Diagnosis and treatment of flatfoot in children

More and more, pediatricians are finding flat feet in children. At the same time, it often accompanies very young children who do not even know how to walk. The World Health Organization is confident that the disease is due to a sedentary lifestyle, namely an increase in computers, televisions and many gadgets.

Parents need to be able to recognize flat feet, identify its cause for their child and adjust the shape of the foot so that there are no further problems. This is all a serious complex of occupations that requires theoretical preparation, an understanding of the essence of the problem.

What is flatfoot and why is it dangerous?

Most people are familiar with the term flatfoot. At the same time, it occurs in both children and adults. It characterizes the deformation of the foot. Namely, there is a change in shape, compaction, correction of the longitudinal or transverse arch.

Most often, surgeons diagnose flat feet in children. In this case, if you believe the statistics, the majority of cases characterize adolescents, much less applies to preschoolers. Much less likely to diagnose flatfoot babies.

Many disputes exist around newborns who can diagnose such a deviation from the norm. However, until now, the World Health Organization is arguing about this issue, because in fact babies do not know how to walk, so they can in no way be subject to this diagnosis.

Everything after birth is subject to growth, development and adjustment. This suggests that it is early to put such a serious pathology of development of the human body.

If we talk about children under 3 years old, then for the first time, deformity of the foot can be found in 8 months - 1 year. At this time, begins physical exercise on the legs, respectively, we can already talk about how the baby puts his feet and moves.

In most cases, such a diagnosis does not bear anything terrible for preschool children. Gradually, with the right shoes and load, the child will come to a normal state.

For many parents, flatfoot is harmless. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. After all feet are the most powerful shock-absorber.

The characteristic of the disease.

In the event that the shock absorber functions improperly, then the body will begin to give out more pressure to other parts of the body, and their deformation will occur accordingly. The knees, hips and spine begin to suffer. These are the joints that will take the blow in case of foot irregularities.

Causes of flatfoot in children

There is no single reason in the world that only in a single genus affects the deformation of the foot. In all cases, it is worth talking about a complex effect.

It is possible to identify the cause only after the diagnosis and study of the overall clinical picture.

  1. Heredity - often a similar disease is inherited. Therefore, if the next members of the family suffered from the disease in the family, then you can be sure that the disease was also transmitted to the baby.
  2. Overload on the lower limbs - this is possible if a person has a clear excess of weight.
  3. Congenital abnormality, which is characterized by weak muscular development.
  4. Cerebral palsy.
  5. Rickets.
  6. Trauma stop.

According to statistics, villagers suffer from flat feet much less often than urban dwellers. This is due to the fact that in the villages there is a much more active lifestyle. In addition, children in the warm season walk barefoot.

An additional reason for this may be the low activity of the child. She recently acquired a particularly bright character. It is necessary as often as possible to give the child move. He should be experiencing physical exertion and not necessarily showing it in the form of active sports. It will be quite enough to walk more often and be in the fresh air.

Wrong shoes can lead to the occurrence of pathologies. Pay attention in a shoe store not only to the fashion and beauty of the product, but also to its correctness. There must be a hard backdrop and a small heel. At the same time, such shoes characterize both a boy and a girl.

Types of flatfoot in children

Doctors diagnose the disease of the feet according to certain criteria. In turn, the identification of the species helps further treatment. In addition, the specialist will be clear how strongly and clearly the disease proceeds.

Varieties of the disease.

The main characteristic will be the manifestation of pathology, namely its time. On the one hand, it is customary to isolate congenital flatfoot, and on the other, acquired.

Further classification is based on the type of expansion of the feet.

  1. Longitudinal.
  2. Transverse.
  3. Combined.

Transverse flatfoot in children

The deformation of the transverse arch. It is omitted, rests on the heads of all related tissues. Such flat feet are most often congenital. However, it may not always manifest. Often its development is influenced by improper lifestyle or other related factors.

Longitudinal flatfoot in children

There is a sharp seal of the fore arch of the foot. As a result, there is a strong increase in the length of the foot, which fits tightly on the floor. Because of this, a bear’s gait, the so-called clubfoot, may later develop.

Parents in this type of flatfoot should pay attention to baby shoes. She will definitely be very worn inside.

Valgus flatfoot in children

The omission of the middle part of the foot, which subsequently leads to the development of valgus deformity. Often it is caused by the wrong choice of shoes or injury at an early age. As a rule, it is the valgus deformity that the surgeons diagnose in babies under 2 years of age.

Severity flatfoot

Surgeons distinguish pathology, not only by the common places of problem localization, but also by severity. In order for the doctor to determine the degree of the disease and understand how highly developed and extensive the clinical picture is, he should take the footprint of the baby.

Grade 1 - the least serious problem in which the height of the roof can be considered normal or almost perfect. However, in any case, you can trace the problems associated with the weakening of the muscles in general. The child may experience general malaise and minor pain, especially in the evening and at night after a hard and tiring day.

2 degree - there are serious problems with the feet, which are considered visually noticeable. Immediately there is a change in gait, which becomes like a bear. During the day, the child may complain of pain in the legs, by the end of the day the pain increases, especially in the case of heavy physical exertion.

Grade 3 - a strong and immediately noticeable pathology, which is associated with acute curvature of the deformity of the foot. The baby is experiencing severe pain when walking, is not capable of serious exercise.

Diagnosis of flatfoot in children

It is not always possible for parents to diagnose flat feet in their child. In some cases, the pathology is obvious, but not always a professional can change it. Therefore, only a specialist, namely a surgeon, can conduct timely and high-quality diagnostics.

After a visual inspection, he will be able to determine the presence or absence of problems. In the event that a child has abnormalities, the specialist will necessarily send the patient to a more complete study in order to understand how the disease actually proceeds and what character it has.

Remember that the doctor in no case can make a diagnosis only after the initial examination. He can only assume, and the further setting will depend on the X-ray results, which will be received in two patrons.

Home Definition

Diagnostics, which can only be the starting point for seeking help from a specialist. In fact, parents are not experts in this matter, so they will not be able to accurately diagnose the problem in a child.

Deformation of the foot.

In case mom and dad noticed deterioration in gait, posture, wrong feet, complaints of pain in the legs, they need to immediately seek help. In no case do not try to determine the degree and type of pathology.


One of the most common ways. It consists of research on a special apparatus, plantographer. The patient stands with both feet on the device, and the technician puts points on key points in the foot. As a result, the results obtained are delivered to the doctor, who is already able to judge the development of the disease.

The disadvantage of the survey is the inability to diagnose all. Only full-weight people or those who are overweight are allowed. In the case of low weight (preschoolers or people with a lack of weight) can not be allowed to conduct a study, because their result will be distorted.


A method that is ideal for the correction and treatment of flatfoot. With the help of this device, a specialist measures the size of the foot. Such an examination is carried out with enviable periodicity in order to understand how well and effectively the treatment is being performed.

According to exact mathematical proportions, you can tell what kind of pathology you have.

Improper shoes lead to flat feet.


The child is wearing special shoes that contain metal plates. On it, he passes along the track, which has special chips. They transmit signals and diagnose exactly how a child walks. This method is not independent. Often, doctors prescribe it in order to analyze the gait.


An option that is prescribed for serious stages of the disease and for paralytic pathologies. With the help of electromyography, you can assess the overall condition of the muscular system. First, the muscle tissue is measured at rest, then it is loaded and after that a detailed analysis takes place.

Drug treatment

Flatfoot refers to progressive diseases. It is extremely important not only in time, but also in early terms to diagnose the problem. In this regard, parents should pay attention to the timely passage of mandatory research from doctors.

This is especially important for children of the first year of life. They are sent several times to the surgeon in order to understand that the baby is developing normally, while not having deviations from the norm.

Treatment of flatfoot in children at home: folk methods

There are several ways that are aimed at eliminating the problem in the baby. One of the most popular is traditional medicine. Immediately it is worth making a reservation that it works well in combination with other medical procedures. In addition, it is necessary to apply to it only after consulting with a specialist.

Foot massage for flat feet.

By folk methods can be safely attributed trays of sea salt or herbs. At the same time, the pharmacy has special fitozbory, which can be directly brewed in the bath for procedures.

Massage and manual therapy

One of the most effective ways is massage. It is applicable for children of the first year of life and older. With the help of massage you can fix minor violations. Massage for more serious stages of pathology is only needed in order to reduce pain and slightly correct the existing problems.

The essence of the massage is that with the help of kneading and acting on special points, blood circulation, the elasticity of all muscles, which led to the occurrence of the problem, are improved. One massage will not be enough. It requires at least a whole course of procedures that will consist of manual therapy.

Parents need to learn how a specialist acts on certain points and repeat the same procedure with the child before bedtime.


Exercise is not prohibited for children with flat feet. On the contrary, they just need them. However, you can not do them thoughtlessly, you must follow all the rules of implementation. With the help of physical therapy can improve the overall condition of the body.

The best exercises include the following:

  • walking on the socks;
  • walking on the heels;
  • gradual rolling from heels to socks.

Initially, doing all the exercises is on a flat floor, then all the same can be repeated with a special massage mat.

Get a rug only consultations with the orthopedist. He, in turn, will show you which device is most suitable for the child, depending on the nature and severity of the disease.

Tips of Dr. Komarovsky

If you want a child to develop such a pathology as flat feet, then you should definitely pay attention to the general condition of the body and its health.

Parents should first pay attention to:

  • Motor activity of the baby - be sure to do so that the baby does not linger at the computer or in front of the TV;
  • as often as possible go for a walk barefoot - even after coming to the playground, you can always take off the shoes in good weather and run barefoot;
  • buy not beautiful, but comfortable shoes. It must meet all the requirements for high-quality shoes.


Regardless of whether the baby has health problems or not, parents should know a number of preventive measures that will help to avoid further development of flatfoot.

  1. For a child taking the first steps, it is worth buying a special mat in the orthopedic salon. It consists of small pebbles that contribute to a better massage.
  2. Give up on walkers, which literally make the child move at an earlier age. The kid will definitely go, but then, when he himself considers it necessary.
  3. Preschoolers in the shoes put insoles Bykov. They are necessary for the prevention of the development of pathology. Insoles can be worn not all day, but only 5-6 hours. So very often parents use them for kindergarten.
  4. A balanced diet will help the child to keep fit. It is proved that children with excess weight often suffer from flat feet.
  5. Vitamins in the diet should be daily.


Flatfoot in its development can have negative consequences on the future life of the child. At school, it will be difficult for him to engage in physical activity, and in life to observe an active attitude.

Therefore, parents should find the problem as soon as possible and fight it. The complex effect on the localization site can not only eliminate the probability of developing the disease, but also completely get rid of flat-footedness by adolescence.

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