Vaccination against human papillomavirus

Human papillomavirus is a serious danger, as it can adversely affect the general state of health.

The World Health Organization recommends vaccination against a number of diseases. Early vaccination will help in the future to get rid of unnecessary problems.

What diseases are caused by human papillomavirus?

Few people know about the disease like human papillomavirus.

In order to decide in favor of vaccination, it is worth knowing about the consequences of deviations in the body:

  • a brain tumor;
  • uterine cancer;
  • cancer of the reproductive system;
  • malignant tumors.

In order to reduce the likelihood of cancer, it is necessary, first of all, to think about vaccination. It can not only help in prevention, but also become a real salvation in a series of diseases.

How to protect yourself from diseases associated with HPV?


If you want to protect yourself and your family from diseases that will be caused by the human papilloma virus, you can pay attention to two popular vaccines. They are used in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is Gardasil and Cervarix.

Both vaccinations reduce the likelihood of cancer of the cervix by 70%.

These vaccines are used for a long time. Their effectiveness is well proven. It is noteworthy that the probability of diseases associated with HPV has decreased to almost 100%.

Experience with HPV Vaccines

Basically, vaccination is given to girls and girls, because this is the category of citizens who are most susceptible to the disease. In addition, in a young body, thanks to the vaccination, antibodies are produced that help protect and save the entire body from the papillomavirus.

It is noteworthy that they are being vaccinated not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Especially often this can be found in America. In this country, HPV vaccination is part of the mandatory immunization program. Accordingly, vaccination is carried out not at will, but at the urgent request of doctors.

In some European countries, vaccination is carried out during adolescence. Over the years, a wide range of vaccination has shown itself only on the positive side, reducing the number of oncological diseases of the cervix.

Vaccine options

Vaccinations against HPV of two types are actively used in the Russian Federation. This is a type of 16 and 18. With their help, you can not only reduce the likelihood of cancer, but also develop antibodies in the body. All vaccinations are virus-like particles, but they are not viral infectious material.

Principles and objectives of vaccination


Once in the human body, papillomavirus contributes to the development of cancer. In 100% of cases, women develop cervical cancer. This is a serious deviation, which causes incredible harm and damage to health. 8% of deaths from cancer accounted for the cancer of the reproductive system.

In fact, there is still no miracle pill in the world that can cure cancer. In most cases, it is a disease that is fatal. However, it is possible to prevent the disease. That is the purpose of vaccination. It is carried out in several stages, namely 3 vaccinations are made.

Injections are made with a certain sequence in order to follow all the rules. As a result, the completed vaccination is the one that has passed all stages no later than 12 months. If the girl became pregnant in the second stage, then the third vaccine can be given after delivery.

HPV Vaccination Scheme

Doctors do vaccinations depending on your chosen drug.

Means Gardasil used according to the scheme 0-2-6. This means that 0 is the selected day, 2 is 2 months from the date of the selected day, 6 is 6 months from the date of the first selected day.

HPV Vaccine Effectiveness Indicators.

Cervix is ​​introduced somewhat differently, namely 0-1-6. The essence of the method remains the same. 0 is the number of the first day the vaccination was given. 1 is exactly 1 month since the first vaccination. 6 - half a year from the day when the first time was vaccinated.

The vaccine, regardless of the drug is administered intramuscularly. The dose is 0.5 milliliters.

Vaccine efficacy

HPV vaccines have shown themselves on the positive side, proving their effectiveness. Drugs, despite the type, are a wonderful medicine that helps not to get cancer.

To increase the effectiveness of doctors advise to vaccinate in the adolescent period, before sexual contact.

Not a single case of complete healing of HPV after infection by vaccination. Thus, it can be concluded that vaccination is not a treatment method. Its main purpose is prevention. Proved that the development of cervical cancer has decreased by 63%.

HPV vaccination - recommendations for use


Not only girls, but also young people are vaccinated in many countries of the world. However, the guys question is much more serious. They are allowed to enter only Gardasil, since only he showed a positive trend, while not affecting the body of the child in a negative way.

With regard to age features, doctors advise the use of a vaccine up to 26 years. The best time is still considered the adolescent period, namely 10-14 years. If the child has not lived sexually up to this point, then the effectiveness of the injected vaccination will be 100%.

If a girl under the age of 26 has never been given such a vaccine, then she should resort to it. It will also help in the fight against the virus. Perhaps at this age it will not be as effective.

It is believed that the human body in adolescence has a more developed immune system, which helps it to fight many diseases.

Vaccine Gardasil.

The World Health Organization notes that if a woman under the age of 35 has the papillomavirus in her body, she also needs to be vaccinated.

Of course, that there is not a single study that has proven that such vaccinations will contribute to instant healing. However, the majority of patients after vaccination noted a positive trend.

Papilloma vaccination and pregnancy

Of course, no one has investigated or tried to do this for pregnant women. Therefore, it is very difficult to judge the efficacy or harm of the drug. Definitely it can be noted that pregnant women do not advise doctors to vaccinate, because there is a risk for the development of the fetus. How vaccination will affect mother and child is impossible to decide.

With regard to the period of breastfeeding, Gardasil showed itself as a safe drug that can be used at this stage of the mother's life.

Post-vaccination reactions

For all the time of reception and study of the drug by doctors, no negative effects were identified. Most people get redness at the site of the vaccine. However, after a few days, itching, swelling and redness just go away, without requiring any serious interventions.

In rare cases, there was a rise in temperature to 38 degrees. As a rule, it lasts 1-2 days. You can receive Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Paracetomol.

In the event that a person has food allergies or rejection of certain drugs, vaccination should be carried out together with antihistamines.

The risk of post-vaccination complications


American scientists put the study, deciding to identify the risk of complications. They covered 12 million people who were successfully injected with the vaccine. All this number did not have a single case associated with severe complications.


Before you vaccinate, you should consult a gynecologist. A doctor, after conducting a full examination, will be able to tell if there are any contraindications in your body.

Vaccination for the prevention of HPV.

These, as a rule, include:

  • pregnancy;
  • chronic diseases;
  • severe allergies;
  • intolerance to certain components of the drug.

Where to get vaccinated against papilloma?

In order to be vaccinated, it is enough to apply to the state clinic in the place of residence. If you wish, and the vaccine available, experts will be able to advise when it is worth making the injection.

If you wish, you can apply for a similar service in a private clinic.

Myths related to HPV vaccination


There is a lot of controversy around any vaccination. There are opponents of this phenomenon, who believe that it can only lead to the development of the disease. In fact, doctors around the world, researchers and scientists have long agreed on the high efficacy of the drug.

Therefore, all myths are only false. With the help of the tool you can get rid of such problems as cervical erosion. Often it leads to cancer, being an oncologic neoplasm.


HPV vaccination will help rid a woman of many serious health issues in the future. Therefore, it is better to take care of yourself in advance so as not to puzzle over how to cope with the hardest disease in the world.

Watch the video: Mayo Clinic Minute: HPV Vaccine Prevents Cancer (April 2020).


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