Chamomile for bathing a newborn: useful properties, proper proportions and methods of preparation

Care of infants involves the use of medicinal herbs, infusions and decoctions of which are added to the bath for water procedures. Chamomile is used more often than other plants for bathing newborns, as it has a wide range of beneficial properties for their skin and nervous system. Moreover, it is recommended not only by folk medicine, but also by qualified pediatricians.

The only question is how to properly brew the healing drug and use it without harm to the health of the crumbs. To begin with, parents must decide whether there is a need for it at all.

Useful properties and indications

The beneficial properties of camomile pharmacy are determined by a very long list. Perhaps there is no such system in the human body that this medicinal plant would not have a beneficial effect on. However, young parents should be interested only in those that improve the condition of newborns. In particular, decoctions and infusions from this herb:

  • heal damage;
  • calming effect on the nervous system;
  • have anti-inflammatory effects;
  • treat skin diseases;
  • have bactericidal properties;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • eliminate the rash of any origin;
  • normalize the urogenital system, so they are especially useful for bathing newborn girls, in which this part of the body is considered the most defenseless.

Based on these beneficial properties of chamomile, it is recommended to use it for bathing an infant when you have the following problems:

  • diaper rash;
  • sores;
  • milk crust on the head;
  • hyperactivity, irritability;
  • insomnia; difficulty putting the baby to bed;
  • rash, urticaria, rash, food allergies;
  • various skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, diathesis;
  • weak immunity, frequent colds;
  • thin, sensitive, irritated skin.

All these indications are a signal to start bathing the newborn in the chamomile bath as quickly as possible, as it will significantly improve the condition of his skin, nervous and immune systems.

If there are serious illnesses, it is recommended to consult a doctor first. This medicinal plant is so active that, if used improperly, it can harm the little man instead of benefit. For example, if parents do not take into account contraindications for its use in water procedures.

Dossier. The camomile pharmaceutical (medicinal, peeled) - an annual plant from the Astrav family, widespread in North America, Eurasia. Used in both scientific and traditional medicine. It is a very popular medicinal plant.



Bathing a newborn in a daisy is contraindicated in the presence of certain problems with its health:

  • individual intolerance;
  • strong peeling;
  • bleeding eczema and diaper rash;
  • allergic reaction;
  • high temperature;
  • vaccination period.

If you take into account these contraindications, bathing will be safe for the health of the baby and no side effects from the use of medicinal plants will not manifest themselves.

But it will also depend on how it will be used. After all, you need to be able to brew chamomile correctly, to know the proportions for the preparation of the healing solution, to prevent overdose. Therefore - a small educational program for young parents.

Other names. Chamomile in different territories hiding under different names: bathing, Romain, romance, romance, blush, blush, sokonka, etc.

Cooking rules

If you decide to use a medicinal plant as part of a water treatment, find out how to brew chamomile for bathing a newborn, so that a truly healing, rather than harmful, solution is obtained. Children's skin at this age is still too tender and thin, so it simply will not sustain a high concentration of biologically active substances.

There are several recipes, but it is worth starting with a decoction, because it involves a boiling procedure, which allows you to negate any risks when using herbs.

  • Decoction

At first, use a decoction of chamomile for bathing newborns, as it is the safest from the point of view of hygiene. He is preparing quickly. 15 grams of grass pour 200 ml of boiling water. After boiling, keep on low heat for 15 minutes, or in a water bath - 20. Strain.

  • Infusion

After decoction, you can try to use for bathing a newborn chamomile extract. He prepares much longer. 30 grams of crushed flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water. Leave on for 6 hours - in a thermos or for 12 - in a warmed pan (just wrap it with a towel). Strain.

  • Phytopacks

If you purchased a packaged product at a pharmacy, the question arises how many chamomile sachets you need for bathing a newborn. Experts advise focusing on the following proportions:

- for an infusion - 2 phytopackets pour 200 ml of water;
- for decoction - 1 bag is brewed with the same amount of boiling water.

After 6 hours of infusion or 15 minutes of cooking, strain.

  • Solution

Before pouring the prepared drug directly into the tub, dilute the chamomile solution first. So the concentration of the active substance will be safer. A glass of filtered infusion (decoction) - per liter of warm water. Stir thoroughly.

  • Combo

Some parents like to experiment and not to be afraid to combine different herbs for bathing newborns. However, this can be done only with the permission of the doctor. For example, if you need to dry the rash and at the same time disinfect it, you can mix chamomile and a line. To enhance the calming effect first, valerian is added. One way or another, but the preparation of such solutions requires a mandatory consultation with a specialist.

Now you know how to dissolve chamomile for bathing a newborn, what proportions you need to take in order for the bath to become truly healing. If you do everything right, the reward will be a calm, deep sleep for your baby throughout the night, as well as clean, healthy skin without diaper rash and rash.

But if after such procedures you notice a deterioration in its condition, it is better to refuse this medicinal plant. But you should not worry: the flower can be replaced without loss with other useful herbs. The effectiveness of the tool will also depend on how well the bathing process itself is organized.

Through the pages of the past. Even in antiquity, chamomile was considered the best remedy for evil spirits. She was endowed with peacemaking properties and believed that she was able to smooth out any conflicts in the house.

Useful tips

So, the healing drug is prepared, but how much chamomile to add when bathing a newborn, so as not to harm him? Liter of solution - in a bath in 150-180 ml. This is the most optimal ratio.

As soon as everything is ready, you can begin the procedure, and follow the recommendations on how to do everything correctly (how to properly hold the first bathing of the newborn, as well as useful tips on organizing this water treatment, read here).

Simple rules will help to extract maximum benefit from bathing and deliver a lot of pleasant impressions and emotions to your child:

  1. It is better to buy chamomile at the pharmacy in order not to inadvertently collect poor-quality raw materials.
  2. Pharmacy chamomile in bags is much more convenient, since it does not require additional filtering and guarantees the purity of the prepared drug.
  3. It is recommended to start bathing the child only after the umbilical wound heals. This is about 2 weeks after his birth.
  4. If there are any doubts about such medicinal water procedures, it is better to consult with the local pediatrician.
  5. Be sure to check whether the plant will cause an allergic reaction in the newborn. To do this, soak a cotton pad in the prepared solution and run it over the child's wrist. If during the day there is no redness or rash at this place, the skin is ready for therapeutic bathing.
  6. The prepared solution is poured just before bathing. It should be about the same temperature as the water in the bath (about 37 ° C).
  7. 5 hours after preparation, it can lose all its healing properties, so try to use it as quickly as possible.
  8. Detergents (shampoo, milk) are not used for such bathing.
  9. The first procedure should last only 5 minutes. The following can be increased already up to 10 minutes - increase the bathing time gradually.
  10. Rinse the baby does not need, otherwise wash off all the healing power of chamomile.
  11. Do not arrange such water treatments daily. 1-2 times a week is enough.

Parents should know everything about such an important event: how many chamomiles are needed for bathing a newborn, how to properly dissolve it, when to cancel procedures, how often to hold them and much more. There should be no white spots and doubts, because the health of the crumbs depends on it.

If you feel that this medicinal plant is useless, consult with a specialist and replace it with any other with similar properties (for example, bathing a newborn in a train).

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