The scenario of the New Year for children of 6-7 years old: development, useful tips

Six-seven-year-olds form the main part of the senior kindergarten group or the first grade at school. These are already half-formed personalities with their needs and demands. They begin to understand the many nuances of the adult world, so they always have a lot of questions.

How to choose the New Year's scenario for children of 6-7 years to make the holiday interesting for them, so that they take an active part in it and preserve the most pleasant memories for a long time. Searches can significantly facilitate the knowledge of age psychology.

What should be the scenario?

This is quite a difficult age with its mental and physiological features that need to be borne in mind by those who are looking for a script for children of 7 years on the New Year: parents, educators and teachers. No matter where the holiday takes place (at home, in kindergarten or school), one cannot do without knowledge of psychology. What should be a good New Year's show?

  • Carefully thought out, well prepared, pre-planned

You need to start looking for the script a month before the submission. To rehearse is about the same time, because children of 6-7 years old, who will be involved in the celebration, will require a lot of strength and patience.

  • Simple, easy on perception

Too naive poems that are suitable for the scenario of 2-3-year-old children are not needed. However, some scientific experiments and New Year laboratories are also not necessary. Let the children rest emotionally, without straining their intellectual abilities, this evening.

  • Not tightened, ended in time

Note the time when rehearsing. If you keep within 45-50 minutes, it means that you managed to find the most ideal scenario of the New Year. However, keep in mind that you still need to lose time to hold contests and round dances. If you delay the presentation (even the most interesting) for an hour or more, children of 6-7 years old will simply get tired, and this feeling of physical discomfort will override all other positive emotions that they have previously received.

  • Varied

If you are looking for a scenario that consists only of a fairy-tale performance, that is, scenes with various characters in the lead roles, the holiday will not work. 45 minutes of only one action, even the most mysterious and intriguing, will force the kids to sit on the chairs, and this doesn’t suit them at that age. 10 minutes of performance - 5 minutes of outdoor games - again a sketch - and again competitions with round dances. Otherwise, your kids will be bored and the holiday will fail.

  • Role

In the scenario of the New Year there will definitely need to include several kids who are not afraid to perform in public and have artistic talent. They can cope with the light roles of a snowflake, bunny or bear, tell a thematic poem, sing a song in a chorus. Usually 6-7 year old children like these scenarios very much. Believe me: next year you will have no end of young stars who want to take part in your presentation.

  • Fabulously magical, miraculous

Yes, some children of 6-7 years do not believe in kind Grandfather Frost, having heard a lot of classmates at school. However, the bulk is still in doubt. Therefore, it would be better if you invite the main characters of the script for the New Year (Snow Maiden and Santa Claus) from the side. In this case, they will not be familiar to children and will be able to make them believe that the New Year fairy tale exists. Isn’t it the whole beauty of this wonderful holiday?

  • Incendiary, fun

Celebration should be really fun and incendiary. When choosing a script, pay attention to the fact that it has a lot of music, songs, jokes, funny performances with fairy-tale characters. Involve as many children as possible. None of them should stay aside. At the same time, it is not necessary to drag the child into the dance by force: perhaps, by nature, he is shy or feels unwell.

  • Enjoyable

The main "trick" of the New Year for children at 6 and 7 years old is receiving gifts. Undoubtedly, they are waiting for them from Santa Claus, who came to them for the holiday. Of course, the main mass will be received by the one who actively participates in the performance: he reads poetry, dances, sings songs. But the script should be thought out in such a way that in the end absolutely all children will leave the New Year with gifts.

Something like this should be the ideal scenario of the New Year for children 6-7 years old, so that he remembered and was interesting to them. If we keep in mind these nuances concerning the age characteristics of the development of the child, you can arrange such a holiday, which then both adults and children will talk about for a long time. Create the Christmas mood with which they spend their holidays. And help you in this approximate representation scheme.

How old is Santa Claus? You can include this question in the script for the New Year. A pagan creature resembling this fairy-tale character is already more than 2,000 years old. But in his usual appearance, he appeared only in 1935. So consider yourself how old our Grandpa is.

What may be of interest to children of this age?


As soon as you start looking for the New Year's scenario for a child of 6-7 years old, your eyes will run away from diversity. Moreover, many of the proposed options will meet the requirements outlined above and are quite suitable for this age. Looking through them, try to catch the main storyline of the presentation. It must be clearly traced. Psychologists suggest to stop the choice on the following models of scenarios.

  1. The plot of the famous fairy tale or cartoon

Children 6-7 years old will be happy to meet the New Year surrounded by familiar fairy-tale heroes: Kolobok, Ivan Tsarevich, and even the Smurfs.

  1. Search

If the script offers children to look for a stolen Snow Maiden or missing gifts, be sure to take it into service. This completely captures the guys of this age. The intrigue will keep them in suspense all evening and will give a lot of unforgettable emotions and unbridled joy from the fact that they fulfilled such an important mission - they found the loss.

  1. Journey

One of the most difficult scenarios for the New Year, but all the effort spent on it will be fully justified. If the whole presentation of the scenery will change, and the children will most miraculously appear in different parts of the world or in fairy tales, their gratitude will have no end.

  1. The struggle between good and evil

A lot of scenarios for the New Year involves the confrontation of good and evil fairy-tale heroes. Some want to give children gifts and good mood, while others dream of stealing it all from them. This is a great presentation option that will be not only entertaining, but also educational in nature. Indeed, in 6-7 years of a child, it is imperative to learn to distinguish good from evil.

New Year's scenarios offering similar plots for children of 6-7 years old are always winning. This is exactly what will interest the guys because of their age characteristics. Choosing a similar development and preparing it properly, you can give them a great mood and a lot of positive emotions. And suitable games and contests will help you in this difficult, but very important and responsible matter.

Where does Santa Claus live? You can include this interesting moment in the script. Initially, in Ancient Russia, Santa Claus lived exclusively in the forest. Nicholas the Wonderworker, his heir, lived in Patara (a city in Asia Minor). In the USSR, the fabulous hero settled in Arkhangelsk. And just recently his residence was transferred to Veliky Ustyug, which is located in the Vologda region.

What games to include in the presentation?

Children 6-7 years old are notable for their irrepressible energy, which they need to throw out somewhere. It is difficult for them to sit still for a long time. Fun games included in the script for the New Year will help solve this problem and not get bored. And they can be not only mobile: intellectual quizzes for this age will also work perfectly.

  • Christmas tree

Within the framework of the scenario, form 2 teams, each of which must assemble a collapsible Christmas tree and dress it with toys as soon as possible.

  • Sculpt snowman

Prepare two surfaces: it can be magnetic boards, a frame with a stretched fabric, large sheets of paper. Hand to the teams the pieces of the Snowman drawn and cut out of paper: three comas, a nose-carrot, a hat-bucket, a broom, eyes, hands. The guys should collect their character as quickly as possible.

  • Snow fight

A pair of children stands about 3-4 meters apart. One has an empty bucket in his hands, the other has a certain amount of snowballs made of paper. The second is trying to throw as many lumps as possible into the basket. Several pairs take part in the competition. Wins on the scenario that, which turned out to be in the bucket more snowballs.

  • catch me

Surely you in the script for the New Year will be attended by such characters as Baba Yaga or Koschey the Immortal. Any typical fairy tale villain will do. Play the situation so that its task was to catch the kids, who, in turn, must run away from him. Children 6-7 years old are very fond of this kind of "catch-up".

And, of course, the script must be a dance around the beautiful Christmas trees with traditional songs and games. Without it, the New Year will be incomplete. Include simple comic riddles about winter and this amazing holiday. You can create a script by your own efforts, or you can use a ready-made option.

About Santa Claus Pets. Tell the children in the framework of the selected scenario that in the estate of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug you can see not only the three horses that he usually goes to visit the guys, but also the home and the real reindeer. And his name is Lyoshka.

Off-the-shelf development

Not all people have the talent of writing. To come up with an interesting, incendiary, fun scenario for children of 6-7 years of age on the New Year is a very difficult task. Therefore, it is quite clear why parents, educators and teachers go to find him in the worldwide network. We offer you a good version of the action, which is just suitable for children of this age.

Fairy (host): Guys, hello! Grandpa Frost sent me to you so that I could help him and his granddaughter Snow Maiden arrange you a real New Year! I was in such a hurry because I thought they were already here! Are they not yet?

Kids: No!

Fairy: I'll go call them, find out why they linger so much!

Further, according to the scenario, two merry and mischievous Baba Yagis run out.

Baba Yaga 1: Honey, did you hear that?

Baba Yaga 2: Of course, I heard! Just what exactly did you hear? Specify!

Baba Yaga 1: Do you imagine? Santa Claus will come here now to sing and dance, give gifts. Holiday is coming!

Baba Yaga 2: Wow! Celebration? I love presents!

Baba Yaga 1: Haha! Love, only you will not get it!

Baba Yaga 2 (begins to roar): Aaaaa! Why?

Baba Yaga 1: Because no one in the whole world loves us, they never invite us to a holiday.

Baba Yaga 2: I still want presents!

Baba Yaga 1: We need to take them away from Santa Claus. Come on for this Kikimoru call! She is clever - she will invent something.

Kikimora comes out (according to the scenario, she can hide under the tree).

Kikimora: Who dared wake me up here?

Baba Yaga 1: Our dear Kikimora, don't be angry, help annoy the guys ...

Kikimora: Everything is clear! Let's do it now! (He takes out salt, pours it everywhere.)

Baba Yaga 1: What are you doing, damned ?!

Kikimora (pleased): Salt, as you requested!

Baba Yaga 2: That's not what we need! Zamete all the roads to Santa Claus did not get to the guys and all the gifts we got!

Kikimora: Yes, no question! (conjures). Done!

Baba Yaga 1: And still it is necessary to confuse the guys and send them a fake Snow Maiden.

Evil force runs away, returns Fairy-leading

Fairy: Grandfather Frost lost his way in the New Year in such a blizzard. Guys, he asked us to have fun louder so that he would hear us and come to our voice!

The fairy holds several mobile, funny games, according to the script. Appear 2 Baba Yaga and Kikimora, disguised as Snow Maidens.

Fairy: Oh, how many Snow Maidens we immediately announced. Which one is ours?

Fairy makes "Snow Maidens" sing and dance, so it turns out that they are impostors. They confess, repent and ask the children to take them with them to the feast. They are included in the dance and sing a loud song so that the holiday could be heard to Santa Claus, who got lost in the blizzards. After that, according to the scenario, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden appear. They hold several games and competitions, hand out gifts, participate in a round dance.

There are a lot of scenarios for the New Year among children of 6-7 years old. Choose the one that will seem the most fun and incendiary. Try to present yourself at this age: would you be interested in participating in such a performance? Consult with those who have a pedagogical education, take into account our advice. Only in this case will you be able to arrange your children an unforgettable New Year's Eve, which they will remember with delight for a very long time!

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