What is chalazion and how to cure the disease in a child?

When raising a child should take into account many things. One of the key stages in the harmonious development is health. In the world of medicine there are many moments and stages that are simply impossible to remember.

But parents should be aware of key health issues. One of these is chalazion. This is a Greek word that translates into Russian as a hacker.

By some indications, halazin is similar to barley, but it should be distinguished from it, since there is a different approach to treatment. Chalazion can have both superficial and very serious form, which requires a heavy conservative approach to treatment.

Halyazion at the child: what is the difference from barley?

Halyazin and barley are two completely different problems that have similar localization. In order to consider in more detail their differences, it is worth understanding what chalazion is and where it is located.

In the upper and lower eyelids, any person has a special cartilage in which the duct system is located. They are called Meibomian. The ducts of each iron open in the zone of growth of eyelashes, releasing excess fluid. Thus, partly the moisture of the eye is formed.

As soon as the meibomian glands become blocked, excess fat and fluids have nowhere to go and it begins to accumulate inside. An increase in the whole century gradually occurs, then it acquires a more rounded shape with a characteristic seal.

It is an extremely difficult case if an infection or a virus gets into the inflammatory night itself. As a result, the purulent process begins, which leads to the formation of abscesses.

The disease is quite severe, as it can cause significant discomfort to the child. It is often noted that, having arisen once, the chalazion can appear on the same place again. In such a case, serious surgical intervention will be required.

Since the whole procedure is carried out before our eyes, this is a rather dangerous and serious occupation.

Barley does not have pus inside and breaks through on its own. After the pus comes out, the barley is absorbed and passes. It, as a rule, does not have such volumetric dimensions. Often, it is caused by improper care of the skin of the hands, eyes, poor hygiene, and blood poisoning.


The main criterion by which it is possible to understand the presence of a chalazion is the swelling at the eyelash growth line. It arises both in the lower and the upper eyelids. Initially, there is a slight swelling, which develops into a more dense form, like a pea. At the same time, localization must be at the eyelashes.

In the event that, in addition to the chalazion, there was no infection in the body, then no painful feelings, this problem does not bring. If acute infection and pus is still observed, then it will be accompanied by pain and, in rare cases, an increased body temperature.

If the child is not given the right treatment in time, the abscess will inflate and adversely affect the eye itself. This means that there may be a failure in the visual functions of the body.

Chalazion and barley.

Therefore, as soon as you notice an abscess on the eye of your child, you should not wait, trying to independently determine what it is. It is best to immediately contact an ophthalmologist, who will help to provide emergency assistance.

The causes of the disease

According to statistics, younger students and preschoolers often suffer from this problem.

The main causes of the disease are considered to include:

  1. Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene (child rubs his eyes with dirty hands).
  2. Hypothermia
  3. Reduced immunity.
  4. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Eye disease.
  6. Hormonal disbalance.
  7. Skin diseases.
  8. Inflammation of the eyelids.
  9. Frequent barley.

Features of the upper and lower chalazion in a child

If we talk about the disease, it is known that it can manifest itself both in the upper and the lower eyelids. At the same time, there is no significant difference in them. Differentiation already begins not only in the localization of the place of manifestation, but also in its character.

It is much easier from the point of view of doctors to detect and diagnose the upper chalazion. It develops quite quickly, almost at lightning speed. Therefore, the ophthalmologist will not be difficult, even with a slight inflammation to understand what bothers the child.

As a rule, it is much easier to treat the upper infection. This is due not only to rapid diagnosis, but also to the fact that the problem is amenable to a quick solution. This cannot be said about the lower chalazion.

In many cases, it is not amenable to conservative treatment, requiring surgical intervention. In addition, the lower tumor matures long enough, so if the child does not have an itchy, unpleasant burning sensation, it is difficult to diagnose the problem until a characteristic thickening appears.

What is chalazion?


In order to get rid of the problem, it is necessary to act on the pathogen. After all, it was he who caused the development of the disease. Self-medication is contraindicated in this case. Only a specialist after diagnosis can determine what the cause of the problem is and how you can get rid of it.

With a weak clinical picture and soon finding a problem, you can do with medication or drugs. If the problem is started, then surgical intervention is necessary.

What tools can be used for conservative treatment?

A popular way to get rid of the problem is Tobrex eye drops. They have a wide range of actions. Once in the affected area, they act on the pathogen. In addition, the drops are able to fight many infections.

After applying the drops, the doctor prescribes Vishnevsky ointment, which is carefully placed in the form of lotions on the affected skin.

Please note that Tobrex is a potent agent. It can only be used strictly as prescribed by a doctor. It is illegal to increase the number of drops and the frequency of administration.

An alternative type of drops is Floksal. It is used to combat pathogenic infections. The drug is used for no more than two weeks, while strictly listening to the recommendations of the doctor.

Rapid treatment of the disease

Not all cases apply only medication. In situations where it does not bring the desired result, it is necessary to consider prompt measures to treat the disease. This is a surgical procedure. In most cases, it is performed on the lower eyelid, since the nature of this pathology is more serious.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, while the patient is conscious. The duration of the operation does not exceed 20 minutes. Initially, the doctor removes pus, and then stitches. It is extremely important to remove all the purulent place, because if at least something remains, a tumor may appear.

Treatment of folk remedies

In some cases, folk methods will help get rid of the problem. However, before using them, be sure to consult a doctor. If the situation is running, then an urgent operation is required. You can not pull time, because the tumor will affect the optic nerves, worsening the general condition of the person and provoking new diseases.

To folk methods include:

  • tea bag, which is applied to the eyes for 2-3 minutes;
  • chamomile decoctions;
  • decoctions of calendula;
  • conspiracies;
  • homeopathy.

No doctor will advise parents of folk methods. But in the event that it will be calmer so, you can carry out a conspiracy, but at the same time imposing a drug.

How to cure diseases by the method of Dr. Komarovsky?

Famous pediatrician Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky argues that it is necessary to diagnose the disease at an early stage. The existing swelling can talk about certain problems with which parents should boldly go to an ophthalmologist.

Already at an early stage it will be possible to solve the problem quickly, without leaving negative consequences. To solve a problem, you may need:

  • mercury ointment;
  • hydrocortisone ointment;
  • torbex drops;
  • Vishnevsky ointment.

Komarovsky strongly opposes traditional medicine. It will only delay the treatment process and parents will have to resort to serious surgical methods. It is worth noting that such operations can not tolerate calmly even adults, and what can we say about small children.


It is much easier to prevent the disease than to fight it.

As methods of prevention, the following actions can be distinguished:

  1. Teach your child hygiene, so that he often washed his hands.
  2. Explain to your son or daughter that you should not rub your eyes with dirty hands.
  3. In the event that something gets into your eyes (sand or dirt), you must rinse them with plain water.
  4. Improve immunity with plenty of vitamins and proper nutrition. Use and means from traditional medicine will become useful.


Chalazion in a child is an infection that can be repeated several times. In order to avoid recurrence, it is necessary initially to correctly and comprehensively address the problems. Be sure to do the entire course prescribed by the doctor, even if the tumor has already subsided.

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