Stages of development of girls for months to a year

The kid, who just came into the world, does not understand at all how he came to be here and what is his main purpose. He does not see well, many organs, including the gastrointestinal tract, are not functioning properly. The child still can not keep his head. The first months of his life, the baby only eats and sleeps a lot.

He is gaining strength and health, adapting to his environment. The only thing the baby needs is a good nutrition, good sleep and a comfortable environment. There is no need to try to somehow entertain or develop it. The first two months leave on the adaptation of the crumbs in the modern world.

What can baby in 2 months?

Closer to 2 months the baby will start to change greatly. He will have many opportunities that he will easily use. The child will begin to demonstrate to parents how strongly he has become developed.

Any parent wants to understand whether his baby is developing correctly. This will contribute to the prevention of many diseases. Of course, all children are different.

However, at the age of 1 year, they, as a rule, develop according to the same scenario.

  1. The kid is learning to hold his head.
    He is already actively trying to look around. Parents should only help in this matter, holding their child and giving him the opportunity to turn his head to the left and to the right. The baby lay for a long time, not seeing the world around it. Now he is very interesting to look around, watching the world.
  2. By 2 months, the child begins not only to hear the sound, but also to understand where it comes from.
    If the pussy hears the voice of relatives, especially mothers, then he can begin to smile and rejoice in her response. As soon as the girl realizes that the TV is playing very loudly or the music is turned on, she will definitely turn her head to the direction from which the noise is coming.
  3. For the first time, a 2 month old baby begins to smile in a dream.
    This leads adults in a tender and tremulous state. Then the child smiles at familiar people. Often, children express love for strangers, who have attracted them in an incomprehensible way.
  4. By 2 months of age, parents are already beginning to distinguish the causes of a baby crying.
    They gradually differentiate. For example, crying from longing for mom or hungry call. It is impossible to say exactly how a baby cries in a given situation. Rather, it is purely individual, but mom and dad already have clear lines and differences.
  5. Make the first sounds.
    This month, the baby can be repeated agu-agu, soon he will surely repeat the first words for himself, trying to speak in a language understandable to the parents.

What can a child in 3 months?

As Dr. Komarovsky says, the child’s developmental calendar varies by month. Absolutely every new month there is a jump in development.

Child development table by month.

The girl becomes a little more mature, acquiring new skills and knowledge:

  1. Grasping reflexes begin to develop, the girl can grab a rattle, but does not yet understand how to play with her.
  2. Bookmark mental abilities.
  3. The child is able to independently keep his head on weight for a short period of time.
  4. He is interested in surrounding objects and sounds, trying to pull things interesting to him into his mouth.
  5. Keeps eyes on moving objects.
  6. Replies to adults on their communication, making any sounds or smiling in response.

What can baby in 4 months?

At 4 months, the child is significantly different from the crumbs that have just been born. The difference lies not only in the external manifestation, but also in mental development. Gradually all parts of the body are lengthened, so the baby begins to look proportionally, unlike her newborn period.

The musculoskeletal and nervous system of the body is actively developing, due to which there is a significant leap in the development of the crumbs.

  1. A conscious grasping reflex develops - the kid can not just grab something, but choose the object he needs, take it in his hand and, if necessary, release it.
  2. If the baby has chosen an object, then he tries to examine it, bring it closer to his mouth. That is how he begins his first research activity.
  3. Turns on the stomach and back.
  4. The first attempts to slightly rise from the supine position.
  5. Lying on the stomach, the child begins to make his first attempts at crawling.
  6. Better see and hear.
  7. The first syllables appear, in some children they may resemble the familiar words “mother”, “woman”, “dada”.
  8. Separates loved ones from outsiders. If an unknown person takes him in his arms, the child immediately starts crying.

Psychomotor development of a child at 5 months

It becomes much more interesting to watch the 5 month old baby. His emotions have become more diverse. He is trying to reach all new heights for himself. The crumb tries to roll over, crawl and even get up.

Every day he commits more and more new actions that bring him closer to full development.

  1. The kid clearly understands in what tone they communicate with him. If he is smiled and affectionately spoken, then he immediately reciprocates. If there is a rude conversation, then the baby can cry.
  2. Differently reacts to close people and strangers.
  3. For a long time, it can be humming, trying to communicate with their loved ones.
  4. Easily takes the rattle that is offered to him.
  5. Lying on the stomach, raises the body, doing it on outstretched arms.
  6. Turns from back to stomach, and back.
  7. With the support under the arms, can stand steadily.

What can a baby aged from 6 to 12 months?

During this period, rapid mental development occurs more than ever. The kid clearly understands what adults want from him. Parents for the best dialogue should ask short questions, clearly pronouncing each word.

Child development by months.

At 7 months, the child understands the word where. He can show where his bed is, where the mother is and the baby himself. Often up to a year children do not differentiate themselves with their mother. Therefore, the question of where the mother, they will show it to yourself, then to my mother. This happens unconsciously. Kids are sure that they are one.

From 6 to 12 months, the baby begins to crawl. By the first year of life, the baby takes its first steps at all. One of the children begins to walk by the hand already at 9 months. But this does not mean that the crumb is about to go. It may take him time to get used to this state and catch a sense of balance.

How does a girl develop from a year to two?

A girl during this period requires a lot of work with her parents. In fact, it is at this age that it is necessary to inculcate the love of reading, perseverance, hard work, patience and attentiveness.

Therefore, parents should devote all their free time to extra classes. Fortunately, there are a large number of them. This is modeling, and drawing, and reading books, and mosaic, and the first puzzles. You can choose absolutely any entertainment that you like.

From the first year of life, it is worth starting to teach you to eat independently. To get started, buy plastic utensils, including thick glass. Give your child a glass to learn to drink. In the beginning, the girl will not succeed, but over time she will acquire a similar skill.

It is necessary to read books as much as possible. At this age they develop speech. Parents should not just read in a monologue, but also talk to the child, causing him to communicate. Ask for help, to show this or that animal, to tell what sounds it represents.

The development of girls from 2 to 12 years

From 2 years old begins one of the most difficult stages from a psychological point of view. These ages are periodically accompanied by crises. The reason for them is basically the same - independence is necessary.

If you heard from your child myself, then know that he has another age crisis. The kid understands that he is no longer so small and can do a large number of things himself. Parents at this time begin to get nervous, screaming and worrying.

Do not do this. Release the situation. If your little one wants to dress himself, then give him this opportunity. Start dressing a few hours before the exit, if he is very slow. And then everyone will be happy: both the parents, who will rest this time, and the child, who will feel like an important person.

In no case do not suppress a child’s sense of independence. Later, in adolescence, such parents shrug, not understanding why an adult child already cann’t do anything himself. The reason in this case should be sought in yourself and your methods of education.


Psychologists say that girls are developing much faster than the representatives of the stronger sex. For the full development of both those and others need the help of parents who will be engaged in the child from an early age.

The more you invest in a child from the very beginning, the more worthy fruits you can enjoy in adulthood. The task of the parents is not to constantly take care of their crumbs. It is necessary to bring up an independent person who will find himself in this life and will feel real happiness.

Therefore, closely monitor the physical, mental and mental state of the child, in time to contact the experts and correct the situation.

Watch the video: Developmental Stages for Baby: 4-6 months - Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (October 2019).

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