What things need to take to the hospital?

Pregnancy is not a permanent state of the body. Sooner or later it ends. Childbirth is the natural end of a successful pregnancy. Doctors advise to prepare for them in advance. To do this, one of the important and necessary steps is to collect bags in the hospital.

Gynecologists advise already at the 31st week of pregnancy to have a collected bag at home, which contains all the necessary things and documents. In an emergency, the woman simply takes the bag with her and travel safely to the medical facility.

An additional advantage is the moral attitude. Collecting a package, a woman thereby subconsciously prepares herself for the main event of her life. In addition, for a short period of time, the girl will be able to think well and decide what she will take to the hospital.

What documents are needed in the hospital?

First of all, it is worth thinking about the necessary elements. This is the most important point, without which they simply will not be allowed into a medical facility. A woman should know in advance and prepare a daddy, in which all documents will be neatly folded.

The list of required documents includes:

  • passport and photocopy;
  • the policy and its copy;
  • the exchange card of the woman, which she is given at 30 weeks in the antenatal clinic;
  • sick leave (with open date);
  • contract with a medical institution;
  • Additional tests, examinations, ultrasound results that you have been through throughout your pregnancy are especially important in the case of a severe clinical picture of labor.

Even if a woman feels great, she doesn’t care after 35 weeks of gestation, you should always carry a folder with you. Things will be able to take, but without documents, unfortunately, will not be provided with proper medical care.

Bag to the hospital for mom


Secondly, the expectant mother should take care of the bag, which she will take with her to the maternity hospital. As a rule, if a girl suddenly starts having contractions, the husband, regardless of the time of day, takes his wife to the hospital along with the necessary documents and a bag prepared in advance.

During the period of strong contractions it will not be possible to collect the bag. Therefore, in order not to forget anything and at the same time feel ready, it is worthwhile to approach the process of fees with all the responsibility.


It is necessary to select only the most necessary and necessary things. A maternity hospital is not a place where a woman will want to change an infinite number of times.

However, it must be ready and have a certain set of things in stock, namely:

  • Bathrobe - try to choose the most convenient option. It can be smelled, buttoned or zipped, as you like. Do not choose home sets, because the main convenience should be precisely in light feeding. Where it is easier to unbutton a robe slightly than to pick up a dress. Choose a bathrobe depending on the time of year. Consider that this is not a waste of money, since it will be convenient to walk around the house when you feed the baby;
  • nightgown - there are several possible options, in which, again, it is worth making a start from convenience. Instead of a shirt, a suit with comfortable shoulder straps that are quickly removed can be chosen;
  • socks;
  • rubber slippers;
  • underwear (several nursing bras, a pack of disposable pants, a few cotton pants).

Hygiene items

It is impossible to imagine the existence of a modern mother in the hospital without hygiene products.

Required may be:

  • toilet paper;
  • wet wipes;
  • toothpaste brush;
  • soap, washcloth;
  • shampoo;
  • postpartum pads - here it is necessary to seriously address the issue. The discharge after childbirth is quite serious and abundant, so it is better to use special urological pads. Alternatively, they can be replaced with hygienic products with high absorbency. For the time being, it is worthwhile to leave the familiar favorite gaskets, since they will not cope with such abundant secretions.

Things to Rodzal

There are a lot of versions about what is worth taking in Rodzal. In fact, this is one of the places in which nothing comes in handy.

Someone takes with him music or books, thinking that during the fights it will be possible to have fun. During strong contractions, there is such a strong pain that any desire to have fun or eat completely disappears.

Therefore, the best option would be to bring a phone and a charger with you, so that after birth you could call your loved ones and report such good news.

From hygiene products to the hospital very often require disposable diapers, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Take at once a big pack, because it will also be needed later in the block.

Useful stuff

In medical institutions it is forbidden to take with you a lot of unnecessary trifles. Every day there is a special commission that checks things in the cabinets. This is done to prevent the growth of a fungus, infection or other disease.

Therefore, as additional details in the maternity hospital, you may need:

  • Cup;
  • plate;
  • spoon;
  • lining on the toilet;
  • elastic bandages.

Often, doctors advise to take with them candles, which will contribute to easier excretion of toxins from the body. At first, after giving birth, it is difficult for a girl to go to the toilet on her own. In order to avoid a serious condition it is necessary to use glycerin candles.

What to take to the hospital for a child?


Before you collect a special bag for the child, it is worth knowing what can be brought to the hospital. There are medical facilities that prohibit children from taking things with them. Daily issued several diapers, they are enough for the whole day. At the end of the day, the diapers are taken and replaced with new ones.

As necessary things for a newborn can be identified as follows:

  • diapers;
  • baby wipes;
  • Bepantin ointment (it is necessary to treat the baby’s delicate skin before putting on a diaper and the mother’s breast to avoid cracks);
  • cotton pads;
  • bottle;
  • bonnets;
  • overalls;
  • sliders;
  • undershirts;
  • socks;
  • body

What to take to the hospital for mom and baby?

A lot of clothes should not be recruited, because at home you will have a unique opportunity to dress your baby and often change things for him. While diapers are being given in the maternity hospital, they should be used to rest after the birth, to recover mentally and physically.

In the event that you are planning artificial feeding, then you should immediately take the mixture chosen by you. You must show it to the doctor and get permission for use. In maternity homes issue a mixture, but it is necessary as an option supplement.

Far from all moms in the coming days, milk begins. Because of this, it is necessary to insure and use the milk mixture so that the child is not hungry.

List of things in the postpartum ward

In the postnatal ward there will be a list of things that the mother and baby will wait for. These are necessary things for comfort. They include clothing, personal care products, books, pens, notepads, hair accessories, and cosmetics.

Despite the fact that the woman is in the hospital for about a week, she does not need to recruit too many things. Since for several days she will simply lie down and recover from labor activity, and only then she will want to leave the hospital.

But at this time, and is an extract. Therefore, a very large part of things may remain unclaimed.

What not to take to the hospital?

In order not to gain too much, you should understand what things are absolutely not needed in maternity hospitals.

  1. Breast pump - they are not advised to use doctors in the early days. A woman should apply the baby to her breast as often as possible. There is usually no need for a breast pump. In case of severe pain or stagnation, breast massage should be given. In any maternity hospital there is a specialist in breastfeeding. You can always call him in order to get qualified help.
  2. Diapers - every day at the hospital give washed, sterilized and ironed diapers. There is no need for them in the hospital. Leave them better for home.
  3. A warm blanket - if the weather is cool enough outside, then there are always warm clothes in maternity hospitals for both mother and child. Therefore, it is not necessary to take along volume blankets.
  4. Nipples - the baby has not yet formed the habit of sucking. He must learn to take the breast. If the baby is given a pacifier, he can get used to it quickly, he will not want to take the breast in consequence.

List of items on the statement


Extract - this is the long-awaited moment. As a rule, a woman is already tired of lying in the hospital, she has recovered and wants to see the world around. In the case of a successful birth, the girl and child are discharged on day 5.

What things to take to the hospital?

Of course, the husband can also make this package, but it will still be much better if you don’t have to explain which dress to take. Have your husband bring a package that you have already assembled in advance. As a rule, a man brings things either in the morning before discharge or the day before.

The package includes the following items:

  • decorative cosmetics - I really want to appear to the world not only as a mother, but also as a beautiful woman;
  • curling irons for hair;
  • postpartum bandage - with its help you can go for a little trick, while hiding a rounded belly;
  • clothes for mothers, in which she will be able to emphasize her slim silhouette or, on the contrary, hide all the round shapes;
  • clothes for the child, is selected taking into account the temperature outside the window (body, diaper, vests, overalls, envelopes, blankets).

It is best to choose things for the baby based on the time of year, and not beauty. On the street with the baby, as a rule, the mother will be 10-15 minutes. During this time there will be a small photo session. Therefore, rely on the comfort and warmth of the child. It can not both overheat, and vice versa to chill.


The list of things in the maternity hospital is an important component of a comfortable stay in a medical facility. Pre-assembled bag will not give a woman an alarming state. A girl with peace of mind will expect harbingers of childbirth, knowing that she is not only mentally prepared for the upcoming activity.

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