Preparing the cervix for childbirth: a review of drugs and the necessary measures

The safe birth of a child depends not only on the professionalism of the staff, but also on the individual characteristics of the female body. In particular, the preparation of the cervix for childbirth, which usually takes place in the last weeks of pregnancy, plays an important role. It includes medications prescribed by doctors and independent preventive measures available to everyone at home. Both of these aspects allow you to avoid ruptures of this organ and provide a easier, without complications, the flow of the generic process.

Drug stimulation

Normal maturation of the cervix occurs by the 38th week of pregnancy. If, by this time, according to diagnostic data, it turns out to be immature (“oak”, as gynecologists say), the decision is made to carry out various procedures and prescribing medications. Their goal is to stimulate the ripening process of this body. To date, medical and procedural preparation of the cervix for childbirth in the maternity hospital includes the following appointments.


If the cervix does not mature due to excessive muscle tension, 2 weeks before the birth, doctors prescribe spasmolytics for the expectant mother. They relax, relieve pain and tension, contribute to the elasticity of the vaginal walls, which stimulates the maturation of the body. Only a doctor can prescribe drugs to prepare the cervix for childbirth - without his permission, you cannot drink them yourself. This can lead to undesirable and disastrous consequences. Most often, the treatment is carried out with the following drugs:

  • Candles for preparing the cervix for childbirth are very popular: with belladonna, buscopan, koloseptin or papaverine - they are actively absorbed and do not irritate the gastric mucosa, although in some cases they are not as effective as other medicines;
  • the best antispasmodic tablets for preparing the cervix for childbirth is the familiar no-shpa: they will not harm the fetus, however, some of these antispasmodics have a rejection of the stomach in the last weeks of pregnancy;
  • Rarely, but still, in particularly severe cases, the preparation of the cervix for childbirth is carried out by mifepristone - a very powerful and effective drug, which is taken only under medical supervision, in a hospital.

Depending on the state of health of the woman and the individual characteristics of her body, the doctor prescribes either candles, or injections, or tablets to prepare the cervix for childbirth so that it will mature in time.


In certain cases, a pregnant woman is injected into the cervical canal various drugs, which include prostaglandins. These include, for example, such a gel for preparing the cervix for childbirth, such as Prepidil. Under its action, the muscle walls relax and soften, which leads to the full maturation of the body.

Physical stimulation

It is not always exclusively medical preparation of the cervix for childbirth: it can be replaced by massage or acupuncture procedures.

If by the 38th week the future mom was diagnosed with softening of the neck, the doctors prescribe one of the above methods. This allows you to bring her to the desired state, to treat, so that in the last days before the birth of the child into the world she would not harm him, but help.

At the same time, women should understand that it is very dangerous for them to prescribe any medication for themselves. Even the preparation of the cervix for labor should be carried out under the strict and regular supervision of a specialist. Although pregnant women can take care of this in advance and take a number of useful preventive measures long before the 38th week.

Homemade preventive measures


A month before the expected birth of the baby, the cervix is ​​being prepared for childbirth at home, if the woman is worried that there will be some problems with her. However, having decided on at least one of the methods described below, it is strongly recommended that pregnant women should first consult with their attending and supervising doctor.

  1. Regular sex life is the best preparation of the uterus for childbirth, which is explained scientifically. During this process, a good massage takes place, preparing the vaginal wall for stretching. Orgasm trains the muscles of the uterus and is a trigger for childbirth, being considered an excellent natural stimulation.
  2. If the doctor allows, you can start taking evening primrose oil a month before the crumbs are born. It is sold in pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor. From 36 to 37 weeks, the future mom should drink 1 capsule per day, from 38 to 2. This unique drug is rich in fatty acids, which actively contribute to the production of prostaglandin, which ensures the timely maturation of the cervix.
  3. The same fatty acids are found in large quantities in fish, so a month before the birth it will be helpful to include it daily in your diet.
  4. Gentle, gentle and accurate massage of the nipples 3 times a day (duration - no more than 5 minutes) one month before the birth of the child is another sure way to prepare the cervix for such an important event. This fact is also explained very simply: as a result of such stimulation of the nipples in the body of a pregnant woman, oxytocin is produced - a hormone necessary for the timely and full-term onset of labor.

All home methods of preparing the cervix for childbirth are effective enough, but only if you first received a consultation with a gynecologist. The same applies to folk recipes.

Traditional medicine

There are also a number of effective folk remedies that can prepare the cervix for childbirth. In order for them not to harm the body of a pregnant woman, the permission of a specialist is required for their independent use at home.

  • Raspberry leaf decoction

Dried leaves of raspberry (1 tablespoon) or fresh (then 2 tablespoons) are crushed, filled with 1 liter of water and put in an enamel pot on the fire. After boiling bury the lid and leave in this form for a couple of hours. Then the cooled broth is filtered. It is recommended to accept from the 38th week, on 100 ml, three times a day before the main meals. Continue until the birth.

  • Rosehip infusion

Dry rosehips (150 g) are placed in an enamel bowl, poured with 1 liter of boiling water, and left in this form for a couple of hours for infusion. After that, the resulting infusion is filtered. It is taken, starting from the 36th week, 200 ml before breakfast on an empty stomach.

  • Hawthorn tincture

Ready hawthorn tincture can be purchased at any pharmacy. Correctly calculated dosage of this tool - 2 drops for every 10 kg of weight. Before use, the infusion is dissolved in boiled and cooled in water. Drink 1 hour before breakfast and dinner. Admission is recommended to begin 2 weeks before the expected delivery.

  • Strawberry decoction

100 grams of fresh strawberries, 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves of the same berries are mixed, placed in an enamel bowl, filled with a liter of water. It is brought to a boil, the fire is reduced, boiled for another hour. Strained. A small amount of natural honey is added. Per day it is recommended to drink about a liter of strawberry broth. Starting from about 37-38 weeks of gestation.

Do not panic and worry that your body is not ready for the birth of the baby. Diagnostic tests a couple of weeks before the expected date will reveal problems, and the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. It can be both medical methods (tablets, gels, injections, candles to prepare the neck for childbirth), and homemade preventive measures. Everything should be applied correctly and with the permission of the experts. Only in this case there will be no problems with delivery at the very last moment.

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