How to make a handmade decor for a child's birthday?

Children's birthday is a real holiday, which necessarily requires decoration. Without registration it is impossible to imagine a full celebration. Entering the decorated hall, the guests will immediately realize that they are present at a birthday party.

In fact, there is nothing difficult to decorate the room. In the event that you have a large enough child, you can safely ask him for help. Do not hesitate, the child will be able to decorate the room with the help of your tips.

Do-it-yourself room decoration

Currently, you can encounter the services of a special holiday agency. His task is not only to come up with a script and organize a party, but also to decorate the hall. Fortunately, in the modern world you can do it yourself, without resorting to the services of special firms. For this you have to contact the store.


The most popular and well-known method of decoration are balloons. They can be completely different: helium, foil, with a picture or inscription. A large selection of balloons allows you to create with their help these compositions.

With the help of balls you can make flowers or cartoon figures. The latter is a more complex option, which is still available only to professionals.

A popular color combination for a girl's birthday will be a combination of yellow and pink, white and purple. As a rule, boys use a rainbow palette or a mix of dark blue and pale blue. To diversify color variety can white color.


This is the decoration that can be made with the child. Garlands are usually made of colored paper. They can be floral clippings or plain figures. For example, hearts or geometric shapes. Garland always looks special solemnly and festively.


A popular type of decoration. It is used not only for children's birthdays, but also for weddings. Pompons are made using the most ordinary colored corrugated paper. In order to make the pompons need a stapler with a large number of clips, scissors and paper.


No way to do on a child's birthday without numbers. With its help it is possible to understand how old the birthday man is. Figures make, as a rule, large and voluminous. You can add volume to them with the help of special techniques: quilling, carving or scrapbooking.

To create a digit, you need a lot of colored paper and one large cardboard. At the same time, the cardboard can be used out of the box of household appliances. After all, you will be able to close the inscriptions on the box using the decorative part.

Posters or collage

Both adults and children especially love to look at themselves from the side. You can make a poster on how the last year or the whole previous life of the child passed. To do this, you will need to place the most interesting photos and bright life moments.

On the poster you should definitely make a signature. Leave a place under the wishes of friends. Even if the children are small and do not know how to write, their parents will gladly leave good and warm congratulations for your child.

Photozone design

Currently, any celebration can not do without photos. However, they are impossible if there is no decoration. Often parents arrange a special photo zone. It can be done in thematic style. For example, a pirate or cartoon character.

If you do not have a certain party styling, then hang a lot of balls, garlands and photos with a birthday boy. In such a photo zone, absolutely all the participants of the solemn event will want to capture themselves.

Birthday cards with their own hands

To come to the children's birthday without a gift is impossible. However, it is worthwhile to attach a card to the present. She will delight the birthday boy and leave pleasant memories in his soul. Children, unlike adults, are very fond of a variety of postcards.

They can be both touching and funny. For girls, it is preferable to get a card in the style of a princess or a fairy-tale character. The boy will like a funny postcard that will really amuse him and even make him laugh.

Postcards can not only buy in the finished form in the store, but also make yourself.

This will require the purchase of the following material:

  • thick paper;
  • glue gun;
  • decorative items;
  • colored markers;
  • scissors.

Cut out a thick paper rectangle, which will need to be folded into the shape of a book. On the postcard you can draw beautiful balloons, a birthday man or a fairytale character. Often with the help of a glue gun add ready-made decorative elements. They can be bought at the handicraft shop.

Try to decorate your postcard as interesting as possible. Do not forget to sign the product before delivery.

Making a treat

At the birthday of the child must present treats. They do not have to be in large quantities. In addition, children's treats are very different from adults. On the table there is no abundance of salads, hot dishes and a variety of cuts.

Pizza, cake and interesting sweets are considered the best children's delicacies. It’s best to make them yourself to be sure that all products are not only tasty, but also useful.

DIY Pizza

In order to make a pizza, you must first prepare the dough, and then do the filling.

Tasty, soft and elastic dough will turn out on milk. A bag of yeast must be soaked and left for a while in a glass of milk. Once the yeast begins to swell, they should be poured into a mixture of flour with salt and sugar. Knead the dough and leave it in a warm place for 2-3 hours. During this time it will be possible to cook the filling.

For children's pizza, boiled sausage, ham, cheese and tomatoes will be the ideal filling. Do not add smoked sausage or seafood. Children do not understand these products. Seeing them in pizza, they can completely refuse to eat.

Once the dough is infused, roll it into a round or square shape. Liberally lubricate sour cream with tomato paste. Spread sausage all around the pizza perimeter, sprinkle with cheese on top. Put baked pizza at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

DIY Cake

Moms with a shiver imagine how they will make a cake. In fact, there is nothing difficult in it. It is worth remembering that children do not like all frilly and original. Therefore, choose the most simple biscuit cakes.

As a filling, you should use your favorite fruit: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries. Do not experiment with a combination of black and white chocolate. If you need to decorate the cake, then choose the most common milk chocolate.

Sweets do it yourself

As a rule, there is a sweet table at children's parties. It includes not only sweets with fruit, but also a variety of pastries. It can be interesting desserts with the image of your favorite cartoon characters. On desserts put images of heroes of fairy tales.

You can make cheesecakes, chocolate cupcakes and simple muffins.

Children are especially fond of glazed fruits. To do this, you need to make a sugar glaze, which in turn dipped the fruit. Most often in this recipe use small apples.


A lot of ideas to decorate a child's birthday with their own hands will allow you to make a real holiday for your child. By the design of the room, you can connect godparents, friends.

If you wish, you can make your baby a surprise or, on the contrary, include it in such an exciting activity. With the help of improvised tools, simple work, you can independently create a real fairy tale in which both adults and children will be happy to be.

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