What size should diapers for newborns: tables by age and material

About swaddling does not subside controversy. Perinatal psychologists believe that it helps babies feel comfortable, whereas pediatricians claim that it slows down the development of certain motor skills. One way or another, it’s almost impossible to do without this process in the first few months. But what should be the size of diapers for newborns, so that they are enough for a full cocoon and at the same time there is no extra fabric left that will only interfere?

Modern manufacturers offer young parents a wide choice in which it is easy to get confused. But upon detailed consideration of the issue, everything turns out to be not so difficult.

Standards Overview

Why is it so difficult to choose the size of the diaper for a newborn? The fact is that today, in addition to the standards, there are exclusive models that do not meet any standards.

On the one hand, this is good, because there is something to choose from. On the other hand, it is difficult to navigate what exactly will suit your baby. We offer the most common options that can be found in any store.

  • 60 × 60/70 × 50 (in cm)

The smallest existing diaper size recommended for newborns with low weight. Usually microfiber is used for their production.

  • 80×95 / 80×120

This standard size of diapers for a newborn, which is considered the most convenient in the first month of life. Then they can serve as a towel or bedding.

  • 95×100 / 95×120

In 2-3 months, the baby begins to behave more actively, trying to break free from the shackles. And he himself has already grown strong and has grown a bit, so it is worth changing the size of the diaper so that you can wrap it in half.

  • 100×100 / 110×110 / 100×120

You can immediately purchase these square diapers, so that from the first days it is warmer and more reliable to coddle the newborn. This is especially true in winter. But in practice they are recommended mainly for the age of 3-4 months.

  • 120×120 / 150×120

It is the largest size of diapers and the most expensive. It is usually used by mummies who prefer to swaddle a child for as long as possible or who have a real hero growing up who does not fit into the standard parameters for his age.

  • 120×75 (80, 90, 95, 105) / 130×90 / 150×90

Cloths of this non-standard size are used for foot swaddling for the night after 3 months.

From these data it is easy to determine what size of the cradle is most convenient for newborns in your case. Consider the age of the baby and its weight, as well as which material you prefer. These factors will play an important role in choosing the parameters you need.

Origin of name. The word "diaper" is an ancient Proto-Slavic, originally it meant "cover, veil."

According to the material


The question of what size diapers are needed for a newborn is very closely related to the material from which they will be made. After all, each fabric has its own characteristics: some are very elastic and make it possible to stretch the canvas, while others, on the contrary, can “sit down” after washing, which means it is better to buy them a little more than this standard. So be sure to consider this option when purchasing.

  • Batiste

Diaper of cambric many scare the fact that they are very thin and quickly break. On the one hand, this is their fault. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a more breathable and light material than this. The optimal parameters of the cambric canvases are 120 × 75.

  • Kulirka

Natural material based on cotton. Kulirka hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, stretches well, almost does not crumple. For newborns, such diapers are ideal in hot weather. There is only one drawback - after washing this fabric strongly “sits down”. So that less than 130 × 90, do not buy paintings.

  • Microfiber

This is an organic raw material from which disposable diapers are made. They do not need to be washed, they save time, they are sold at an affordable price. However, they are not recommended for regular changing. So - at the exit to the clinic, for example, or on a visit. But they assume the smallest size (60 × 60, 70 × 50), which allows the use of such a canvas for premature infants.

  • Chintz

Calvic diapers - the most popular for newborns. This is 100% cotton. Differ in ease and multifunctionality. They can be used as sheets and towels. In the cold season, calico diaper is placed on the flannel - it turns out double warmth and softness. The optimal parameters are 120 × 90 and 130 × 90.

  • Knitwear

Knitted diapers - a new model that has gained wide popularity. They are practical and easy to use. It is placed on top of the flannel to increase heat. Summer is used as the main. It does not tighten the body, takes absolutely any shape, is suitable for free swaddling, as it allows the baby to move the arms and legs. You can find the following parameters: 100 × 120, 120 × 95, 130 × 90.

  • Flannel

Flannel diapers - the softest model, which is made of "fluff" cotton. They perfectly absorb the liquid, allow the skin to breathe freely, retain heat. Can be used as bedspreads in summer, sheets and towels. Usually, the size of a flannel diaper for a newborn is chosen in accordance with his age and the method of swaddling, because the spread is wide enough: 120 × 75, 120 × 80, 120 × 90, 130 × 90.

  • Footer

Natural cotton fabric with a pile, very warm. Diapers from it are good in winter. Since you need calico or cambric canvases for them, the dimensions should be slightly larger than those that correspond to the age of the baby: 120 × 105 or 130 × 90.

The following table will help to orient in the ratio of sizes of diapers with the material from which they are made.

Through the pages of history. In Russia, the process of swaddling was ceremonial: it was a kind of protection from evil spirits who strove to capture the baby's soul.

According to age

You can choose the size of the children's diaper according to age. Despite the fact that in medicine a newborn is considered a child only 1 month of life, we give the parameters to six months. They may need parents whose children are larger than normal. Or in the event that things are bought for growth at once in whole sets.

Often the largest canvas is taken and used from the first birthday of the crumbs and up to 5-6 months. So the information below is extended to this age range.

  • 1 month

Here you can choose the size of the standard diaper for newborns - 80 × 95 or 80 × 120 cm. It is the smallest and most convenient for this age.

  • 2-3 months

The grown up baby, who at this age is trying to aktivnichat, fit the canvas with the parameters 95 × 100 or 95 × 120 cm.

  • 3-4 months

In 3-4 months you should expect that the child will try in every way to get out of the cradle, so you have to wrap it in several layers. Here, by the way, the sizes will be 100 × 100/100 × 120/110 × 110 cm. But they can also be used for very small, newborn babies in the cold season.

  • 5-6 months

Six months - just before this age, pediatricians recommend swaddling children. These are already real warriors, for whom diapers of 120 × 120 or 150 × 120 cm are suitable. They will be useful for a newborn for 1 month of life if their moms are supporters of free swaddling.

The data from the table will tell you what size the diaper should be according to age.

If your baby grows a real hero and is larger than ordinary kids, it is worth taking diapers larger. To cope with all these nuances will help a few useful tips.

With the world - on a thread. The question that swaddling is harmful to the development of a newborn came from the West, where there is no such practice. However, it should be borne in mind that there is a different climate, and therefore the characteristics of the formation of a small organism will be somewhat different.

Useful tips

In order to correctly choose the size of the diaper for swaddling a newborn, follow a few helpful tips:

  1. The size will largely depend on the method of swaddling: for the full, large ones are required, if they are smaller before the armpits, the smallest in length will fit for the feet, but their width should be sufficient.
  2. Before delivery, purchase 7-8 calico and the same number of flannel diapers of various sizes: 80 × 90 and 95 × 100.
  3. You can immediately buy large canvases. Yes, they will take more time (they dry longer, iron them longer) and money, but they will last a long time.

With the size of the diaper for the newborn is difficult not to guess. But it is better to take a bigger canvas, because the small ones will be cramped, and in them the crumbs will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Well, if the standards do not suit you, you can always sew this thing with your own hands at home. You do not need to be a first-class seamstress and finish sewing and tailoring courses.

It is interesting. In Russia, the child was swaddled with the words: "Be patient, need, all bad weather and adversity - be a man."

We sew ourselves


If you decide to sew a diaper for a newborn with your own hands, you can experiment with sizes, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the standard ones that are sold in stores. What is needed for this?

  1. Sewing machine in working condition.
  2. Material: chintz, flannel or knitwear. To save money, you can take the old sheets, which will turn out several paintings.
  3. Wash the fabric.
  4. For the pattern you need to decide what size you will be sewing diapers. You can use the data above and take the standard sizes. You can estimate by eye or take measurements of your crumbs and do the thing in accordance with individual data.
  5. Make markings on the fabric.
  6. Cut out.
  7. Hem and process edges overlock or just bend.
  8. Wash.
  9. Ironed

In accordance with the above tables and recommendations, it is possible to easily calculate the optimal size of diapers for a newborn according to his age and weight.

If the smallest ones are suitable for the first days, then after a few weeks the grown-up hero will need to increase the amount of cloth for swaddling to make him feel comfortable. This process needs to be constantly monitored.

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