How to choose a bed for a newborn and not make a mistake: a review of the best modern models

In the first days of his life, the baby sleeps most of the day than awake. In this precious time for him, a small organism grows, gains strength, adapts, and the brain processes the information that it has received. Therefore, it is important to create favorable conditions for a good sleep - the choice of a bed for a newborn should be competent and wise.

Despite the wide range that the furniture industry offers today, there are too many issues before buying: which type is preferable, whether wheels and drawers are needed, what sizes to focus on. Each of these points must be carefully analyzed and the only correct decision made. Where to begin?

Criterias of choice

We should start with a careful study of the smallest details that will ensure the safety of the child while he is in the crib. Not all furniture companies are so conscientious that they initially put these nuances into production. If you look at the list of requirements for the operation of children's cradles and cradles, you can easily see that not all models on the market correspond to them.

The following tips will help you competently choose a cot for a newborn from a security point of view:

  1. The absence of protrusions, sharp corners, so that the child does not hit them; unreliable gate valves that can pinch a finger.
  2. Wooden beds are covered with paints and varnishes to avoid drying out, and most of them are toxic. In addition, when the baby grows up, he will gnaw on the grids and crossbars, which may be very harmful for him. So pediatricians are advised to choose metal models.
  3. The sides and bottom should be in the form of gratings for good ventilation.
  4. Bars should not be frequent (otherwise the crumb can be stuck between them) or rare (it can fall out). The optimal width between them is 8 cm.
  5. It is desirable to have a removable wall.
  6. Two levels of the bottom of the crib allow you to adjust the bed height when the baby grows up. Due to this, it will be possible to use the furniture for a longer time, because even a half-year-old baby will not be able to fall out of it if you lower the bottom.

Now you know how to choose a crib for a newborn from a safety point of view. These are the most important criteria that should guide you in such a responsible and serious purchase. Everything else will depend entirely on the requests and preferences of the parents themselves.

Before you go to the store, check out the different models, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.


Check out a few models and decide on the family council, which cot for a newborn is better to choose from the wide range offered by modern manufacturers.

Cradle (cradle)

Most often, manufacturers mix these two concepts. However, the differences between them still exist:

  1. The cradle is a cot with legs resembling a rocking chair. She stands on the floor, and it is convenient to shake her.
  2. The cradle is a hanging cot that is attached to the ceiling on cables, tapes, ropes, and it can also be wiggled.

The advantages of cradles and cradles for newborns are obvious:

  • hypoallergenic breathable materials - willow vine (most often);
  • small size, limited space creates a feeling of additional protection: the newborn feels like in the mother's womb;
  • easy movement (cradle) to a convenient place;
  • Additional accessories include mattress, canopy, mosquito netting, bed linen, fun toys;
  • the system of motion sickness allows you not to keep the child for a long time in her arms while waiting for him to fall asleep;
  • Some models are equipped with a music motion sickness system.

After such an impressive list of advantages, it may seem that the cradles and cradles are the best cots for newborns, and this can be stopped. However, the analysis should be comprehensive and objective, which means that the drawbacks of such models should be borne in mind: they are very expensive, and they will serve for a very short time (maximum of 6 months). The child will grow up and begin to simply fall out of it. Consider these points.

Classic wooden model

More recently, there was no such problem, which bed is better for a newborn: the classic wooden model was out of competition. And only when they started talking about the paints and varnishes that cover this furniture in order to avoid drying out, it became clear: it cannot be called environmentally friendly. But the harm to the child is obvious: he will breathe in not only the toxins that will be released after such treatment of the wood, but a little later he will begin to nibble it.

However, after the pediatricians sounded the bells and began to advise parents to purchase wooden beds, the manufacturers, feeling the loss, found a way out of the current situation. They stopped covering children's furniture with varnishes and began simply polishing them to the necessary smoothness.

The advantages of wooden beds for newborns are obvious:

  • environmental friendliness (in the absence of a varnish coating);
  • practicality: it is better to choose beech as a material that will withstand shocks, teeth, and other loads;
  • a variety of equipment options: the wheels provide ease of movement to any place, skids with clamps - an additional bonus in the form of motion sickness;
  • double bottom level allows you to fit the bed under the growing child;
  • standard size 120 x 60 - a guarantee that the bed will serve faithfully and up to 3 years;
  • A lot of additional accessories in the form of a canopy and drawers that allow you to store a large number of children's small things - so they will always be at hand.

The wooden bed, not treated with varnish, there are practically no flaws. If only drawers filled with baby clothes, will prevent its free movement around the room.

Rocking chair

Rocking chair is a traditional model of a bed for a newborn, which at one time was very popular. It is equipped with arcuate runners that allow you to swing it from side to side.

It seems that it is very convenient, as it allows you to calm down the crying child, moreover, he falls asleep more quickly with rocking. Perhaps, in the description of all the advantages of this model, you can put an end. But the disadvantages can be listed endlessly:

  • poor stability, which adversely affects the safety of the model: an older child, leaning on the side grilles, may fall out;
  • when swinging objects in the boxes located at the bottom of the bed, roll, creating noise and distracting the baby;
  • runners provide a strong slip on the floor, so when rocking the bed will constantly move from its position;
  • they also spoil the floor, leaving dents and marks on it;
  • Rocking movements are most often uneven.

So think before you buy a rocking bed for a newborn: too much advantage in the direction of disadvantages. If, after all, the effect of motion sickness is so necessary, it is better to take a closer look at the next model - the pendulum. The principle is the same, but from the point of view of safety and convenience, it is more profitable.


What is so good bed with a pendulum mechanism? With stable legs that ensure the safety of the newborn, a moving place to sleep can be rocked. And in different directions - depending on what model you watch.

  1. A pendulum crib with a longitudinal movement simulates rocking a child in the arms of an adult.
  2. With a transverse movement simulates rocking in the cradle.
  3. The universal pendulum combines both mechanisms, which, depending on the mode, can be changed. Allows you to avoid monotonous motion sickness.

Convenient modes of motion sickness, a wide range of additional accessories, safety - the advantages of pendulum cots for newborns are indisputable. But do not forget about the reverse side of the medal - its shortcomings:

  • bulky design;
  • often breaks down;
  • over time, begins to squeak strongly;
  • high price.

If you plan to replace the bed for a newborn six months later, the pendulum may well be a good option for the first time. But do not count on a long service life.


The transforming bed for newborns is considered very comfortable. It got its name from the extra removable pieces of furniture. It can be:

  • baby changing table;
  • chest of drawers;
  • bollard;
  • various shelves for toys;
  • drawers for linen;
  • the transformation of a small bed for a newborn into a bed for a preschooler (using a sliding mechanism);
  • transformation into a small sofa after removing partitions and shelves.

This model has received widespread popularity and many encouraging reviews, thanks to its undeniable advantages:

  • rational use of space in the room;
  • savings: paying once, you get several pieces of furniture at once.

A great option that you immediately want to buy because of its versatility and convenience. But get ready for a spoon of tar in this honey solution. The monotony of the furniture of the children's room will soon get tired of the child and will cause him to protest. In addition, every year the appearance of the crib will deteriorate. So it is hardly worth hoping that it will serve the good of the family for a long time.

Oval models

A new word in the industry of children's furniture for newborns - oval transformer beds. Appeared on the market recently, but have already won a lot of positive feedback. And most importantly - not yet managed to reveal a single flaw. Among the clear advantages:

  • elegant style;
  • no sharp corners;
  • maximum security level;
  • takes up little space;
  • quickly and easily transformed into a crib, a round playpen, a sofa, a chair with a table;
  • resizing: if you push the walls apart, the bed can become small or large.

Oval transforming beds will please modern parents, who care not only about the comfort and safety of the baby, but also about the stylishness of the children's room.

Extra bed

The add-on model is chosen by moms who constantly worry about whether the baby is crying, whether it is wet or not hungry. In order not to constantly run to him, you can put a crib close to an adult. This allows you to make a folding side wall.

Psychologists especially advocate for this model, considering this closeness of mom and baby as optimal for its further emotional development.

Metal model

After pediatricians rejected wooden beds due to the toxicity of paint and varnish coating, manufacturers began to produce metal models. And you do not need to worry that the child will get hurt about it, since all the details are covered with fabric cover. The downside is that it collects dust, and the teeth of an older baby, stuck in a rag, will spoil the look of the furniture.

The variety of models and the wide range allow parents to get acquainted in advance with all types of this furniture and to choose for themselves an optimal variant. But it should also take into account the size of the crib for newborns, as some (cradles and cradles) are very small, while others (metal and oval) frighten by their massiveness.


More recently, even the problem was not so, what sizes of beds for newborns to choose. After all, they were all produced according to a single standard. Today, manufacturers vary these figures so that parents can choose different models according to the age and weight of the child.

Despite this, the standard for these parameters still exists. He needs parents and producers as a guide. It may not be the same in different countries:

  • in Russia, the standard size of a cot for newborns is 120 x 60 cm (bed parameters), taking into account the thickness of the slats, the dimensions increase to 128 x 68 cm;
  • in Europe, the standards are different: they are increased by 5 cm compared with Russia and are 125 x 65 cm

If the plans - do not change the bed for a child for a long time (up to the school), it is recommended to immediately acquire furniture with dimensions of 140 x 70 cm. With careful attitude, they will last up to 7 years. If you want to buy a comfortable and tiny cradle (cradle), which can be used during the first six months of life crumbs, suitable model size 97 x 55 cm.

To ensure the newborn happy days and sweet nights, be sure to correctly determine the size of the first cot. At the same time, remember that the ideal parameters and beautiful design of this furniture must be supported by uncompromising quality. In order not to be mistaken in your choice, be sure to review the ratings of the best models and reviews on the beds you like before you buy.


The most expensive cot of our rating, from the American manufacturer “Restoration Hardware”, is made of handmade wood.

A small rating of the best cots for babies will allow you to navigate in the prices of different models. Today, the leaders in the production of this furniture are German, Greek and Italian companies.

  1. Antique Mist Gray - a classic handmade wood from Restoration Hardware. USA. $ 3,200.
  2. Fantasia - sofa bed from HPA. Greece. $ 530
  3. Erbesi - Incanto beech cot. Italy. $ 420.
  4. Giovanni - a transforming bed from the New Zealand pine from Belcanto Lux. England. $ 260.
  5. Sleeping Well beech added cot. Russia. $ 190
  6. TLY900 - metal bed with a removable cradle from Geoby. China. $ 190
  7. Irina S625 - birch pendulum with a transverse mechanism for motion sickness. Mozhga. Russia. $ 180.
  8. Dolly - a rocking chair made from natural beech from Baby. Italy. $ 170.
  9. The classic model of a cot of fir, ate from Tobi. Germany. $ 160
  10. Papaloni - rocking beech from Giovanni. Russia-Italy. $ 160

This rating of cots for newborns is made up of reviews from experts and users, as well as quality certificates. By purchasing these models, you can be confident in their quality and safety. And to facilitate the choice, finally - a few more useful tips.

Useful tips

It is very difficult not to get lost and to get a convenient and multifunctional model of a bed for a newborn. Range - rolls over, reviews sometimes - contradictory, mom advises one, and friends - more. Young parents are often dizzy with questions about the purchase of children's furniture. Perhaps our advice will come in such a situation as it is most welcome.

How to check the quality of the material from which the model is made?

A cot for a newborn should be accompanied by a quality certificate, which should indicate what material (up to the type of wood) it is made of.

When to buy a bed for a newborn?

Despite the existing belief that you can not buy cots and strollers before the birth of the baby, it is better to do this in advance. Then there will be too much trouble, and such a responsible purchase cannot be made in a fuss.

Do I need a bed for a newborn?

Some parents believe that mother and baby in the first days of his life should be inseparable, and therefore should sleep together. Still, this is undesirable. In the crib he will be much more comfortable and even safer. The body of an adult is teeming with bacteria, from which it is desirable to protect such a baby.

There is a lot of information, but after thoroughly studying and analyzing it, it is possible to understand which cots are better for newborns: the most functional, in accordance with their size, high-quality, from TOP producers.

Despite the high prices, this furniture does not need to be saved, because it is in this space that the child will most often be in the first months of his life. It should be comfortable and convenient for him. Waking up in it, he should smile, and not be frightened by bright colors and numerous, sometimes completely unnecessary accessories. So parents should approach this issue with full responsibility.

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