How to entertain the child on the bus during a long trip?

For those who have at least one child, it is no secret that the most terrible test for a baby is boredom. The monotony of the paintings outside the window and the inability to do the usual things inside the bus will bring not only the preschooler, but also the teenager to the handle. In fact, to distract and entertain the child on the road is not so difficult. Here are five tips from experienced travelers.

Before the trip: do not exhaust yourself and your child with queues at the box office, even though you will be missed in a non-queue, make a purchase of a bus ticket in advance through any of the bus ticket services.

First board

Sleep A slept, rested child is calmer, more compliant and more optimistic than an overworked one.

Just remember that a child needs a few hours for rest, which will be replaced by several hours of increased activity. And it almost does not depend on the time of day.

Second tip

Use all the features of gadgets. Modern smartphones and tablets - your salvation in the journey! Try to "squeeze" the maximum of them.

Games - the first thing that comes to mind to every parent. And rightly comes. Good games (not only online, but downloaded: access to the network on the road will certainly be unstable) today are issued for children from 3 years.

Game simulators and tutorials are another great thing to travel. Of course, the language in a few hours can not be learned, but a couple of dozen words or a group of concepts is quite possible.

From the gadget you can watch cartoons or movies. And in this way you will save not only a child from boredom, but also yourself. So nice sometimes to return to childhood for a while ...

And from a mobile device it is very convenient to listen to music and audiobooks. The selection of records on the Internet is huge! Download old audio plays that were once released on discs. They will love today's kids and remind you of your childhood. And here you certainly need to clarify: all of the above - only with headphones! In good headphones, do not let out any sounds.

Do not forget about the spare batteries. The time of continuous work with the maximum load on modern gadgets is solid, but everything ever ends. And usually on the most interesting place.

Council three

Draw and paint. Almost all kids love this, and it’s not necessary to deprive them of this opportunity on the road. Paints create a lot of problems, do colored pencils break, does the album weigh a lot and take up space? All right

We use a small-sized notebook or separate leaves with contours (there are thousands of ready-made colorings on the Internet!), For rigidity - a lid from a large shoe box (it’s also an excellent tray with sides for games), colored pens or markers.

For the youngest travelers, it is sometimes recommended to buy rugs for painting with water. They are attached to a special water "marker", which can be poured at home and then replenished on the road.

Good idea instead of coloring - stencil. It weighs a little, and the space for fantasy gives a huge. And one more handy thing - signets. They, of course, get dirty more than wax crayons, but still they are quite suitable for entertainment on the road. Especially those in which there is already a dye: they do not require a separate pad with ink paint.

Of course, after drawing and coloring the child will need to wipe his hands with wet wipes. You can wash them thoroughly at the nearest sanitary stop.

Fourth Council

Board games and puzzles. Older children (junior schoolchildren) will gladly play checkers or Sea Battle with you. Of course, checkers (chess, backgammon) must be portable and magnetic, so as not to collect them all over the bus after each pothole.

We advise you to remember a variety of "games on the leaves" - from the well-known "Gallows" to "Points". If you haven’t thrown away the “Fifteen,” “Snake,” and the Rubik's Cube, feel free to throw them in your backpack: on the way, everything will work.

Fifth Council

Turn on the imagination. Enumerate all possible road entertainment, of course, impossible. Much depends on your child’s age, interests and hobbies, temperament and travel habits. The main thing - do not leave the baby alone with a picture outside the window. Help him not to get bored, try to make the road interesting.

Folding origami and puzzles, word games and making up fairy tales, reading together and speaking exercises, riddles, counting red cars or cows outside the window - any idea is good enough!

Snacks can be turned into a game: take a container with a mixture of nuts and dried fruits on the way and disassemble its contents, laying it out on a napkin in color, shape, taste, recounting and coming up with what the raisins are like.

And if everything is tired, you can just get your favorite stuffed toy, wrap up in a rug, put a delicious candy behind your cheek, hug and take a silent nap. Sometimes it is - the best road entertainment.

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