth should be injected not more than 37 ° C in the amount of 2 liters, the tip of the pear should be treated with petroleum jelly;
  6. childbirth: often take place in a warm bath with sea salt, which relaxes: the advantages of such a delivery are that the baby, being the first 20 seconds of his life in the water, has time to take everything he needs from the umbilical cord, and the midwife does everything during the baby's cord entanglement , as the newborn does not begin to breathe;
  7. umbilical cord cutting;
  8. in case of ruptures, the treatment of stitches after childbirth at home will be needed; this can only be entrusted to the health care worker: the vagina or the perineum itself cannot be lubricated before stitching, this is done after this with antiseptics or an alcohol solution of propolis.
  9. breastfeeding;
  10. recovery.

These are the stages that all couples who decide to give birth at home have to go through. Each of them has its own characteristics, requires preparation and can go on an unplanned scenario. So future parents should be ready for anything. Very often they raise the question of how to safely cause birth at home and what methods for this exist.

Home stimulation of labor

For various reasons, women often want to speed up childbirth at home and are looking for all sorts of folk remedies for this. They are actually quite a few, and the adherents of everything natural and natural often resort to them.

  • The most common method to naturally stimulate childbirth at home is sex, because sperm contains prostaglandins that act favorably on the cervix and prepare it for childbirth.
  • Helps to stimulate home delivery active massage of the breast in the nipple area. The hormone oxytocin, which is released at the same time, has a positive effect on the cervix and causes labor.
  • Moderate exercise.
  • The best natural stimulation of childbirth at home, according to doctors, is a warm, relaxing bath.
  • Lifting small weights (same grocery bag or eldest child).
  • You can provoke childbirth yourself by strengthening intestinal peristalsis through a cleansing enema, taking a laxative (you can drink a tablespoon of castor oil), eating foods rich in fiber (eg, whole grain bread, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits).
  • It is recommended to drink currant juice, raspberry tea, eat dishes with the addition of fresh parsley and beets.
  • Aromatherapy is a very popular home stimulation of childbirth: in particular, the essential oils of jasmine and rose, in the absence of allergies, do an excellent job with this task.
  • Occasionally, acupuncture specialists are invited to the house: when you act on a point that is connected to the uterus, the generic activity is provoked.

Any of the above methods is good only if the cervix, according to doctors, is ready for childbirth. Without a preliminary examination by a gynecologist and the approval of a specialist, it is absolutely impossible to do this. If the decision to give birth at home was made by a woman on her own, she manages to prepare for this process and complications are rare. But what to do if emergency childbirth began, the expectant mother is at home, and the ambulance is delayed?

Speed ​​labor

If emergency childbirth began at home, and the woman does not have time to get to the hospital, you need to make every effort so that they pass successfully:

  1. call the ambulance brigade;
  2. if there are doctors in neighbors or friends, it is better to call them, even if they do not specialize in gynecology;
  3. a woman needs to calm down and convince herself that everything will be fine;
  4. during childbirth with the future mother, the one who is pleasant to her, whom she wants to see must be next to;
  5. you need to equip a place for childbirth at home and prepare everything you need.

If you do not panic, feel comfortable and safe, take everything to give birth, even at home, proceeded naturally, everything goes well. However, if there are any complications, no one can guarantee this.



Deciding on such a crucial step, the couple should be aware of what the consequences of home birth in case of complications can be:

  1. head injuries and intracranial hemorrhage in a baby;
  2. reversible paresis;
  3. paralysis;
  4. fetal death;
  5. serious injuries of the birth canal: severe ruptures of the cervix, perineum, vagina;
  6. postpartum hemorrhage.

Such unfortunate consequences of home birth become possible due to the inexperience of the health worker present and the complications of pregnancy. This may be placental abruption and hypoxia in the newborn, which even qualified specialists in well-equipped hospitals do not always cope with. So all the same it is worth thinking before deciding on such a responsible and serious step.

Recovery period

If, after all, complications were avoided, the woman still needs to recover after giving birth at home to get stronger. There will not be professional care for her, as in a hospital, but many in their native walls feel much better. In the first 2-3 weeks young mom is recommended:

  • do not exhaust yourself with household chores (washing, ironing, washing dishes and floors, etc.): entrust it to someone from your family;
  • rest more;
  • To breathe fresh air;
  • if there are tears, limit yourself to walking the first week after giving birth;
  • to eat well;
  • to think only about the good, to eliminate various kinds of experiences and stresses;
  • It is imperative to be examined by a gynecologist and to fulfill all his recommendations.

If you had to give birth at home according to your own decision or due to coincidence of circumstances, you do not need to escalate the situation and think about the bad. We must try to ensure that the delivery is successful and take all appropriate measures for this. It’s categorically impossible to refuse the help of doctors, even if there are any prejudices, fears or previous negative experience.

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