Overview of newborn constipation mixes: the best manufacturers and optimal composition

The digestive system of the baby, recently born, is very imperfect. During the first year of her life, she will only continue to form and be sensitive to the slightest changes in his diet.

Most often, one has to deal with problems in her work to the artificialists. And the most common symptom of improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is a rare and very hard stool that causes discomfort, colic, abdominal pain and leads to insomnia and loss of appetite.

A good helper for newborns in this case will be a mixture of constipation, which is usually recommended by pediatricians to their young patients.


Since constipation in newborns is a serious problem that can negatively affect his state of health and health, the mixtures against this illness perform mainly therapeutic and prophylactic functions. And that means - they require special indications for use.

It is impossible to give their child, without the advice of a doctor, on their own. This can lead to the failure of the digestive system to work without help.

They are prescribed in the following cases:

  • constipation;
  • very hard and rare stools;
  • colic;
  • indigestion;
  • strong regurgitation up to gag reflex.

The mixtures intended for treating constipation in newborns not only normalize stool, but also improve the work of the digestive system as a whole. Therefore, as a result, this problem disappears, as well as a number of others: colic and abundant regurgitation cease to disturb. So the therapeutic effect of such nutrition is difficult to overestimate. You just need to choose the right product, and for this you need to understand the diversity of its species.

On a note. If the newborn constipation accompanied by strong regurgitation, the doctor may first prescribe antireflux mixture, which include gum or starch. On the packages of such power will be the letters AR.


There are different mixtures designed specifically for the treatment of constipation in newborns. The main direction will initially be set by the pediatrician, who will prescribe either health food or prophylactic.

However, the last word will still be left to parents, who will have to choose which product they will give to their crumbs - liquid or dry, from the mass market niche or from the luxury category. A brief description of the main classifications will allow you to navigate in such a wide range.

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  • Medicinal

Of course, the best mixture of constipation and colic is a therapeutic one, which includes either lactulose (Semper Bifidus, Agush milk), or gum (Nutrilak A, Humana AP, Nutrilon AP). She is appointed by the pediatrician, observing the newborn, after the next inspection.

If during 2 weeks the stool does not normalize with the use of folk remedies and medications, it is likely that this solution will be offered. The dosage and duration of treatment is determined not only by the doctor, but also by the features of the selected product.

  • Prophylactic

Fermented milk mixture of constipation - another good option for newborns. The beneficial microorganisms contained in them (acidophilic, lactic acid and bifidobacteria) not only normalize the work of the stomach, but also improve the absorption of substances such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. And they all contribute to the dilution of the chair.

This type of food is often used as a preventive measure if the child has a tendency to constipation from birth.


  • In powder form (dry)

Adapted infant formula for constipation in dry form requires dilution with water. It is stored longer and grabs it, as a rule, for a long time. Such food not only fixes the stool of the newborn, but is also considered an excellent prevention against rickets and anemia. Pediatricians often prescribe such powders to premature and poorly gaining weight babies.

  • Concentrated liquid

Diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Minus in a small shelf life.

  • Finished

A product that can be given to a newborn immediately after warming up. Good to take on the road. Does not require dilution with water, does not form lumps. But it is quite expensive.

Little depends on the consistency of the mixture against constipation in newborns. Both powders and finished liquids are equally effective. What is really important in this matter is the composition of baby food. It is necessary to study it in detail and consult a doctor if it is suitable for your baby.

It is interesting. Do not be afraid to give the newborn from constipation milk formulas with gum. It is a carbohydrate that is produced by carob beans. In the food industry, this substance is used as a thickener and stabilizer.


It goes without saying that the mixture against constipation should include only the most useful substances with a therapeutic effect. Their task is to normalize the upset chair of the newborn.

There are a number of ingredients that perform this function in a short time and without health effects. That they need to look for among the components on the packaging.


The best milk formula for constipation is the one that contains the locust bean gum. It is considered therapeutic and antireflux. This substance is able to retain water in the body of a newborn. She, in turn, dilutes the fecal masses. Such nutrition stimulates the intestines to more frequent emptying. The dosage is determined according to the instructions.


It improves peristalsis and microflora of a small stomach, as a result of which the stool of a newborn is normalized. In the name you can see the prefix "bifidus", but do not be deceived: there are no bifidobacteria in such a diet. But this prebiotic is able to increase their number and improve development.

Depending on the prescription of the doctor, the lactulose mixture for constipation is used either as the sole nutrition of the baby or in the proportion 50/50 with the usual mixture. The duration of treatment is determined by the pediatrician, it depends on the therapeutic effect.


According to experts, the infant formula for colic and constipation must necessarily contain prebiotics - dietary fiber, polysaccharides of various types. They are selected individually, depending on the tolerance of the newborn.

These include:

  • FOS - fructooligosaccharides;
  • GOS - galactooligosaccharides;
  • inulin;
  • the lactulose described above is also a prebiotic.

Polysaccharides are not able to be digested in the small intestine. But, getting into the fat, they are a source of energy for bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are very useful for newborns, they stimulate the growth of these microorganisms. Pediatricians argue that the mixture of constipation with prebiotics is the best. The optimal ratio of GOS and FOS in it is 9 to 1.


Probiotics should also be included in a good mix of constipation and colic - these are the very bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. They are the prevention of intestinal infections, suppress pathogenic microflora, normalize the flow of various microbiological processes in the stomach of the newborn. Probiotics are found in fermented milk and ordinary mixtures, but the former are much more useful as a means to normalize stools.

When choosing a mixture against constipation in infants, be careful to ensure that it contains as little palm oil as possible (about the benefits or harms of this product in infant formula, read here), fats and protein. These three components inhibit gastric motility and may contribute to stool retention. The following tables will help you navigate.

Mixes with prebiotics and probiotics

Only with prebiotics

Only with probiotics

Now you can find out which mixture helps against constipation - one that will contain these ingredients that are good for digestion. Consult a pediatrician who observes the newborn, which is more suitable for him in accordance with his individual characteristics. Some people need only prebiotics, some are helped by probiotics, and in particularly difficult cases, a combination of both these components is necessary.

Composition - that is the main thing when choosing baby food to normalize the chair. But this is not the only criterion. Be careful and do not miss the other nuances.

Through the pages of history. For the first time, the benefits of probiotics were discussed in the 19th century. Ilya Mechnikov came to the conclusion that lactic acid bacteria improve intestinal activity and help prolong life. His yogurt was in great demand, and the scientist himself was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Criterias of choice

Even if you have decided on the composition, you still need to decide the question of which mixture to choose for a newborn with constipation, since it also depends on a number of factors.

  • Age

Meals should be appropriate for the age of the child. Indeed, as he grows older, the degree of formation of his stomach will change. This means that mixtures contain different amounts of nutrients and nutrients. The numbers on the package will tell you what to choose:

- "1" - for infants from the first day of life to 6 months;
- "2" - from six months to 12 months;
- "3" - after a year.

  • Cost of

Not always expensive mixtures may be better in treating constipation in newborns than their cheaper counterparts. Listen to the recommendations of the doctor, read the ratings and reviews. This will allow you to choose the desired product without a guide to its cost.

All children are different and react differently to the same food. It can be priced at $ 30, but cause rejection in a small stomach. And sometimes the simplest powder, which is not worth $ 1, is able to normalize the baby’s chair in a short time.

  • Date of manufacture

Studying the packaging, the first thing you notice is the date of manufacture and shelf life. This is one of the most important selection criteria. Remember that you need to normalize the stool of a newborn, and not cause diarrhea due to an expired product.

None of these nuances can be missed, since the effectiveness of treating constipation in a newborn will depend on them. You need to choose a mixture that is ideal for him and will facilitate the state in a short time. So it will be if the problem is dictated by the immaturity of the baby's digestive system. Everything is much more serious if the causes of the disease lie in the other.

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On the issue of price. One of the most expensive mixtures for newborns, which can be used for constipation, is Nanny Classic from the company Bibikol (New Zealand). It is made on the basis of goat milk, it does not have palm oil. The cost per 800-gram can is almost $ 40.

Special cases

If constipation in a newborn is dictated not by the age characteristics of the digestive system (it is still being formed in the first year of life), special mixtures are selected for the treatment of the disease.

When lactase deficiency

Low lactose:

  1. Similac low lactose.
  2. Bellakt NL.
  3. Nestogen low lactose.
  4. Humana LP.
  5. Humana LP + SCR.


  1. Nan lactose free.
  2. Bellakt without lactose.
  3. Nutrilak Lactose Free +.
  4. Nutrilon Premium Lactose Free.
  5. Grandmother's basket of no lactose.
  6. Celia LF.

When food allergies

  1. Alfare.
  2. Friso Pep AC.
  3. Frisolac HA.
  4. HiPP Combiotic HA.
  5. Humana GA.
  6. Kabrita.
  7. Nan ga.
  8. Nestogen.
  9. Nutramigen.
  10. Nutrilak HA.
  11. Nutrilon HA, Pepti allergy, Pepti TSC.
  12. Pregestimil.
  13. Similac Alimentum, hypoallergenic.
  14. Nanny.

With lactase deficiency and susceptibility to food allergies

  1. Nutrilon amino acid.
  2. Alfare Amino.
  3. Nutrilak Peptide STZ.
  4. Nutrilak Soy.

Read more about mixtures in food allergies in the article: "Hypoallergenic mixtures for newborns."

As you can see, the developers of baby food have not bypassed those who have a problem dictated by congenital diseases. There is a choice - and this should reassure and delight parents, who will be able to help their little one in such difficult cases.

If there are difficulties with the choice, only a specialist can tell which mixture is better for constipation in newborns from the above lists. It will take into account the course of the pathology and the individual characteristics of the organism. And since this is a therapeutic food, it will need to be given according to separate instructions.

Research data. According to archaeological excavations, before the Ice Age, all of humanity suffered from lactase deficiency. The gene that allows you to digest milk was found much later.

Feeding rules

If there is a need to give the newborn a mixture against constipation, you must follow the special rules of feeding. Otherwise, you can not just fix the chair, but even more harm to health.

  1. Give only on the recommendation or appointment of a pediatrician.
  2. Prophylactic mixtures of constipation give for 2-3 weeks, and then switch to normal, to make a small stomach work independently.
  3. Feeding continues until the stool returns to normal. Then you will need to switch to normal food.
  4. In the presence of the disease, due to which the child has constipation (lactase deficiency or food allergies), mixtures of the appropriate purpose can become a permanent diet for up to 1.5-2 years.
  5. The transition must be gradual. You can not replace the usual mixture of completely medical. 30 ml of the new product is given before the usual feeding. If necessary, the dosage is gradually increased until it reaches the recommended figures. Usually it is 50/50.
  6. It is not necessary to mix in one bottle the usual mixture with the one prescribed by the doctor against constipation.
  7. Since the transition is carried out gradually (the rules and schemes of transition), the results of treatment may not manifest themselves immediately, but only after 5-7 days.

If you follow these rules, the mixture of constipation will begin to work quickly, and the condition of the newborn will improve. The main thing is not to engage in amateur and consult with your doctor in everything. After all, therapeutic food will avoid candles and enemas, which are not always useful at such a small age.

A mini-rating of the best products from different countries and a wide range of prices will help you navigate the prices.

Helpful advice. If the newborn has constipation, do not rush to immediately switch to a new, even if a therapeutic mixture. Perhaps you just didn’t get your baby drinking right. Tell the pediatrician how often you water it with plain water and correct these parameters with it. In 65% of cases, this problem is solved in this way.


Milk formula for constipation "Bifidus" from the Swedish manufacturer "Semper" - not everyone will have to afford. Cost ≈ $ 14.4

It is difficult to determine which is the best mixture of constipation for newborns: domestic production or from Germany (for example), mass-market or premium class. Focus not so much on your financial capabilities as on reviews about the products and individual characteristics of a small organism.

  1. Bifidus from Semper from Sweden. ≈ $ 14.4.
  2. HIPP Combiotic from Germany. ≈ $ 13.
  3. Humana AP from the same manufacturer from Germany. ≈ $ 11.5.
  4. Nutrilon AP from Nutricia from Holland. ≈ $ 8.1.
  5. Similac. Different producing countries may be indicated: Spain / Denmark / Ireland. ≈ $ 7.6.
  6. Nan from Nestle from Switzerland. ≈ $ 7.5.
  7. Nutrilak A and KM from Nutritek from Russia. ≈ $ 5.2.
  8. Bellakt Immunis from Belarus. ≈ $ 4.9.
  9. Bifilin from the Russian manufacturer. ≈ $ 0.9.
  10. Agusha Russian production. ≈ $ 0.6.

This information (types, ratings, composition) will help to choose the right mix for a newborn with constipation so that it works to improve digestion. If you have any doubts, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. Independent decisions in this case can only harm.

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